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An underrated feature of the game of darts is its capacity to generate heroes. The modern game has produced at least 3 full generations of record-setting, attention-grabbing, and groundbreaking characters to inspire those who follow in their footsteps and move our game forward.

Andrew Gilding is a wonderful example of how darts heroes are still far from predictable. The quiet, humble man from Suffolk, who was barely hanging onto his top-level status a few months ago, is the latest unexpected name to enter the ‘TV major’ winning record books and write his own unforgettable chapter of darts history.

Goldfinger is not alone in contributing to a rapidly expanding era of darting headlines. Fallon Sherrock and Beau Greaves are adding to the story of women’s darts at a pace not seen for at least 30 years, if ever. The first World Championship stage win, the first  9-dart leg or 10 events in a row whilst still a teenager! Surely landmarks that will not be easily overwritten

As you proceed through this special World Championship issue of Darts World Extra (Click to read or Download Free!) you will find our regular features but also a Darts Hero theme or flavour. Our unique competition, in partnership with WINMAU, has reached its L16 shortlist stage

Our Talking Points or Bullseyes & Bounceouts are alongside special sections on the shortlists of International, Youth, Community, and Adversity fighting Darts Heroes who may claim the fabulous WINMAU ‘Fit for a Pro’ prize and unique day.

The Shorlist sections will familiarise you with candidates young and old and help you see why others felt strongly enough to nominate them. 

Our columnists haven’t gone anywhere with Wizard’s Wizdom, Media Matters, and Webby’s World featuring in this DW Extra.

Choose Your Weapons and Practice Partner can help you improve your game and get superb value for money at the same time with our friends and colleagues at Winmau and Go Darts Pro

Our Amateur area features an extended UKDA Supplement with 3 full sets of match results (5-7 inc.) additional reports, league tables, and information from the National League’s second season.
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