Kent vs Cambridge: UKDA National League (Match 2)Report

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At the beginning of October Kent welcomed Cambridgeshire to the 6 in 1 Club, for their 2nd match in the new UKDA league Championship.

The Ladies B started with Rebecca Garrett who won her match 3.0.  Melissa Stacey on 2nd lost 3.1 to Cambs Lady of the match Gema Law (13.28).  Sue Bird on 3rd yet again came away with Kent’s Lady of the Match with a brilliant match against Lindsey Wingell going 2.1 up, but Lindsey won the 4th leg to draw level before Sue took the final leg with a 17.98 average.  Suzanne Campfield battled through her match winning 3.2.  Kelly Westlake won her match 3.1, and Violet Wood on her debut for Kent and on her birthday looked as though she thoroughly enjoyed being on the stage as she came away with a 3.1 win.  An overall result of Kent 5 Cambs 1 was a brilliant start for the Ladies and certainly helped the men.

The Men’s B started with Mark Walker who despite brining his match back to 3 all lost out 4.3.  David Heath on 2nd battled his way through to a 4.3 victory.  Trevor Thompson on 3rd won his match 4.1, which included a massive 152 check for him in the 3rd leg.  Fred Box won his match 4.2, but Peter Davies lost 4.1.  Dave Saint came out a 4.1 winner, whilst Danny Birmingham lost 4.1.  Kevin Reid on 8th fought back from 3.1 down to win 4.3 and claimed Kent’s Man of the Match with a superb 27.16 average.  Mark Legg came out a 4.2 winner, but unfortunately both Richard Elms and Car Leighton lost 4.3, with Carl losing to Cambs Man of the Match Steve Carrett (25.26).  Phil Gibson on last brought home the win for Kent with a 4.1 victory, making the Men’s score Kent 7 Cambs 5 and overall, a 12 6 lead for Kent.

The Ladies A started with Lisa Dunford took on Cambs Lady of the Match from Saturday Lindsey Wingell, but Lisa came out the 3.1 winner.  Andrea Walker came away with a 3.0 win.  Lauren Bloomfield on 3rd had a tough match, she lost 3.1 to Cambs Lady of the Match Karen Stanhope (18.07).  Emma Martin back from her holiday won her match 3.0, followed by Julien Handley who also 3.0 and for the 2nd month in a row won Kent’s Lady of the Match with a 21.78 average.  Emma Dunford on last unfortunately lost 3.1, but the Ladies final score Kent 4 Cambs 2, meant that Kent were 16.8 up before the Men’s A matches, so on their way to a win.

The Men’s A started with Peter Allen against Cambs Man of the match from Saturday, Peter started brilliantly going into a 3.0 lead, but Steve fought back winning the next 2 legs before Peter won 4.2.  Ryan Hope and fellow teammate Tyler Reynolds both won 4.1.  The next match saw Nigel Payne v Dennis Harbour, this was a brilliant and entertaining match to watch with Dennis taking the first legs, then Nigel fighting back to go 3.2 up, before Dennis took the last 2 legs, taking the 7th leg in 12 darts (85, 140, 140, 136), to claim the match 4.3 and also Cambs Man of the Match (28.43), Nigel had 28.26 average.  It really was a superbly entertaining match.  Carl Wilson lost his match 3.4, but Paul Fox carried on his unbeaten record with a 4.0 win.  David Salter on 7th won his match 4.2 and claimed Kent’s Man of the Match with a 26.78 average.  Paul Reid started by winning the first 2 legs, them his opponent fought back to make it 3.2 to him, the Paul won the next 2 legs in 15 and 17 darts to take the win 4.3.  Ian Cunliffe (with a poorly leg) lost 4.1, as Keith Montgomery lost 2.4.  Kevin Smith on last lost the first leg and then won the next 4 legs to seal the win for Kent.  Kent 8 Cambs 4.

Making the overall score Kent 24 Cambs 12.

A special thanks to all the people who helped with the scoring, to Richard Elms with the music, and to Danny Hubble and Andrew Culing for the calling, especially Andrew who called all 18 games on Sunday.

Onto next month when Kent visits Sussex for their 3rd match of the season.


Words: Yvonne McCarthy

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