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The most recent Mission launch seemed to provided a revealing insight into the direction the brand wished to move into, as they explore new avenues of product innovation and striking appearance. 

Mission’s initial efforts had sought to recreate popular styles and designs for good value prices in order to gain quick and strong a foothold in the market. Then came player darts with an emphasis on up and coming players and youth.

The launch’s flagship product, the Mission Archon, sees Mission have venture into the ‘luxury’ or ‘Premium’ side of the sport – a market previously untapped by the Bolton-based manufacturer.


  • Steel Tip – 22g (other inc 24g are available)
  • Length: 55.00mm
  • Width: 6.00mm
  • Tungsten Percentage: 97.5%
  • Price: £84.95

First Impressions: 

The Archon’s A true showpiece for any darts collection – it’s rare to find a set of darts you almost don’t want to throw, just to keep them as pristine as possible.

Set Up:

  • Points: Mission Glide 32mm Black
  • Stems: Mission Sabre Tweenie Black
  • Flights: Mission Solo No. 2 ‘Archon’

Grip and Feel:

The grip itself spans the entirety of the barrel, with two vastly contrasting styles and two unique feels when throwing. 

The front of the dart, according to Mission themselves, features a ‘design on the barrel [incorporating] intricate and unique milled Archon symbols etched into the barrel, highlighted by Bronze PVD coating’. The Archon symbols create a knurled effect, and offer a light, slightly coarse feel while throwing.

The polar opposite is used for the rear of the barrel. Once again quoting Mission themselves, ‘the rear section of the barrel incorporates fine radial grooves with horizontal milled cuts to enhance the grip, finished with black PVD Coating’. 

The tri-cut rings offer an extremely high level of grip, perfect for those that require that bit more from the equipment they choose to use. The longitudinal cuts create an octagonal feel towards the rear, as if holding a pencil. 

The taper of the barrel has been left as plain silver tungsten, as well as the central divide between the two styles of grip, which housed a laser etched Mission logo. The taper being silver will help to protect the dart visually, reducing the damage caused to the PVD coated sections – something I’ve always believed should be commonplace in modern coated barrels, thanks to the emerging popularity of re-machining barrels by most manufacturers.

Debbie Downers:

The darts are long… that may seem an understatement. A 55mm barrel will prove difficult for many players to confidently use. I personally use a 52mm barrel, and that additional 3mm makes a huge difference to the way the darts land in the board. 

The complex machining and multi angles further enhances the grip, yet it leaves the barrel more susceptible to chips.


Archon are, to put it bluntly, stunning. The machining, the coating, the workmanship – every element of these darts are absolutely incredible. The real issue will be whether to throw them or display them.

The darts, as well as all accessories mentioned, are available from most reputable darts retailers. Let us know what darts you’d like us at Darts World to feature next!


Words: Joe Reid

Images: Mission Darts

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