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New Zealand’s Shot darts have continued their marked profile expansion with the signing of Rowby-John Rodriguez. Ever since the, sadly not fully realised, signing of Kyle Anderson it’s been clear that they are finally combining some highly original design and marketing work with a playing roster to match:

We’re delighted to announce the signing of Rowby-John to our global tribe of pro players! Our dartisans have crafted his brand-new darts range, which launches very soon on March 1st. Expect something fresh and fun with a story exploring his roots in the Philippines. 

Rowby-John says, “Shot’s used everything that’s important to me and woven it into the very fabric of equipment I’ll use going forward. Throughout the process of finding the perfect dart for me, Shot listened to my suggestions and added their unique stamp to make a set perfect for my throw. Let’s go! “. We can’t wait to share the results with you all.

Shot Darts Managing Director Peter McCormick is delighted to have Rodriguez on board. “Like Shot, Rowby-John has come from a family of dart fanatics, so we have shared stories and values there. But his professionalism, upbeat personality, and unshakeable commitment in the face of genuine adversity is inspiring and has struck a chord with our team. We all have real admiration for him on and off the oche. He’s in great form, now part of the Shot Darts pro player tribe, and we’ll be there to see him throwing from strength to strength.”

It will be interesting to see whether the multiple models and high-spec designs and cosmetics, deployed for the Devon Peterson range will be again used for Little John.

The Boardroom team has heard strong rumours that Shot is nowhere near finished in the player acquisition field and may be making some very big moves indeed in the coming months. Watch this space…..


Image: Featured PDC (In Article: Shot darts)

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