Hendo and Boulton Back In Top Tier PDC Action

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Scottish Duo John Henderson and Andy Boulton were among the names to secure their spots into the opening two PDC European Tour Events, after coming through Friday’s PDPA Associate Member Qualifiers.

Niko Springer and Lukas Wenig were among the names to progress through the Host Nation Qualifiers, as the weekend’s action began at Halle 39, Hildesheim.

Associate Member and Host Nation Qualifiers give the opportunity for Non-Tour Card Holders, who didn’t progress through Qualifying School earlier in the year, to compete at PDC European Tour Events throughout the year, with two spots up for grabs per qualifier.

Henderson and Boulton, who both lost their professional status at end of 2022, progressed through Qualifier Two and will compete at the European Darts Open in Leverkusen next month, as the duo defeated Former Tour Card Holders, Jack Main and Christian Kist respectively in their final round ties.

Associate Member Qualifier One saw Dutch Duo Jeroen Mioch and Martijn Dragt progress through to compete at the Baltic Sea Darts Open in Kiel later this month, as the pair defeated Andy Boulton and Jelle Klaasen respectively in their final round ties.

The opening Host Nation Qualifier saw German Duo Lukas Wenig and Niko Springer progress through to compete in Kiel, after the pair defeated fellow compatriots Nico Kurz and Pascal Wirotius respectively in their deciding round ties.


Qualifier Two saw Nico Kurz go one better and secure qualification through to Leverkusen, alongside Rene Eidams, with the duo defeating Sven Hilling and Liam Maendl-Lawrance respectively in their deciding round ties.

Saturday will see the weekend’s action continue in Hildesheim, with spots up for grabs at both European Tour Events 3 & 4 in Riesa and Munich. All live scores and results can be viewed at tv.dartconnect.com.

PDC European Tour 1-2 Associate Members Qualifiers

Friday 10th February

Event One
Quarter Finals
Jelle Klaasen 5-4 Jimmy Van Schie
Martijn Dragt 5-4 Christian Kist
Jeroen Mioch 5-1 Patrick Van den Boogaard
Andy Boulton 5-2 Kevin Blomme

Semi Finals
Martijn Dragt 5-4 Jelle Klaasen
Jeroen Mioch 5-3 Andy Boulton

Event Two
Quarter Finals
John Henderson 5-2 Moreno Blom
Jack Main 5-4 Stefan Bellmont
Christian Kist 5-4 Alexander Merkx
Andy Boulton 5-4 Jeroen Mioch

Semi Finals
John Henderson 5-2 Jack Main
Andy Boulton 5-4 Christian Kist

PDC European Tour 1-2 Host Nation Qualifiers
Event One
Quarter Finals
Niko Springer 5-0 Marcel Gerdon
Pascal Wirotius 5-0 Steffan Siepmann
Lukas Wenig 5-1 Christian Helmecke
Nico Kurz 5-1 Benjamin Freudenreich

Semi Finals
Niko Springer 5-3 Pascal Wirotius
Lukas Wenig 5-4 Nico Kurz

Event Two
Quarter Finals
Liam Maendl-Lawrance 5-1 Leon Remde
Rene Eidams 5-1 Martin Kramer
Sven Hilling 5-3 Kevin Rothweiler
Nico Kurz 5-1 Andrew Beeton

Semi Finals
Rene Eidams 5-2 Liam Maendl-Lawrance
Nico Kurz 5-4 Sven Hilling


Images: PDC


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