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HEROES come in all shapes and sizes and Darts World and Winmau are sure your candidates for the Darts Hero of 2022 will be no different:

Ever since the start of the pandemic we have seen countless examples of interesting and inspiring stories of players, coaches, volunteers and many others who have had a light shone on them. Together with our friends and partners at Winmau, we started talking about some of these tales and how we might be able to reach more and acknowledge some of them.

The enthusiasm quickly built and soon Winmau, and a few friends, offered a reward that money cannot buy:

Darts World & WINMAU’s Darts Hero 2022

A Unique Prize  – Fit For a Pro and a Hero!

  • The Hero will be treated to a bespoke fitting day at Winmau headquarters with their own Mr. Olivander, ‘Master (Tungsten) Wandmaker’ Lee Huxtable. 
  • Our Darts Hero will be treated like a professional signed to Winmau. The same conversations, testing, and refinement will be done for your very own set of signature darts, which will then be named after you, (or perhaps by you?)
  • They will need the perfect setup to match and the complete range of products will be available for you to hone your Darts Hero package to perfection
  • You will need to test them of course and you will need a World Class practice partner for a session, to really give them a workout. 2008 World Champion Mark Webster will be on hand to help ensure they’re just for you.
  • To make sure you are at your very best we’ll have Supercoach Steve Feeney standing by to give you the same support offered to World and major champions.
  • When you have signed off your hero darts package you’ll need to be kitted out so you look the part when showing them off on the oche during 2023 and beyond.

We’re sure you will agree that our teams have put together a prize that any tungsten fan would love and a unique experience that our Darts Hero will remember for a very long time.

How Do You Win Such A Prize and Day?

  • Do you know a darts hero or someone with the potential to become one?
  • Have you spotted the star of the future?
  • Someone who has overcome great challenges to succeed or thrive in darts?
  • Perhaps a talented player who missed out on the opportunities offered by today’s game? 
  • Does your darts community have a selfless volunteer who has facilitated for others in good times and bad?

Looking for our ‘Darts Hero’ for 2022:

Throughout the summer and Autumn, we will be accepting nominations from readers and viewers of our various platforms in order to look at the widest possible cross-section of your darting heroes.

Then, in time for the last issue of the year, and before the World Championships kick in, Winmau will treat the winner to a unique prize in darts:

Darts World will report on the nominations, feature some of the shortlisted candidates and chronicle the winner’s professional preparation day! The panel’s choice will of course receive a full subscription to Darts World for 2022 and 2023 in order to savour the process and their time as our Darts Hero.

Although there can be only one (see what we did there?) Winmau Darts Hero we are sure it will be a tough job to select one from the potential candidates. Darts World and Winmau will give 5 unique runner-up packs of darting goodies and share their stories with our readers and viewers.

Nominate Your Winmau ‘Darts Hero’ Now:

So if you know someone who ticks your box as a ‘Darts Hero’ get in touch (via editor@dartsworld.com) or via Darts World and Winmau social media channels. Drop us a few lines, or perhaps a photo or two or even a short video to explain who you nominee is why they are your darting hero

DW Twitter

DW Insta

DW Facebook

You can also drop us a line direct at editor@dartsworld.com . Deadlines and further detail will be announced in forthcoming issues of Darts World and Darts World Extra so don’t miss out and subscribe here……


Images: Winmau Design and Darts World


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