TONS: Braziliant Brushes Up A Classic Drill

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Diogo Portela contacted me a while back with a request for a game he and many players on the pro tour are using for their training or just playing the game against another player for fun. 

The game is called TONS and originally you aim at 20 and you need to score at least 100  to get points in the game. Since that can be really hard for most of us we’ve added an Intermediate and a Beginner level to make it useable for more players on GoDartsPro


We also added the possibility to switch between the numbers 20, 19 and 18 to vary the training some more and make it more match-like when the treble 20 is blocked. 

In the standard way of TONS (professional level), you score on number 20 and get 1 point for scoring 100, 2 points for 140 and 3 points for 180 and you play until your reach 21 points.
We’ve also added options to play the game until you reach 10, 50 or 100 points or play for a time limit.

Since you’re now able to switch between 20, 19 and 18 we’ve instead focused on how many trebles and singles you hit for each throw so you can combine the numbers as you want. 

This gives us this scoring table: 


1 point = 1 treble + 2 singles

2 point = 2 treble + 1 single

3 point = 3 trebles


1 point = 3 singles

2 point = 1 treble + 2 singles

3 point = 2 trebles + 1 single


1 point = 2 singles

2 points = 3 singles

3 points = At least 1 treble and 1 single OR 2 trebles

This is a great warming-up routine to focus on your scoring and even the beginner level will demand full focus since you need at least two hits in any of the targets fields to get a point.
Try to finish the game with as few darts as possible. At start you will always see your best score so far to beat and after the game you will also see your statistics for numbers of 1 hit, 2 hits and 3 hits.

As Diogo mentioned, they often play this game against other players and maybe a variant of this game will appear in the FUN GAMES section later on, for the members on GoDartsPro to play against their family and friends as well.

Enjoy your darts and make it count!


Words: Anders Ostman


Photography: PDC/Lawrence Lustig

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