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Darts World has been telling the story of darts since 1972. Our new E(xtra)-Editions will continue that tradition. While the game itself has barely changed in all that time, its popularity, coverage, and global reach have morphed almost beyond recognition. So has the way players, fans and our industry get their information and stay in touch with their favourite game.

As we head towards celebrating Darts World’s 50th birthday we are determined to provide readers old and new with as many ways as possible to access #TheOfficialVoiceOfDarts

Between our regular print issues, you will find stories, snippets, facts, and features that cover many of darts’ different attractions, in these digital updates. Whether it’s our Numbers Game area for those of you into facts and figures, or The Open Road which explores indie darts events, exhibitions, travel and many other areas of fans’, players’, and officials’ darting experiences (All FREE to read or download here).

Our contributors and coaches can help you improve your game via The Practice Board. From Choosing your Weapons to tips from the elite, and those who advise them, in our Coaching Corner. In every edition, you’ll find new and creative ideas to help you improve and enjoy your darts.

Our Global and On Tour sections will bring news, results, and information from the steel tip strongholds of the UK & Europe as well as exploring the Soft Tip havens of Japan and the Far East. Reports from North America and other burgeoning regions will complete our exploration of the global game. 

As you read, look out for our Dartsdatabase boxes, surprising facts, and strong words, which add colour, and debate, to the ever-developing Darts Story. We look forward to continuing the journey. No factionalism, favoritism, or snobbery – just our passion for darts and the desire to share it with you all.


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