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Tommy Morris, Jamie Kelling, Mike Warburton, Mark Dudbridge and Wayne Jones all secured their places in Saturday’s finale on Friday after coming through their respective groups at the Modus Super Series, to join Matt Clark, the winner of Group A earlier in the week.

Morris, who entered Friday’s play in 2nd on 6 points from the opening day of Group C, completed a clean sweep with five wins from five to top the group overall, as he recorded victories against Jamie Kelling, Patrick Maat, Ryan De Vreede, Lee Budgen and Chris Hurds, to end on 16 points from a possible 20.

Elsewhere, Jamie Kelling also progressed through to Saturday’s finale, after finishing 2nd overall on 14 points, whilst Lee Budgen finished in 3rd on 10 points, Patrick Maat and Ryan De Vreede finishing 4th and 5th respectively on 8 points each, with Chris Hurds finishing bottom on 4 points.

In Group B, Mike Warburton topped the group overall, after winning three of his four matches on Friday Evening, as he recorded victories against David Davies, Wayne Jones and Sam Cankett, with his only defeat coming against Mark Dudbridge, to end on 12 points from a possible 16.

Elsewhere, Mark Dudbridge and Wayne Jones also progressed through to Saturday’s finale, after the pair finished 2nd and 3rd respectively overall, with Dudbridge ending on 10 points and Jones on 8 points, whilst Sam Cankett finished 4th on 6 points and David Davies bottom on 4 points.

The Modus Super Series continues on Saturday with the conclusion of Week One with the six players battling it out for just one spot up for grabs at Champions Week, with play commencing from 7:30pm BST.

Play will be streamed live on the Modus YouTube channel, Sporty Stuff TV or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide.

Modus Super Series

Week One

Group C Day Two

Friday 11th August

Tommy Morris 4-3 Jamie Kelling

Ryan De Vreede 4-3 Patrick Maat

Lee Budgen 4-2 Chris Hurds

Tommy Morris 4-1 Patrick Maat

Jamie Kelling 4-1 Lee Budgen

Ryan De Vreede 4-2 Chris Hurds

Patrick Maat 4-1 Lee Budgen

Tommy Morris 4-0 Ryan De VreedeJamie Kelling 4-3 Chris Hurds

Tommy Morris 4-3 Lee Budgen

Patrick Maat 4-1 Chris HurdsJamie Kelling 4-2 Ryan De Vreede

Tommy Morris 4-2 Chris Hurds

Ryan De Vreede 4-3 Lee Budgen

Jamie Kelling 4-0 Patrick Maat

Group B Day Two

Mark Dudbridge 4-3 Sam Cankett

Mike Warburton 4-3 David Davies

Wayne Jones 4-1 Mark Dudbridge

Sam Cankett 4-1 David Davies

Mike Warburton 4-0 Wayne Jones

David Davies 4-2 Mark Dudbridge

Sam Cankett 4-0 Wayne Jones

Mark Dudbridge 4-2 Mike Warburton

Wayne Jones 4-2 David Davies

Mike Warburton 4-2 Sam Cankett


Images: MODUS


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