Q-Schools ’22: Entries and details

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In a remarkable testament to the ability of the PDC to provide worthwhile opportunity over 650 players will compete in the 2022 PDC Qualifying Schools from January 9-15.

32 Tour Cards will be on offer for players to secure a spot on the PDC circuit.

The eyes of the darting world will descend on the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes and the H+ Hotel in Niedernhausen as players from across the globe bid to win PDC Tour Cards for 2022/23.

Qualifying School will again feature concurrent events being staged in the UK and Germany, and is split into First Stage and Final Stage.

A total of 32 players are exempt to Final Stage in the UK and 19 players are exempt to Final Stage in Europe, based on the players who lost their Tour Card at the end of 2021 and the top eight players from each of the respective 2021 UK and European Challenge and Development Tour Orders of Merit.

First Stage, being held from January 9-11, will see further players up to a total of 128 in the UK and Europe respectively qualifying to compete in Final Stage.

Eight players per day will progress from First Stage, with all further places going to players from a First Stage Order of Merit in each region, with one ranking point awarded per match from the first full round onwards.

Due to regulations in Germany, First Stage will be played as two groups per day to reduce the number of active players inside the venue at any time, meaning that four players from each group will progress to Final Stage.

A total of 32 PDC Tour Cards will be on offer in Final Stage from January 12-15, with each of the daily winners in the UK and Europe receiving an automatic Tour Card.

The remaining 24 Tour Cards will be allocated to players from the UK and European Q School Final Stage Orders of Merit, and split on a pro-rata basis of total participants in each region.

Any ties in the respective Q School Orders of Merit will be split as follows based on all match results: Leg Difference, Legs Won, then DartConnect average. If players still cannot be split, a play-off would be organised.

The UK Qualifying School First Stage will feature former World Champion John Part and Robert Thornton, a former UK Open and World Grand Prix winner.

Ben Robb, Danny Lauby, Nitin Kumar and Diogo Portela are amongst the recent World Championship competitors in action, alongside JDC Junior World Championship finalist Leighton Bennett as the talented teenager steps onto the senior circuit.

Fallon Sherrock headlines the female stars in action in First Stage, alongside Deta Hedman, Trina Gulliver MBE and Corinne Hammond, with Lisa Ashton entering in Final Stage after losing her Tour Card at the end of last year.

World Youth Champion Ted Evetts, former Grand Slam of Darts winner Scott Waites, 2012 World Championship finalist Andy Hamilton and World Youth Championship runner-up Nathan Rafferty also enter at Final Stage.

Three-time PDC ranking event winner Jelle Klaasen headlines the competitors in the European Qualifying School, as the Dutchman bids to win back his PDC Tour Card.

German teenager Fabian Schmutzler is also in action after starring on the Development Tour in 2021, while Austria’s Rowby-John Rodriguez, Spain’s Cristo Reyes and Toni Alcinas are also in the Final Stage field.

First Stage in Niedernhausen will feature the likes of recent World Championship qualifier Chris Landman, and his fellow Dutchmen Benito van de Pas, Christian Kist and Jerry Hendriks, as well as Belgium’s Ronny Huybrechts.

Roxy-James Rodriguez – the eldest of the Austrian darting brothers – will be bidding to join Rowby-John in Final Stage as they seek to join 2021 European Development Tour champion Rusty-Jake on the PDC ProTour this year.

Five-time ranking event winner Justin Pipe will not be competing in Qualifying School as he continues his recovery from an arm injury, after losing his Tour Card at the end of 2021.

Meanwhile, Kirk Shepherd and Robert Marijanovic have relinquished their PDC Tour Cards following Year One, meaning that two further places were allocated to Qualifying School.

All competing players will be sent a Players’ Brief by email to the address used for their entry, and must read this to familiarise themselves with all event information ahead of Qualifying School.

2022 PDC Qualifying Schools
Players exempt to Final Stage
UK Qualifying School
Players who lost PDC Tour Card: Scott Waites, Mickey Mansell, Ryan Murray, Nick Kenny, Matthew Edgar, Lisa Ashton, Wayne Jones, Ted Evetts, Andy Hamilton, James Wilson, Alan Tabern, Darren Webster, Peter Jacques, Ciaran Teehan, Kai Fan Leung, Josh Payne, Steve Brown, Aaron Beeney, Gary Blades, Mark McGeeney, Darren Penhall
Players 2-8 from 2021 UK Development Tour OOM: Nathan Rafferty, Keelan Kay, Dom Taylor, Reece Colley, Liam Meek, Jarred Cole
Players 2-8 from 2021 UK Challenge Tour OOM: Shaun McDonald, Martin Thomas, Darren Beveridge, Cameron Menzies, Reece Robinson

European Qualifying School
Players who lost PDC Tour Card: Karel Sedlacek, Jelle Klaasen, Derk Telnekes, Krzysztof Kciuk, Jesus Noguera, Steffen Siepmann, Harald Leitinger, Cristo Reyes
Players 2-8 from 2021 European Development Tour OOM: Fabian Schmutzler, Sebastian Bialecki, Jurjen van der Velde, Niko Springer, Kevin Doets
Players 2-8 from 2021 European Challenge Tour OOM: Steven Noster, Rowby-John Rodriguez, Jose Justicia, Toni Alcinas, Kenny Neyens, Luc Peters

First Stage Entries
UK Qualifying School
Robert Adnams
Michael Ahern
Ryan Anderson
Lee Andrews
Darren Armstrong
Daniel Astbury
Adam Atkinson
Aaron Ayres
Daniel Ayres
Michael Baker
Tallon Baker
Michael Barnard
Chas Barstow
Barrie Bates
Max Baulcomb
Dave Bayton
Connor Beasley
Steven Beasley
Carl Beattie
James Beeton
Leighton Bennett
James Betts
Llew Bevan
James Bishop (Reading)
Phillip Bisset
Philip Borthwick
John Bowles
Jordan Boyce
Jimmy Bristow
Jack Bromell
Jordan Brooks
Rachel Brooks
Neilie Brouder
Lee Budgen
Michael Burgoine
Pete Burgoyne
Joshua Burksfield
Kevin Burness
Richie Burnett
Stephen Burton
Philip Bynorth
David Cahill
Charlie Campbell
Scott Campbell
Sam Cankett
Nathan Care
Gavin Carlin
Shaun Carroll
Jake Carter
Paul Carter
Jamie Caven
Adam Childs
Petros Christodoulou
Alex Chubb
Jamie Clark
Matt Clark
Alex Clyburn
Lee Cocks
Dennis Coleman
Karl Coleman
Robert Collins
John Cook
Ozzy Cook
Daniel Cooper
Andrew Cox
Cameron Crabtree
Jordan Crabtree
Simon Crabtree
Ryan Craddock
Chris Craven
Joe Croft
Roger Crook
John Crossley
Niall Culleton
Lewis Dare
Lee Davies
Stuart Davies
Daniel Day
Matthew Dennant
Nathan Derry
Adrian Devine
Matthias Dietrich
Carl Dockerill
Mark Dover
Mark Dudbridge
Tavis Dudeney
Gary Eastwood
Owen Emmett-Bowden
Cory Evans
Lee Evans
Daniel Fenton
Sean Fisher
Dean Fitch Jnr
Michael Flynn
Karl Forrington
Liam Fowkes
Martyn Fowler
Wayne France
Callum Francis
Mark Frost
Nick Fullwell
Ryan Furness
Carl Gabriel
Matt Gallett
Billy Gallie
Kevin Garcia
Leonard Gates
Luke Getty
Glenn Gibson
Mike Gillet
Christopher Gilliland
Nathan Girvan
Adrian Gray
Derek Grazier
James Green
Jamie Green
Robbie Green
Shaun Griffiths
Trina Gulliver
Jacob Gwynne
Steve Haggerty
Graham Hall
Corrine Hammond
Ryan Harrington
Josh Harrison
Kelvin Hart
Chris Hartrey
Will Harwood
Rhys Hayden
Shane Hayward
Ben Hazel
Darragh Healy
Deta Hedman
Killian Heffernan
Conor Heneghan
Martin Heneghan
Joseph Heywood
Steve Hine
Paul Hogan
Ryan Hogarth
Chris Hogg
Jason Hogg
Ashley Holgate
Paul Holloway
Ryan Hope
Scott Hope
Dale Howard
Lee Hunter
Michael Huntley
Chris Hurds
Andrew Hyland
Ewan Hyslop
John Imrie
Gavin James
Andy Jenkins
Adam Jenkinson
Nick Jennings
Prakash Jiwa
Sonny Johal
Darren Johnson
Jamie Lee Johnson
Ian Jopling
Ger Kelly
George Killington
Douglas King
Ricky King
Mark Kingdon
Jonny Kinsella
Davie Kirwan
Nitin Kumar
David Ladley
Kevin Lane
Jack Langston
Darren Latham
Danny Lauby
Mark Lawrence
Paul Lawson
Mark Layton
Daniel Lee
Ian Lever
Jamie Lewis
Paul Linwood
Lee Lok Yin
Alex Long
Tom Lonsdale
Thomas Lovely
Jason Lovett
Neil MacDougall
Ross MacDougall
Ian Mackenzie
Derek Maclean
Owen Maiden
Scott Marsh
Raymond Marshall
Christopher Mather
Thomas McCafferty
Josh McCarthy
Kevin McDine
Jim McEwan
Sean McGowan
John McGuirk
Shane McGuirk
Jimmy McKirdy
Stephen McNally
Chris Millward
Andrew Mitchell
Paul Mitchell
Stuart Monaghan
Nathan Money
Arron Monk
Ross Montgomery
Danny Moore
Hywel Morgan
Tommy Morris
Alexander Morrison
Jim Moston
Shaun Moughtin
Adam Mould
Russell Murphy
Geoffrey Murray
Shaun Narain
Ricky Nathan
Robert Nelson
Paul Nesbitt
Tony Newell
Wes Newton
David Nicholson
Alan Norris
Richard North
Keith O’Neill
Ryan O’Connor
Craig Orr
Colin Osborne
John O’Shea
Rhian O’Sullivan
Robert Owen
Matt Padgett
David Pallett
Ricky Palmer
Richie Parkin
Kurt Parry
John Part
Jack Pattinson
Simon Pattinson
Cavan Phillips
Lee Philps
Darryl Pilgrim
Richard Plowman
Ian Plumb
Michael Poole
Diogo Portela
Nathan Potter
Lewis Pride
Dave Prins
Tony Procter
Haupai Puha
Chris Quantock
Bradley Quelch
Ben Quenby
Andrew Quinn
Stewart Rattray
Dan Read
Henry Reddin
James Richards
James Richardson
Joshua Richardson
Kyle Richardson
Tony Richardson
Ronnie Rickner
Robert Rickwood
Scott Ridler
Greg Ritchie
Ben Robb
Nigel Roberts
Josh Rock
Sean Ross
Paul Rowley
Karl Schaefer
Connor Scutt
Craig Searle
Jaikob Selby-Rivas
Adam Shanks
Matthew Shaw
Fallon Sherrock
Coni Singh Nagi
Joshua Sinkovits
Dylan Slevin
Carl Small
Justin Smith
Richard Smith
Pierce Speechley-Price
Gary Stafford
Steven Stanbridge
Gareth Starling
Simon Stevenson
Gary Stone
Charlie Symons
Jacob Taylor
Scott Taylor
Tony Thom
Keenan Thomas
Sion Thomas
Alfie Thompson
Shaun Thompson
Robert Thornton
Daniel Todd
Mick Todd
Nathan Treadgold
Bruce Troup
Andy Turnbull
Martyn Turner
Robert Turner
A.J. Urmston-Toft
Graham Usher
Mark Venables
Jack Vincent
James Waite
Jack Walker
Richie Walsh
Scottie Walters
Mike Warburton
Stuart Wares
David Wawrzewski
Ben West
Brandon Western
Adam White
Stuart White
Robert Whybrew
Christopher Wickenden
Shaun Wilkinson
Scott Williams
Jason Wilson
Mark Wilson
Stu Wilson
Brian Woods
Luke Yates
Rafal Zaleski

European Qualifying School
Lars Adam
Niklas Ahrens
Dennis Akhtar
Marcel Althaus
Vladimir Andersen
Alexandre Antunes
Tufail Badal
Simon Bak
Arsen Ballaj
Mindaugas Barauskas
Andrew Beeton
Robin Beger
Stefan Bellmont
Roman Benecky
Martin Benka
Stephan Birk
Andy Bless
Kevin Blomme
Janos Borzsei
Eric Boyer
Jeremy Brandenburg
Mario Brescakovic
Luis Breuer
Michael Bruder
Wojciech Brulinski
Johannes Bruns
Patrick Bulen
Gheorghe Calagiu
Sven Christophersen
Kevin Costantini
Karl Cron
Marco Custers
Kristiaan de Boer
Max de Jong
Mathieu De Loos
Ryan De Vreede
Jan de Weerdt
Jesse Delorme
Dennis Dobrindt
Claudio Donno
Martijn Dragt
Marc Dworczak
Thomas Ehlers
Rene Eidams
El Abbas El Amri
Alexander Elia
Johan Engstrom
Marcel Erba
René Faath
Paulo Ferreira
Pierre Finck
Alex Flohr
Justin Frerichs
Michel Gadenz
Lennart Ganninger
Jorge Garcia del Pozo
Stefan Glathe
Nauris Gleglu
Dominique Goldberg
Kai Gotthardt
Kevin Grebe
Stephan Griese
Matthias Grube
Torbjorn Gustafsson
Manuel Gutjahr
Philipp Hagemann
Michael Hahn
Tomas Hajek
Niels-Joergen Hansen
Andreas Harrysson
Niels Heinsoe
Simeon Heinz
Tom Heldt
Stefaan Henderyck
Jerry Hendriks
Jimmy Hendriks
Leo Hendriks
Joshua Hermann
Roger Hertig
Marcel Hexel
Julien Maurice Hielscher
Jan Hlavácek
Tobias Hoentsch
Roland Hol
Philipp Hopf
Dragutin Horvat
Tomas Houdek
Tony Huebner
Michael Hurtz
Ronny Huybrechts
Pasi Hyttinen
Marc Inhelder
Danny Jansen
Marco Jansen
Ulrich Jansen
Peter Hviid Jensen
Pavel Jirkal
Maximilian Johansen
Andreas Toft Jorgensen
Thomas Junghans
Marko Kantele
Fetih Kaya
Sebastian Keine
Jani Keskinarkaus
Markus Kessler
Christian Kist
Daniel Kläs
Thomas Klausmayer
Felix Kleeberg
Marco Kleijn
Alexander Klein
Andreas Klingelhöfer
Daniel Klose
Sven Kluth
Felix Knappe
Jens Kniest
Robbie Knops
Karsten Koch
Kevin Koch
Marvin Koch
Gillian Koehoorn
Thomas Kohlmann
Arjan Konterman
Karsten Kornath
Patrik Kovacs
Sergio Krassen
Tom Veje Kristensen
Sietse Kuipers
Nico Kurz
Jacques Labre
Michael Ladefoged
Bent Lambertsen
Chris Landman
Jamie Lawrence
Ludovic Lemaire
Christopher Lindl
Pero Ljubic
Adis Ljubijankic
Kevin Luhr
Steven Luhr
Patrick Maat
Fabian Maier
Remo Mandiau
Willem Mandigers
José Marquês
Tony Martinez
Alexander Masek
Roland Mayer
Roland Meier
Hendrik Mennega
Alexander Merkx
Erik Meulenmeesters
Frantisek Mika
Jeroen Mioch
Lars Moinat
Damian Mol
Roemer Mooijman
Maikel Mossou
Florian Mueller
Thomas Nannen
Georgios Nanos
Stefan Nilles
Perry Noordermeer
Marco Obst
Baran Oezdemir
Dennie Olde Kalter
Patrick Opbroek
Michael Ostrode
Veysal Ozdemir
Nick Paenen
Rudi Paenen
Daniel Papke
Jonathan Parvaneh
Igor Perak
Frank Peters
Patrick Peters
Ricardo Pietreczko
Fabio Piscitelli
Wesley Plaisier
Tobias Ploetz
Patrick Plötz
Mike Poge
Mehdi Poggi
Ivan Springborg Poulsen
Sven Preuss
Davy Proosten
Torsten Radel
Robin Radloff
Brian Raman
Niklas Rasch
Michael Rasztovits
Leon Reijnders
Christian Reiter
Goran Repic
Michael Ringoet
Roxy James Rodriguez
Juan Francisco Rodriguez Bernabe
Owen Roelofs
Enrico Roessing
Stefan Roessler
Franz Roetzsch
Alexander Rohrmueller
Erik Rollinger
David Rosi
Hauke Rosin
Nicklas Rudi
Lars Ruschewski
Kevin Schal
Loris Schaub
Tobias Scheifl
Stefan Schiegg
Malte Schleinitz
David Schlichting
Christian Schmidt
Sebastian Schnickmann
Christopher Scholl
Stefan Schroder
Mario Schulze
Francois Schweyen
Christian Seegatz
Michael Seemann
Swen Seifert
Lukas Sekinger
Wallid Shorbaji
Daniel Skoda
Robin Smees
Michal Smejda
Thomas Stampfer
Sebastian Steyer
Michael Stoeten
Dustin Straver
Rainer Sturm
Fabian Stutz
Veniamin Symeonidis
Radek Szaganski
Claus Dieter Tauscher
Erik Tautfest
Danny Tessmann
Dominik Thiel
Olaf Thies
Timo Thomczik
Christian Till
Hendrik Tjaden
Matthias Todtenhöfer
Christopher Toonders
Jan Trappmann
Thibault Tricole
Patrick Tringler
Alexander Tröbs
Luke Tucker
Wouter Vaes
Adrianus Maria van baast
Robby van Ballaert
Bart Van Bogaert
Roy van de Griendt
Benito van de Pas
Patrick van den Boogaard
Peter van den Broek
Jamai van den Herik
Vincent Van der Meer
Jeremy van der Winkel
Davy van der Zande
Jules van Dongen
Sven van Dun
Philip Van Gasse
Lorenzo Van Hove
Gijsbert Van Malsen
Carlo van Peer
Jimmy van Schie
Danny van Trijp
Wesley van Trijp
Gian van Veen
Kevin Van Wauwe
Roberto Vandaele
Mario Vandenbogaerde
Tonny Veenhof
Davyd Venken
Maikel Verberk
Martijn Verdaasdonk
Dennis Verhaegen
Juraj Vindiš
Jan Vlasak
Daniel Vogt
Jan Wagner
Nico Wagner
Mike Wedler
Marc-Thomas Weider
Lukas Wenig
Andreas Winterling
Steve Wollener
Johann Wuerzinger
Barry Zander
Tommy Zanko
Jens Ziegler
Marcel Zwally
Julian Zwergel

Lead Image: PDC

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