It’s A Deal, It’s A Steal, It’s….The Dart Of The Week

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Depending on your generation the title of Red Dragon Darts’ regular tungsten special will put you in mind of an iTV quiz show from the 1970s and 80s ‘Sale of the Century’ or perhaps, the wildly popular Guy Richie film Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

But, Red Dragon’s ‘Dart of The Week’ is neither just a deal nor is it an actual steal! What it can be is a chance to get to grips with some ranges of darts that you wish had tried but were put off by costs, in the current time especially, or confidence or just lack of motivation. Well, let’s have no more excuses!

Literally every week RD are picking one of their range with a story to tell and chopping a chunk off the price. Over recent weeks there has been a major winner for under £30, when Dart of The Week, and an entry into the front-loaded or bulbous dart style for even less!


If you like straight-barreled or parallel darts with striking looks then this is certainly for you. The black and gold styling combines with a classic design but with a few subtleties to make it worth your while.

Lethal Magic:

A range of precision-engineered no-nonsense darts with varied shapes, but a common grip and feel. Ever fancied trying a Priestley-like shape but didn’t fancy the lower weights or needed more grip? There can be huge plusses for front-loaded darts. 

Cyclone: Our snapshot review here in DWE 8 said it all. Major winning dart design and for less than £40, £30 when DoTW!

Fusion Plus:

A magnificent dart for mid-range money. Fancy a change of barrel, but wary of going too far or spending huge sums? Intrigued by the Sigma stylings or Taylor-esque shapes? If so then don’t mess about, grab yourself a set of Fusion Plus. They are an ideal weapon of choice for a methodical thrower who wants stability and precision.

Milano RS:

One of the most underestimated dart ranges in the opinion of AIM180. “These are superb, they are classically designed but with enough variety to suit everyone. Slim, high spec, nicely detailed  and beautifully executed”

It has been rumoured that at least one of our analyst team is marooned each Sunday, evening refreshing the home screen of the Red Dragon website to see what the next week’s dart will be. 

But, it does not require that level of sadness to spot a deal worth checking out. So “…don’t stand out there like one o’clock half struck or you’ll be cryin’ tears as big as October cabbages. Too late, too late, will be the cry when the man with the bargains has passed you bye…..”


Images: Darts World Magazine and Red Dragon Darts

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