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OVER 150 schoolchildren from across Lancashire have experienced the PDC’s Bullseye Maths scheme in five special sessions during the Betfred World Matchplay.

The sport’s top stars are competing this week at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens in the annual World Matchplay, which is televised globally and offers an £800,000 prize fund.

Alongside the on-stage action, five sessions of Bullseye Maths have been held which have included guest appearances from star players.

Bullseye Maths was introduced in 2022 as a fun and inclusive way to promote numeracy, after studies found that numeracy levels amongst children had been affected during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the scheme supported by numeracy charity Maths One Toast.

Alongside an online portal at pdc.tv/maths, in-school sessions are run by staff from Nottingham College’s Room 180 Academy which includes a combination of numeracy exercises and darts-based games.

Steve Beaton and Jose de Sousa joined Year 5 & 6 pupils across two sessions at Lever House Primary School in Farington on Monday to open the activities around the World Matchplay.

Tuesday then saw Ryan Searle and Brendan Dolan take part in two separate sessions with pupils at Fleetwood’s Shakespeare Primary School.

A group of pupils from Fleetwood’s Flakefleet Primary School then visited the Winter Gardens on Wednesday morning for the week’s final session, which was attended by PDC referee Russ Bray.

“We’ve had a fantastic three days and it’s been brilliant to see over 150 pupils get the chance to experience Bullseye Maths sessions,” said Room 180 Academy’s Gary Horsley.

“The pupils across all five sessions really got involved and you could see the enthusiasm they had for maths which was then adapted into the darts-based activities.

“These three days have been a huge boost for Bullseye Maths as we continue to grow the scheme and promote numeracy.”

The PDC worked with the Fleetwood Town Community Trust to arrange the sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, which were attended by members of the organisation’s staff.

Further Bullseye Maths sessions will be held throughout 2023, and further information can be seen at our online Bullseye Maths portal.

The PDC’s online Bullseye Maths portal at pdc.tv/maths includes an interactive game, provided by GoDartsPro, and downloadable worksheets to allow all people interested in numeracy to take part in darts-based exercises.


Images: Taylor Lanning/PDC

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