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The Sheldon and District Winter League have been playing their Doubles Knockout down to the last eight pairs and making the quarter-finals are, Paul Nixon / Bobby Nixon (Langley Arrows), Richard Mills / Luis Barberan (Dunky’s Boys), Lee Molyneux / Clarke Horsley (Sheldon Dukes), Tom White / Terry Webster (Sheldon Marlboro Arrows), Simon Edwards / Jake Webster (Langley Arrows), Andy Hutchings / Pete Healey (Dunkys Boys), Robbie Earl / Dave Mortiboys (Iron Horse Flights), Dave Howlett / Matt Murrin (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows).

Full Results: Doubles Knockout: Quarter-Finalists:- Paul Nixon / Bobby Nixon (Langley Arrows), Richard Mills / Luis Barberan (Dunky’s Boys), Lee Molyneux / Clarke Horsley (Sheldon Dukes), Tom White / Terry Webster (Sheldon Marlboro Arrows), Simon Edwards / Jake Webster (Langley Arrows), Andy Hutchings / Pete Healey (Dunkys Boys), Robbie Earl / Dave Mortiboys (Iron Horse Flights), Dave Howlett / Matt Murrin (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows).


It was League Individuals Singles week in the Four Oaks and District League, the Derek Masters Trophy sponsored by K & B Installations which was staged at the Red Lion, Erdington.

Forty seven players from both divisions fought for the trophy and after completing the preliminary and first rounds sixteen players remained of which seven were from the second division.

In the quarter-finals S.Winters (Erdington Arrows) recorded the night’s only 180 in his 2-1 win over D.Vickers (Red Lion), this was after recording a 160 finish in the previous round.

The semi-finals saw both remaining second-division players defeated. P.Nicholls (Charley’s Flights) lost to S.Winters 2-1 and Nicholls teammate J.Burdett lost 2-0 to J.Clarke (Golden Hind Lions).

Despite some of the best performances all night S.Winters could not maintain his winning streak and lost 3-0 to Golden Hind Lions man J.Clarke in the final.

Congratulations to J.Clarke this year’s Four Oaks and District Darts League Individuals champion.

Full Results:Derek Masters Singles:Quarter-Finals:- A.Linehan (Erdington Flyers) 1 P.Nicholls (Charley’s Flights) 2, J.Clarke (Golden Hind Lions) 2 T.Vickers (Red Lion) 1, D.Vickers (Red Lion) 1 S.Winters (Erdington Arrows) 2, J.Burdett (Charley’s Flights) 2 B.Stephens (Golden Hind) 0, Semi-Finals:- P.Nicholls 1 S.Winters 2, J.Clarke 2 J.Burdett 0, Final:- S.Winters (129) 0 J.Clarke (100) 3.


Dunky’s Boys took their unbeaten run in division one of the Shirley and District Monday Night League to four games when, despite a 180 from D.Palmer they won their home tie against Cider House 6-3 to open up a two points lead on second placed Tippetts Bar who had a bye this week. Third placed Lions were the week’s biggest winners handing out a 9-0 whitewash to their hosts Lodge to leave them two points off the top.

In division two leaders Saracens Misfits, like the division one leader’s won 6-3 as they accounted for Vikings, A.Linford hitting a maximum for Misfits. Second in the division Highwood had a surprisingly close 5-4 win away to Saracens Slingers who are bottom of the division, nevertheless the win keeps Highwood within two points of Misfits as are Yardley Wood Social and HSCC who in turn won 6-3 against Sharmans Cross and 5-4 against Legion Royals.

Full Results:Game 6:Division One:- Dunky’s Boys 6 Cider House 3 (D.Palmer 180), Wythall Legion 6 Wharf 3, Saracens Swords 5 Solihull Municipal 4, Lodge 0 v Lions 9, Tippetts Bar had a bye, Division Two:- Vikings 3 Saracens Misfits 6 (A.Linford 180,15 darts game), Saracens Slingers  4 Highwood 5, Yardley Wood Social 6 Sharmans Cross 3, Legion Royals 4 HSCC 5 (P.Thorley 112f).


It was 3 A-Side competition week in the Netherton Thursday Night League with games being played down to a winner at four different venues. Winning their way into the semi-finals were P.O’Brien / B.Radcliffe / G.Billingham (Bulls Head), R.Hodgetts / J.Southall / M.Redding (Netherton Sports and Social), T.Johnson / D.Shilvick / A.Cowley (Clock), S.Hill / D.Homer / P.Hadley (Townsend Social Club).

Full Results:3 A-Side Knockout:Semi-Finalists:- P.O’Brien / B.Radcliffe / G.Billingham (Bulls Head), R.Hodgetts / J.Southall / M.Redding (Netherton Sports and Social), T.Johnson / D.Shilvick / A.Cowley (Clock), S.Hill / D.Homer / P.Hadley (Townsend Social Club).


With seven wins and one draw Dudley Sports are the only team in the Silver End Sunday Morning League not to have lost a game so far, their latest fixture saw them win 6-2 at Kings Head ‘A’ to keep them two points ahead of Bell ‘A’ who won the local derby with their ‘B’ side 5-3, they have been replaced in the number three spot by Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club who with 18 points are a further two off the top after beating Brickmakers Arms 7-1.

At the other end of the table Black Horse ‘A’ moved off the foot of the table with a 4-4 home draw with New Talbot, this being the first point Black Horse have recorded in their opening nine games, replacing them at the bottom of the league is Kings Head ‘B’, their 5-2 defeat at Tenth Lock leaving them the only team in the league without a point.

Full Results:Game 8:- Bell ‘A’ 5 Bell ‘B’ 3, Black Horse ‘A’ 4 New Talbot 4, Dudley Ex Servicemen’s Club 7 Brickmakers Arms 1, Kings Head ‘A’ 2 Dudley Sports 6, Old Star 4 Black Horse ‘B’ 4, Tenth Lock 6 Kings Head ‘B’ 2, Crestwood had a bye.


Waggon and Horses continue to impress in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League as in their most recent fixture they won 5-2 against Dewdrop ‘A’. Dewdrop ‘A’ lose their second place to Vine ‘A’ who beat Sow and Pigs 7-0, both teams are on 12 points four points adrift of Waggon with just one leg of average separating them. Another team, fourth-placed Miners Arms ‘B’ are also on 12 points after their 4-3 home success against Horseley Tavern but they have played nine games compared to the three teams above them who have only played eight.  

Full Results: Game 9:- Miners Arms ‘B’ 4 Horseley Tavern 3, Albion 2 Vine ‘B’ 5, Waggon and Horses 5 Dewdrop ‘A’ 2, Vine ‘A’ 7 Sow and Pigs 0, Tamebridge 2 Miners Arms ‘A’ 5, Dewdrop ‘B’ had a bye.


Game number ten in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League matched top and bottom teams against each other with leaders Talbot beating Tommy Turners 8-1 to keep them two points to the good on Roebuck, Dudley Sports ‘A’ and Rose and Crown. Roebuck took over from Rose and Crown in second place after beating them 6-3 while Dudley Sports ‘A’ won their home game against Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ by the same 6-3 margin.

Full Results: Game 10:- Shrewsbury Arms 4 King William 5, Union 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, Tommy Turners 1 Talbot 8, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 9 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 0, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 3, Bridge 3 Pensnett Liberal Club 6, Roebuck 6 Rose and Crown 3, Wombourne Pool Bar 8 Black Horse 1.


The top two teams in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League are both on 30 points however leaders White Horse have played 16 games and second placed Cross (Oldswinford) have played 18. White Horse had a comfortable 6-1 home win over fifth in the league Bell ‘A’ while Cross despite winning by the same margin were playing at home against Rose and Crown who are in the bottom half of the table.  

Full Results:Game 20:- Gate Hangs Well 5 Seven Stars 2, Crestwood 1 Ten Arches 6, Church Tavern 3 Woodman 4, White Horse 6 Bell ‘A’ 1, Cross (Oldswinford) 6 Rose and Crown 1, Fox Inn (Lye), Bird in Hand and Bell ‘B’ all had a bye.


Hare and Hounds chalked up their first win in eleven games in the Rowley Monday Night League when they won 6-3 playing away against bottom of the table Roost who are so far without a point. At the top of the table Bell kept their title hopes on track with a 6-3 win at Romsley Cricket Club to keep intact their two points advantage over Whiteheath Tavern and Gate Hangs Well. Whiteheath Tavern had a 7-2 home win over Three Diamonds while Gate hangs Well had a much closer 5-4 win at Loyal Lodge. Romsley drop two places to sixth now four points behind their victors.

Full Results:Game 20:- Gate Hangs Well 5 Seven Stars 2, Crestwood 1 Ten Arches 6, Church Tavern 3 Woodman 4, White Horse 6 Bell ‘A’ 1, Cross (Oldswinford) 6 Rose and Crown 1, Fox Inn (Lye), Bird in Hand and Bell ‘B’ all had a bye.


There was a top of the table clash in the Netherton Tuesday Night League with top side Church Tavern hosting their nearest rivals Netherton Sports and Social Club. The outcome was a resounding 6-1 win for Church Tavern, inflicting a first defeat on their opponents and seeing them drop one place in the table to third, level on points but trailing by a single leg of average with the new second placed residents Bulls Head who won 5-2 at Quarry Bank Social Club. Both Bulls Head and Netherton Sports and Social Club are one win off the top.

Full Results:Game 4:- Quarry Bank Social 2 Bulls Head 5, Samson 2 Wheatsheaf 5, Church Tavern 6 Netherton Sports and Social 1, Plough v Chop House was cancelled.


Only one outstanding rearranged fixture played in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League which saw league leaders White Horse surprisingly lose 4-3 at home to Ten Arches ‘B’ who are placed fourth in the league and four points behind their hosts.

The defeat for White Horse has now left the title dependant on the final week’s fixtures of the season as they are now level on 26 points with second in the table Bell ‘A’ and are only two legs of average better off than them.

Full Results: Rearranged Fixture:- White Horse 3 Ten Arches ‘B’ 4.


It was certainly lucky week seven for Graham Hall in the Black Country Thursday Night Singles League as he played three fixtures and won all three without dropping a single leg by 8-0. Hall began the night with a win against Paul Dicken and followed that with wins over Justin Evans and James Davies to put him top of the table with 129 points from 14 games. Nick Fullwell is second in the league he had a somewhat mixed fortunes night as he kicked off with a 6-2 win over Rich Bowen but then lost 5-3 to Jamie Hughes and then finished with a 4-4 draw with Benjamin Hollowood to leave him 16 points behind Hall with 113 points.

Jamie Hughes made his first appearance in the league in week seven, he played and won five games. Hughes began the night with an 8-0 win against Lewis Handley and then accounted for Fullwell 5-3. Former league leader Gareth Johnson was the next victim losing out 6-2 before Hughes beat Martin Angell 7-1 and rounded off the night as he began with an 8-0 win, this time Cheryl Allcock was on the receiving end.

Full Results: Week 7:- Benjamin Hollowood 5 Stella Sims 3, Paul Harrison 4 Justin Evans 4, Martin Angell 5 Grace Angell 3, Nick Fullwell 6 Rich Bowen 2, Shane Passey 4 Steven Gillam 4, Joe Colley 4 Cheryl Allcock 4, Jamie Hughes 8 Lewis Handley 0, Gareth Johnson 6 Shane Price 2, Graham Hall 8 Paul Dicken 0, Jamie Hughes 5 Nick Fullwell 3, Rich Bowen 8 Cheryl Allcock 0, Graham Hall 8 Justin Evans 0, Martin Angell 7 Stella Sims 1, Jamie Hughes 6 Gareth Johnson 2, Benjamin Hollowood 4 Nick Fullwell 4, Paul Harrison 5 Kieron Ford 3, Shane Passey 6 Grace Angell 2, Rich Bowen 8 Lewis Handley 0, Jamie Hughes 7 Martin Angell 1, Steven Gillam 8 Paul Dicken 0, Kieron Ford 8 Joe Colley 0, Graham Hall 8 James Davies 0, Jamie Hughes 8 Cheryl Allcock 0, Shane Price 8 Angie Carroll 0.


Nick Fullwell has ousted Connor Pickett from pole position in the Ashwood Premier League. In week seven Fullwell played four fixtures, he won 6-1 against Chris Williams, 5-2 against Sam Aitkens, 7-0 against Andy Vellender and finished the evening with a close 4-3 verdict over former leader Pickett. Fullwell has taken over the top spot with 83 points from 13 games with Pickett now second with 80 points from 14 games, on the night he only played one other fixture in which he won 5-2 against Gaz Cartwright.

The week delivered a first win in fourteen for Tony Bennett as he beat Mark Glaze 4-3 Jon Broome is now the only player left seeking his first win of the season.

Full Results:Week 7:- Geoff Marson 6 Tom Stockton 1, Sam Aitkens 5 Jayden Harper 2, Josh Pickett 7 Jon Broome 0, Geoff Marson 5 Neil Murphy 2, Nick Fullwell 6 Chris Williams 1, Mike Cullis 4 Ash Marson 3, Martyn Harper 6 Tony Bennett 1, Neil Murphy 6 Jon Underhill 1, Geoff Marson 7 Jon Broome 0, Chris Manoila 4 Matt Davies 3, Nick Fullwell 5 Sam Aitkens 2, Connor Pickett 5 Gaz Cartwright 2, Kevin Harris 4 Chris Williams 3, Josh Pickett 4 Jayden Harper 3, Chris Manoila 7 Mark Glaze 0, Tom Stockton 5 Kevin Harris 2, Martyn Harper 5 Mike Cullis 2, Jon Underhill 4 Jon Broome 3, Chris Williams 5 Ash Marson 2, Chris Fox 5 Mitch Pickett 2, Nick Fullwell 7 Andy Vellender 0, Tony Bennett 4 Mark Glaze 3, Dave Simpson 6 Ash Marson 1, Matt Davies 5 Gaz Cartwright 2, Chris Fox 5 Mike Cullis 2, Sam Aitkens 4 Kevin Harris 3, Nick Fullwell 4 Connor Pickett 3, Chris Williams 4 Andy Vellender 3.


Andrew Jervis is the only player in the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League to have won all of his games so far. Jervis made it nine straight wins in week ten when he beat Eddie Gripton 8-0 to give him a total of 82 points from his nine games. Second in the table Scott Baker added a similar 8-0 win to his account when he beat Arthur Lubkowski to take his points tally to 79 from the same nine games. Simon Pritchard in third place kept the pressure on the leading two with a 7-1 success against Roger Ward to give him the same 79 points as Baker but from ten games.

Full Results:Week 10:Board 1:- Jamie Aplin 0 Ant Powell 8, Gemma Barrett Jenkins 6 Ray Gutteridge 2, Simon Mountford 8 Riley Ward 0, Simon Pritchard 7 Roger Ward 1, Board 2:- Michele Pritchard 6 Adam Teasdale 2, Neville Quinton 6 Warren Bower 2, Keith Hollowood 6 Jamie Aplin 2, Board 3:- Eddie Gripton 0 Andy Jervis 8, Phil Clarke 3 Colin Wood 5, John Simms 7 Jon Williams 1, Chris Hill 4 Ant Powell 4, Board 4:- Roger Ward 7 Sandra Beardsmore 1, Kris Jones 6 Riley Ward 2, Scott Baker 8 Arthur Lubkowski 0, Stuart Evans 4 Mal Pugh 4.


Week three saw the top two teams in the singles division of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League play each other and the outcome was a 5-2 win for Gilbert’s Bar to see them take over the number one spot from their opponents Wednesfield Legion who drop down into fourth position. Railway are second and like Gilbert’s have won all three games the latest being a 6-1 win over Yew Tree to leave them one leg of average short of Gilbert’s. After their 6-1 home win over Jacks Bar, ECC are third two points behind the top two as are Wednesfield Legion, Woodfield and Moreton Arms.

In the doubles division Wednesfield Legion, despite winning 2-1 against Gilbert’s Bar, who drop to sixth from second, have to share the number one position with ECC and Railway, who in turn won 3-0 against Jacks Bar and Yew Tree.

Full Results:Game 3:Singles League:- Cleveland Arms 4 Dog and Partridge 3, ECC 6 Jacks Bar 1, Gilbert’s Bar 5 Wednesfield Legion 2, Hurst Hill 3 Woodfield 4, Moreton 4 Stile 3, Railway 6 Yew Tree 1, Doubles League:-  Cleveland Arms 2 Dog and Partridge 1, ECC 3 Jacks Bar 0, Gilbert’s Bar 1 Wednesfield Legion 2, Hurst Hill 2 Woodfield 1, Moreton 1 Stile 2, Railway 3 Yew Tree 0.


Words: Alan Towe ( With Red Dragon)

Image: PDC


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