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Bobby George is part of the darting furniture. Commentary, exhibitions, documentaries, and even ‘Talking Pints’ with Nigel Farage.

Winmau’s most recent generation of Bobby George’s darts is another eye-catching Bobby George moment. Switching from a silver barrel to a PVD-coated black barrel was the most significant change, in addition to the ‘genuine gold plating’ towards the center and rear of the barrel. 

‘The King of Bling’, as he is known to darts fans, has enjoyed a storied career at the very top of the game. Having competed within the BDO and WDF from 1977 to 2009,  Bobby was a two-time World Championship runner-up, a World Masters semi-finalist, as well as a Europe Cup singles and team champion. So surely a dart finished with real gold is perfect for the man himself:

Breakdown and Specifications

Steel Tip – 24g

Length: 50.80mm

Width: 6.60mm

Tungsten Percentage: 90%

Points: Winmau 32mm Gold

Stems: Winmau Vecta Short

Flights: Winmau Prism Zeta Bobby George

Price: £51.95

First Impressions:

The barrel itself houses two thin ringed sections, which offer the player a relatively high level of grip. Reminiscent of the now discontinued Winmau Dawson Murschell darts, the groves have been left plain silver, whereas the rings themselves remain coated. This creates a striking and contrasting visual appeal.


Where the central gold plated section has been left smooth, it has created a subtle scallop that can be used as a focal point of grip. The gold plating has been cut into the barrel, meaning it sits lower than the ring grip surrounding it. With grip on either side, the plating can be used as a guide point, allowing the user to easily locate their optimum grip position, without the need to look at the barrel or feel around.

The rear of the dart, while offering a minimal amount of grip, appears purely for aesthetic purposes. The candelabra designs, as seen in greater detail on the supplied flights, have been inlaid with the same gold plating as the aforementioned central scalloped area. While, when combined with the ‘sticky when warm’ PVD coating, the rear section could be used as a viable position to throw from.

Debbie Downer:

The nose has been kept simple, and is steadily rounded off towards the point. With the dart being 6.6mm, the barrel might benefit from an extended taper to allow for greater grouping. To counter this, it could be an idea, should you invest in these darts, to look into the ‘Freeflow’ range of points Winmau produces, as well as one of the many other tapered/collared points available from their sister company, Red Dragon Darts. 

Independent Voices:

Opinion on Social Media was split in relation to the latest Booby George model. Comments from Curtis Bevan suggest that the dart may suit a floating style or even a player who stacks his arrows.

Another tester found that the darts could be very easily used if held from the rear and almost dropped into the board. Perhaps the old-school bling transfers into the style of throw needed?


All in all a fabulous and distinctive-looking dart that if it suits your throw style will be hugely popular. Keep an eye on Darts World’s socials for more reviews from the Winmau range, as well as exclusive interviews, match and tournament analysis, and more!


Review and research by @JoeReid180

Originally published in Darts World Magazine (Issue 579)

Image: Winmau

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