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Well, being a modest Middlesbrough lad, I don’t like to say “I told you so, but…..”

At the end of the last batch of Wizards Wizdom I promised that I would be seeking more opportunities, giving them my all and then sharing them with you, it didn’t take long!

Almost immediately the MODUS team got in touch and offered a sponsorship package to support my future darting endeavor. I was delighted to accept. It is always a boost to discover that knowledgeable people believe in you and back that belief to put their own time and money.

Then came another Live League invitation this time to take part in the new style ‘qualifier leagues’ and ‘Champions weeks’ format. Having had some experience of the environment and demands of the league I felt better prepared and more confident. It showed!

It still took a little time to settle and get into my stride but, once flowing, my practice board form, at least some of it, started to come through on the broadcast days. 

Richard North and I had had a couple of patchy matches on previous days and we were both determined to showcase ourselves properly this time. Northy was unlucky with an early bounceout, but all came good for me and over the next 5 legs produced 4 180s, 4 x 140s and 66% on my doubles. The 4-1 win came with an average of over 107. It should have been higher.

Perhaps the most telling stat was one that is not often remarked on, in the four winning legs I was left with 76, 32, 121 and 121 after 9 darts.

Finals night saw another slow start and a big win was needed over Scott Baker who I was yet to beat. The Mod has been in great form during these weeks and a narrow win wouldn’t be enough. But, sometimes in darts, timing is everything. After a steady start, the fluency and relaxation returned and off we went again. The 4-1 win was finished with legs of 14,11 and 13 darts and I moved into the semifinal against the gifted Jarred Cole and started off with consecutive 13 dart legs. Not a bad handful if I say so myself!

Despite a rush of blood at that point, I resettled later and went on to defeat Cole and avenge an early defeat, versus Joe Davis, in the final to claim The Wizard’s first weekly league win and a place in Champions week. 

We’ll catch up on that story next time, in the meanwhile, come-on England!


Colin Osborne (@colozzy180) is a multiple PDC title winner, UK Open finalist and was Championship League of Darts champion in 2009.

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