Borland and Harms Head MSS Pack

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Borland and Harms Lead Ahead of Final Day

Winmau player Willie Borland took the early lead on the first day of action in Group C, in Series 5 Week 4 at the MODUS Super Series.

The Scotsman has impressed on the ADC Vault Circuit and started his campaign at the Live Lounge in emphatic fashion after winning 5 out of 5 matches.

ADC Europe Qualifier Wesley Harms leads Group B on legs difference from former Super Series weekly winner Steve West, with both ending Thursday with 3 wins out of a possible 4.

Borland included 2 90+ averages in Portsmouth, starting with a 4-2 victory over fellow Winmau player Colin Osborne including 2 180s. Big Willie found important victories over ADC Qualifier Ben Payne and Scott Campbell, before hitting a 91.09 average in whitewashing Alan Norris 4-0 in his final match of the day.

Steve West started his Group B campaign with defeat against another ADC Qualifier in Richard North but produced a 96.58 average in dealing Wesley Harms his only defeat of the day, in a 4-2 victory at the Live Lounge.

Sparky found a 93+ average of his own in defeating Richard North 4-0 in his final match, including a 180 and a 92 checkout.

The conclusions of Groups B and C will start from 1pm on Friday live on the MODUS Super Series YouTube channel and Sportystuff TV.

Group C starts with leader Willie Borland looking to continue his 100% start against Alan Norris.

MODUS Super Series: Series 5 Week 4 Day 4 Results:

Group B:

Richard North 4-3 Steve West
Wesley Harms 4-2 Scott Walters
Richard North 4-3 Dan Read
Steve West 4-2 Scott Walters
Wesley Harms 4-0 Dan Read
Scott Walters 4-3 Richard North
Steve West 4-2 Wesley Harms
Scott Walters 4-1 Dan Read
Wesley Harms 4-0 Richard North
Steve West 4-1 Dan Read

Group C:

Ben Payne 4-1 Alan Norris
Scott Campbell 4-0 Johnny Haines
Willie Borland 4-2 Colin Osborne
Alan Norris 4-1 Scott Campbell
Ben Payne 4-3 Colin Osborne
Willie Borland 4-1 Johnny Haines
Colin Osborne 4-0 Alan Norris
Willie Borland 4-2 Scott Campbell
Ben Payne 4-2 Johnny Haines
Scott Campbell 4-3 Colin Osborne
Alan Norris 4-3 Johnny Haines
Willie Borland 4-2 Ben Payne
Colin Osborne 4-2 Johnny Haines
Scott Campbell 4-0 Ben Payne
Willie Borland 4-0 Alan Norris

Group B: Table

Wesley Harms: 6pts
Steve West: 6pts
Scott Walters: 4pts
Richard North: 4pts
Dan Read: 0pts

Group C: Table

Willie Borland: 10pts
Scott Campbell: 6pts
Ben Payne: 6pts
Colin Osborne: 4pts
Alan Norris: 4pts
Johnny Haines: 0pts


Images: PDC


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