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Andy Boulton took the early lead on Monday, in ending Day One of Group A, top, after completing a clean sweep with five wins from five, as Week Seven of Stage Four commenced at the Modus Super Series.

and recording victories against Tommy Lishman, Stefan Bellmont, Thomas Junghans, Sebastian Bialecki and Adam Atkinson, coming through three last leg deciders along the way. 

Elsewhere, three players in Bellmont, Bialecki and Junghans ended the day 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively on 6 points each, whilst Lishman sits in 5th on 2 points, but it was a disappointing day for Adam Atkinson, who failed to register a victory, with five defeats from five. 

The Modus Super Series continues on Tuesday with the six players returning, hoping to boost their chances of securing a place in Saturday’s Finale, with Boulton leading the way thus far.

Play will begin at 9:30am BST and will be streamed live on the Modus YouTube channel, Sporty Stuff TV or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide.

Modus Super Series Week Seven

Group A Day One- Monday 19th June

Sebastian Bialecki 4-1 Adam Atkinson

Thomas Junghans 4-3 Stefan Bellmont

Andy Boulton 4-3 Tommy Lishman 

Thomas Junghans 4-1 Adam Atkinson

Sebastian Bialecki 4-0 Tommy Lishman 

Andy Boulton 4-3 Stefan Bellmont

Tommy Lishman 4-3 Adam Atkinson

Andy Boulton 4-1 Thomas Junghans

Stefan Bellmont 4-2 Sebastian Bialecki 

Thomas Junghans 4-3 Tommy Lishman 

Steffan Bellmont 4-0 Adam Atkinson

Andy Boulton 4-2 Sebastian Bialecki 

Stefan Bellmont 4-3 Tommy Lishman 

Sebastian Bialecki 4-3 Thomas Junghans 

Andy Boulton 4-3 Adam Atkinson


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