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The King Honours Keith

Deller, who joins his contemporaries Eric Bristow and John Lowe with the honour, has received it for charitable services to the community.

Priestley Praise For Cool Hand Luke

"Luke Humphries is exceptional when he wants to be and he’s definitely the one to beat for me. He’s the one everyone should be looking out for...

Anderson Swallows Bitter Pill

“It’s been a thrill to get back into the arena but a disappointment at the same time,

Lowe’s Legend: Founding Father and Ambassador Extraordinare

"As the defending world champion, Embassy offered me a vast sum of money to go back to the BDO, as well as perform on roadshows for them. I refused."

Richie Burnett: The Lost Prince of Wales

Darts own Alex Higgins story may yet feature a much happier ending.......

Legends Legacy: Man of Many Parts

For players across North America it was a year of inspiration with my win and Larry Butler winning the first World Matchplay

Keith Deller: A Legacy in 138

Keith Deller’s momentous 1983 World Championship victory has permanent pride of place in the darting chronicles. Darting folklore has it that, as a fresh-faced 23-year...

The Power Talks

“But I’ll tell you what I do that I love. Sometimes on the Players Championships, I enjoy seeing all the results coming in. I’ll be engrossed watching the World Championship

Larry Butler: When The Eagle Landed

The Bald Eagle, now 63-years-of-age, and back playing after a severe heart attack, has a remarkable winning record and longevity that can barely be matched

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