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Former Champions Week winner Conan Whitehead earned a spot in the Series 5 Week 4 Finals Night at the MODUS Super Series, winning Group A with 10 wins out of a possible 15.

The Barbarian claimed the three wins on Day 3, after ending yesterdays session ahead of 2nd placed Steve West having beaten the Essex thrower in the final match of the day 4-1.

Whitehead opened with a 4-2 victory over Johnny Haines, despite the Punk firing in a 170 checkout in the 4th leg of the match. The Barbarian has already found 2 big fishes this week and proceeded to wrap up victory with just three missed darts at double.

Simply Steve West responded by winning his opening match of the day, beating bottom of the group Alan Norris 4-2 at the Live Lounge. Both Group A leaders fell to defeat in their next matches, with Conan losing 4-2 against Wesley Harms whilst a 121-checkout helped Dartsworld ambassador Colin Osborne beat Steve 4-3.

Sparky continued to have a say in the Group A Finals Night race after clinching a 4-1 win over Steve West, including 2 180s and a 92+ average in Portsmouth.
Whitehead fended off a spirited Alan Norris 4-2 to take full advantage, with both players averaging over 94 in an impressive game.

The Barbarian went on to secure his place on Saturday night with a 4-2 victory over Steve West, finding double 18 to wrap up the 6th leg with his first dart.
The Essex thrower and ADC Europe Qualifier Wesley Harms will move into Group B, with ADC Qualifier Richard North, Scott Walters and Dan Read set to join them as 3 Finals Night places on the line.

For Colin Osborne, Johnny Haines, and Alan Norris they will enter Group C which will start from 1pm live on the MODUS Super Series YouTube channel and SportystuffTV on Friday, where they will be joined by ADC Qualifier Ben Payne, Scott Campbell, and Scotsman Willie Borland.

MODUS Super Series: Series 5 Week 4 Day 2 Results:

Group A:

Colin Osborne 4-1 Wesley Harms
Conan Whitehead 4-2 Johnny Haines
Steve West 4-2 Alan Norris
Wesley Harms 4-2 Conan Whitehead
Colin Osborne 4-3 Steve West
Alan Norris 4-3 Johnny Haines
Wesley Harms 4-1 Steve West
Conan Whitehead 4-2 Alan Norris
Johnny Haines 4-1 Colin Osborne
Conan Whitehead 4-2 Steve West
Wesley Harms 4-3 Johnny Haines
Alan Norris 4-3 Colin Osborne
Steve West 4-3 Johnny Haines
Colin Osborne 4-1 Conan Whitehead
Wesley Harms 4-3 Alan Norris

Group A: Final Table:

Conan Whitehead: 20pts
Steve West: 18pts
Wesley Harms: 18pts
Colin Osborne: 16pts
Johnny Haines: 10pts
Alan Norris: 8pts


Images: PDC


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