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Warwickshire County Darts Organisation didn’t have the wining start to the new season in the UKDA National League’s Cosmo Darts Premier Division that they would have hoped for as they finished on the wrong side of a 20-16 scoreline playing away against Cornwall at the Indian Queens WMC, St Columb Major, St Austell, TR9 6QN.

The weekend didn’t get off to the best of starts with the ladies ‘B’ losing 4-2 after opener Kirsty Hinchcliffe gave them a 1-0 lead when she beat Laura Shepherd 3-1 and in the process won the lady of the match award for her 17.94 average, and although Caroline Pike made it 2-0 with her 3-0 win over Debbie Crocker it was the home side that won the following four games.

The men’s ‘B’ also went 1-0 up when their Sam Whittaker beat Aaron Rowe 4-1 but had to wait until the sixth game before they got their second winner in the form of Will Naylor who also won 4-1 against Tex Thomas.

Samuel Price beat Jamie Kay 4-0 to reduce the arrears to 4-3 and with a similar 4-3 win over Fred Goldsmith Scott Hope made it 5-4. The final score was 7-5 to the hosts with Warwickshire’s man of the match Karl Reynolds adding his 4-2 win over Lee Hellings in the final game, Reynolds clinching the match award for his 26.20 average.

The ladies ‘A’, like their ‘B’ side also lost 4-2, and again like the ‘B’ team won the opener as Donna Pinch beat Tyrian Jesse 3-1. The only other winner was Wendy Adams who was on at number three and had a straight 3-0 win over Sarah Brown, Wendy taking the team’s match award for her 17.28 average.

The men’s ‘A’ went one down but recovered well to take the following six games with wins from Steve Hine, Jamie Atkins, Matty Washbrooke, Wayne Mynard, Gareth Braham and Nigel Heydon.

Wayne Mynard

With a 6-2 lead the all-important seventh win was added in the ninth by Mark McGeeney who was making a welcome return to Warwickshire after an eleven year absence, his 4-1 win over Jez Campe and his 29.18 average making him the man of the match.

The final score was 7-5 to Warwickshire but the overall result of 20-16 for the weekend went to Cornwall.

Full Results:

UKDA National League Cosmo Darts Premier Division

ECornwall 20 Warwickshire 16

Cornwall MA 5-7 Warwickshire MA4:

Men’s ‘A’:- Michael Jones 4 Carl Green 1, Robert Ruberry 3 Steve Hine 4, Neil Meneer 2 Jamie Atkins 4, Simon Knowles 2 Matty Washbrooke 4, Matt Knowles 3 Wayne Mynard 4, Gareth Griffiths 3 Graham Braham 4, Greg Hambly 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Scott Cook 4 Mark Carter 0, Jez Campe 1 Mark McGeeney 4, John Mann 4 Kevin Dowling 2, Simon Rees 4 Noel Grant 3, Kevin Dunstan 4 Dave Hill 0,.

Cornwall MB 7-5 Warwickshire MB:Men’s ‘B’:- Aaron Rowe 1 Sam Whittaker 4, Neil Dudbridge 4 Adam Hancock 3, Carl Jeffery 4 Mark Strong 0, Scott Wapshott 4 Dave Redding 2, Andrew Cook 4 Lee Miller 3, Tex Thomas 1 Will Naylor 4, Jamie Kay 0 Samuel Price 4, Josh Symons 4 Mark Martin 3, Fred Goldsmith 3 Scott Hope 4, Lee Agar 4 Peter Hughes 1, Mike Pascoe 4 Martin Tonks 0, Lee Hellings 2 Karl Reynolds 4,

Cornwall WA 4-2 Warwickshire WA:

Women’s ‘A’:- Tyrian Jesse 1 Donna Pinch 3, Nikki Furse 3 Courtney Hine 1, Sarah Brown 0 Wendy Adams 3, Teresa Brookshaw 3 Natalie Gilbert 1, Maria O’Brien 3 Marian Conway 1, Tracey Hancock 3 Hannah Meek 0,

Cornwall WB 4-2 Warwickshire WB:Women’s ‘B’:- Laura Shepherd 1 Kirsty Hinchcliffe 3, Debbie Crocker 0 Caroline Pike 3, Emma Dow 3 Nina Bolt 1, Claire Irons 3 Denise Keyte 1, Jacqui Champion 3 Chloe McKivett-Saunders 0, Pauline Mead 3 Kris Meek 0.

After winning promotion last season The Black Country were making their debut in the UKDA National League’s L-Style Division One and must have wondered how they would cope in the higher division after playing Saturday’s ‘B’ games as the ladies lost 5-1 and the men went down 7-5 in their home tie with Gwent..

The solitary winner for the ladies ‘B’ was Doreen Hunt who won 3-2 against Jess Bonner with an award winning average of 15.12. The winners for the men’s ‘B’ were Dan Nicholls, Jamie Barrowman, Gavin Smith, Ben Hollowood and John Green with Dan Nicholls taking the match award for his 3-0 win over Marcus Jones and his 28.90 average.

Sunday was a completely different story as the ladies ‘A’ kicked the day off with a 4-2 win thanks to wins from Amy-Leigh Tolley, Heather Wright, Chez Allcock and Tammy Chance, Tammy’s 3-0 win over Ceri Stephens plus her 22.77 average earning the team’s match award.

The men’s ‘A’ were in superb form beating their counterparts 10-2 with wins supplied by Tom Bissell, Paul Wells, Martin Price, Reece Colley, Dan Homer, Shane Price, George Willetts, Jamie Rollinson, Rob Smith and Rich Bowen, Martin Price their top player with a 30.19 average and 4-2 win over Sam Cankett.

The overall result for the weekend was a 20-16 win for the Black Country, not a bad start to the new season especially after Saturday’s results when Gwent opened up a 12-6 lead.

Full Results:

UKDA National League

L-Style Division One:

Black Country 20 Gwent 16:

The Black Country MA 10-2 Gwent MA:Men’s ‘A’:

Tom Bissell 4 Mike Fleet 3, Steve Jones 3 Conner Hopkins 4, Paul Wells 4 Stephen Cake 0, Martin Price 4 Sam Cankett 2, Reece Colley 4 Mark Blandford 1, Dan Homer 4 Ieuan Halsall 2, Trev Brennan 3 Peter Johns 4, Shane Price 4 Matthew Kay 2, George Willetts 4 Ray Hardwick 3, Jamie Rollinson 4 Nico Ruiz-Roynon 2, Rob Smith 4 Paul Higgins 3, Rich Bowen 4 Alec Small 1,

The Black Country MB 5-7 Gwent MB:Men’s ‘B’:

Mark Jones 2 Dewi Beynon 3, Dan Nicholls 3 Marcus Jones 0, Sam Bissell 2 Gethyn Bennett 3, Jamie Barrowman 3 Scott Ridler 2, Liam Kelly 2 Nick Kenny 3, James Hykin 1 Paul Cosslett 3, Carl Sparrow 1 Bryan Cook 3, Gavin Smith 3 David Skinner 0, Ben Hollowood 3 Harry Williams 2, Wayne Hobday 2 Geraint Harbon 3, Cayden Smith 2 Vince Short 3, John Green 3 Angelo Lao 2,

The Black Country WA 4-2 Gwent WA:

Women’s ‘A’:- Grace Angell 0 Jade Hickey 3, Amy-Leigh Tolley 3 Amanda Cosslett 2, Heather Wright 3 Shannon Chappell 0, Chez Allcock 3 Natalie Pyatt 2, Tammy Chance 3 Ceri Stephens 0, Lacey Hughes 0 Tracey Hickey 3,

The Black Country WB 1-5 Gwent WB:

Women’s ‘B’

Maxine Prosser 1 Jackie Norman 3, Sarah-Jane Parker 1 Hannah Williams 3, Doreen Hunt 3 Jess Bonner 2, Abbey Hunt 0 Hayley Mathews 3, Stella Sims 0 Abbie Brewster 3, Angie Carroll 1 Melissa Williams 3.


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