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Warwickshire’s seventh game in the UKDA National League’s Elite Premier Division saw them play away to divisional leaders Lancashire and lose by a very close 19-17 scoreline. The defeat sees Warwickshire remain third in the table but lose ground on any possibility of a title win as although they have a game in hand they are some 32 points short of Lancashire.

The weekend began with the ladies ‘B’ suffering a 4-2 defeat with Denise Keyte and Caroline Pike the two winners, Caroline taking the match award for her 18.64 average. The men’s ‘B’ ended all square at six each with Wayne Mynard (pictured) their top player winning in four straight legs against Rhys Griffin in 16,15,20 and 17 darts to give him a superb 29.47 average.  

Wayne Mynard

It got worse for the ladies on Sunday as the ‘A’ team went down 5-1 with Sue Gulliver the sole winner and award winner for her 20.31 average which saw her win 3-0 against Amy Eden. The men’s ‘A’ finished on the right side of an 8-4 result with Prakash Jiwa man of the match after he came from 1-0 and 2-1 down against Adam Huckvale to win 4-3 with a 28.54 average.

Although the champion’s spot may be a little out of reach the runners-up position is still within Warwickshire’s grasp as they are only nine points short of second placed Yorkshire with a game in hand.

Full Results: UKDA National League: Elite Premier Division:

Lancashire 19 Warwickshire 17:-

Men’s ‘A’:- Rob Rickwood 1 Wayne Mynard 4, Lee Shewan 1 Jamie Atkins 4, Martin Atkins 4 Kevin Dowling 2, Steve Reynolds 2 Ian Shaw 4, Adam Huckvale 3 Prakash Jiwa 4, Gary Jackson 2 Jack Wareing 4, David Airey 3 Tom Martin 4, Michael Sexton 2 Noel Grant 4, Kevin Garcia 4 Steve Hine 0, Michael Harrison 3 Matty Washbrooke 4, Carl Sneyd 4 Steve Giddings 2, Scott Taylor 4 Gareth Braham 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Martin Barratt 1 Dave Hill 4, Terry Hey 3 Martin Tonks 4, David Evans 4 Mark Martin 2, Rhys Griffin 0 Wayne Mynard 4, Stu Wilson 4 Mark Tomlinson 1, Nathan Care 4 Adam Hancock 2, Darren Latham 2 Mark Strong 4, Tom Cromwell 2 Carl Green 4, Sam Cromwell 4 Lee Miller 3, Andy Johnson 4 Mark Carter 0, Tony Baker 4 Karl Reynolds 2, Matt Clark 1 Scott Hope 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Dawn Shaw 3 Tammy Montgomery 1, Amy Eden 0 Sue Gulliver 3, Ellen Fletcher 3 Natalie Gilbert 1, Ally Smith 3 Angela Jones 1, Jenny Nuttall 3 Donna Pinch 1, Eleanor Cairns 3 Chloe McKivett 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Audrey Underwood 3 Wendy Adams 1, Tracey Cunningham 1 Denise Keyte 3, Lindsey Ashton 3 Melanie Jones 2, Sue Cusick 3 Marian Conway 2, Jackie Wilkinson 2 Caroline Pike 3, Julie Carradus 3 Nina Bolt 0.


In the AON Championship Division of the UKDA National League West Midlands missed the opportunity to move away from the bottom three of the table when they played away against Cambridgeshire who prior to the fixture were next to bottom of the division with West Midlands just above them and only two points separating them.

The result of the game was a 21-15 win for Cambridgeshire which sees West Midlands now drop into the relegation zone with 123 points from eight games. Cambridgeshire have moved above them and have 130 points but also have a game in hand so the outlook does not look good for the Midlanders.

Both ladies teams had 4-2 results with the ‘B’ winning by that margin and the ‘A’ losing. Award winners were for the ‘A’ and ‘B’ in turn Kat McLean (18.97) and Shellbie Simmons (18.01).

The men’s ‘B’ lost 9-3 with their award winner being Jon Platt (27.39) while the ‘A’ side shared a 6-6 draw with Gavin Baker taking the match award for his 30.37 average.

With points at a premium West Midlands are going to find it difficult to acquire too many in their remaining fixtures as they play away against Berkshire, three places and 21 points above them and then in the Magic Weekend take on fourth and third in the division Sussex and Staffordshire.

Full Results: UKDA National League: AON Championship Division:

West Midlands 15 Cambridgeshire 21: Men’s ‘A’:- Gavin Baker 4 Dennis Harbour 3, Glen McGrandle 4 Darren Royal 0, Ian Jones 4 Kevin Bullman 3, Mark Craddock 2 Simon Hill 4, John Morris 4 David Norman 2, Ash Khayat 4 Sean Rich 3, Adam Johnson 1 John Imrie 4, Michael Baker 3 Mark Lynn 4, Kevin Bambrick 1 Steve Carrett 4, Shaun Carroll 0 Ian Withers 4, Darren Williams 3 Craig Sayer 4, Richard Platt 4 Richard German 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Gareth Watts 1 Simon Cassidy 4, Jon Platt 4 Steve Stancer 1, Dean Fullwood 4 Paul Sayer 0, Ian Stanton 4 Peter Cousins 1, Luke Griffiths 1 Michael Bodle 4, Anthony Powell 1 Will Harwood 4, Alex Simmons 1 David Shaw 4, Martin Angell 0 David Mayle 4, Scott Hall 2 Martin Pettit 4, Neil Pointon 3 Douggie McInerney 4, Paul Price 3 Antony Richardson 4, Mike Hampson  0 Billy Howard 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Jacqueline Simmons 0 Casey Hill 3, Kat Mclean 3 Amy Grant 1, Shellbie Simmons 0 Claire Brookin 3, Gemma Barrett 3 Rebecca Brouse 2, Claire Hobbs 0 Jane Judges 3, Katherine Jenkins 1 Karen Stanhope 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Kelly Doleman 1 Amy Grant 3, Jacqueline Simmons 3 Shirley Carrett 2, Shellbie Simmons 3 Lorraine Bulman 1, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Jo Clark 2, Debbie Davies 2 Gema Law 3, Jodie Rowlands 3 Carol Bareham 2.


Black Country have a firm hand on the Darts for Windows Division Three silverware following their huge 19-7 home win over Isle of Wight. The win takes Black Country’s points tally to 179 and gives them a lead of ten over fellow newbies to county darts, second placed Salopian.

There is just one remaining fixture for the third division and Black Country will play away against Pembrokeshire who are next to bottom of the division. A win should be on the cards to confirm them as champions and make it seven wins and one draw for the season, the draw coming against Salopian.

There were wins for all four teams against Isle of Wight the ladies ‘A’ and ‘B’ in turn winning 4-2 and 5-1 with their respective award winners being Tammy Chance with an outstanding 25.47 average and Doreen Hunt (17.68).

The men’s games saw the ‘B’ win 11-1 with Mark Rollinson top man with a 26.37 average and the ‘A’ win 9-3, taking the award for the ‘A’ was Reece Colley with a superb 31.81 average.

Full Results: UKDA National League: Darts for Windows Division Three:

Black Country 29 Isle of Wight 7:Men’s ‘A’:- Rob Smith 4 Billy Meakins 1, Shane Sheridan 4 Kevin Pierson 1, Dan Nicholls 3 Lee Marsh 4, Martin Price 4 Mark Breakspear 0, Reece Colley 4 Jason Collins 0, Gaz Johnson 4 Michael White 1, Trevor Brennon 1 Ian Hiscock 4, Shane Price 4 Darren Andrews 2, Scott Baker 4 Greg Hailes 0, Ben Hollowood 4 Tony Parker 1, Steve Gillam 4 Micky Wilkes 0, Paul Wells 2 Callum Francis 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Lewis Law 3 Jim Stevens 1, Dan Haden 3 Dale Grove 2, Rich Bowen 3 Harry Whates 2, Ali Hickinbottom 3 Graeme Dutton 2, Mark Rollinson 3 Mark Whates 0, Neil Steventon 3 Dan Cross 0, Liam Kelly 3 Gordon Penn 1, Jamie Rollinson 3 Philip Burt 2, James Hykin 3 Paul Francis 1, Chris Hickman 3 Leo Hall 1, Chris Glover 0 Micky Wilkes 3, Tom Bissell 3 David Robertson 0, Women’s ‘A’:- Grace Angell 3 Kelly Stroud 1, Chez Allcock 3 Mandy Weldon 0, Steph Koyna 1 Brenda Dyer 3, Shannon Hall 3 Lyn Marshall 2, Natalie Mansell 1 Donna Hall 3, Tammy Chance 3 Bonnii Bentley 0, Women’s ‘B’:- Sarah Tromans 3 Angie Cotton 2, Angie Carroll 3 Hope Webster 0, Heather Wright 0 Kelly Stroud 3, Doreen Hunt 3 Hayley Harbour 0, Stella Sims 3 Fiona Pickin 1, Lacey Hughes 3 Anne Weldon 2.


Words: Alan Towe Image: AIM180 ( LPKOD)

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