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Scott Walters stole top spot in Group B from Wesley Harms on Friday at the MODUS Super Series, with Steve West and ADC Qualifier Richard North taking the 3 available Finals Night spots.

Scottish duo Scott Campbell and Willie Borland completed Finals Night after finishing in the top two spots in Group C earlier in the day, with Scott finishing top of the group on legs difference from his compatriot at the Live Lounge.

The 43-year-old recorded a crucial win over Big Willie on Friday afternoon, averaging just shy of a ton in a 4-1 victory. The Winmau player put himself in a very good position to make it to the Series 5 Week 4 Finals Night, after picking up victories over Alan Norris and ADC Qualifier Ben Payne to make it 7 wins from 7.

Colin Osborne will have been satisfied with his final performance of the week at the Super Series, defeating Borland 4-2 with an average of 101.93 including 3 180s over 6 legs played.

Wesley Harms after a stunning start to his Group B campaign on Thursday, had a second day to forget at the Live Lounge with the ADC Europe Qualifier falling to four straight defeats in what was his fifth consecutive day of playing.

It was rolls reverse though for Scott Walters who picked up victories in all 4 of his matches on Day 5, to finish top of Group B with 12pts ahead of 2nd placed Steve West on legs difference.

Finals Night will be live on the MODUS Super Series YouTube channel and Sportystuff TV from a later time of 8pm, with Group A winner Conan Whitehead returning to action where he will face Group C Runner Up Willie Borland from the Live Lounge.

MODUS Super Series: Series 5 Week 4 Day 5 Results:

Group B:

Steve West 4-1 Dan Read
Richard North 4-3 Wesley Harms
Scott Walters 4-3 Dan Read
Steve West 4-3 Wesley Harms
Scott Walters 4-0 Richard North
Dan Read 4-0 Wesley Harms
Scott Walters 4-0 Steve West
Richard North 4-2 Dan Read
Scott Walters 4-3 Wesley Harms
Steve West 4-1 Richard North

Group C:

Willie Borland 4-2 Alan Norris
Scott Campbell 4-3 Ben Payne
Johnny Haines 4-0 Colin Osborne
Willie Borland 4-3 Ben Payne
Alan Norris 4-2 Johnny Haines
Scott Campbell 4-0 Colin Osborne
Johnny Haines 4-2 Ben Payne
Scott Campbell 4-1 Willie Borland
Alan Norris 4-2 Colin Osborne
Johnny Haines 4-3 Willie Borland
Colin Osborne 4-2 Ben Payne
Scott Campbell 4-1 Alan Norris
Colin Osborne 4-2 Willie Borland
Johnny Haines 4-3 Scott Campbell
Ben Payne 4-1 Alan Norris

Group B: Table

Scott Walters: 12pts
Steve West: 12pts
Richard North: 8pts
Wesley Harms: 6pts
Dan Read: 2pts

Group C: Table

Scott Campbell: 14pts
Willie Borland: 14pts
Ben Payne: 8pts
Colin Osborne: 8pts
Johnny Haines: 8pts
Alan Norris: 6pts


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