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In division one of the UKDA National League Black Country had an away game against Suffolk, a game which saw both ladies ‘A’ and ‘B’ finish level at three-all.

For the ‘B’ side Doreen Hunt (15.75) took the lady of the match award and for the ‘A’ team it was Tammy Chance (22.77).

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The men’s ‘B’ had a 7-5 win with John Green picking up the match award for his 28.36 average while Rich Bowen received the men’s ‘A’ award for his 29.04 average.

The overall result for the weekend was a 22-14 win for the Black Country which saw them take over the leadership of division one with a total of forty-eight points six more than their nearest rivals Gwent who won their home game with Gwynedd 23-13.

Full Results: Suffolk 14 Black Country 22:

Suffolk MA 3-9 The Black Country MA:

Men’s ‘A’: Stewart Thompson 1 George Willetts 4, David Ballard-Flatt 0 Paul Wells 4, Ben Poulton 0 Shane Price 4, Rob Warman 3 Dan Homer 4, Andrew Craine 3 Martin Price 4, Paul Woods 2 Dan Nicholls 4, Ian Randles 3 Trev Brennan 4, Jason Elvin 4 Alex Howells 0, Curtis Hammond 4 Jamie Rollinson 1, Kevin Leathers 1 Jamie Barrowman 4, Gary Butcher 4 Mark Jones 3, Max Haley 0 Rich Bowen 4,

Suffolk MB 5-7 The Black Country MB:

Men’s ‘B’: Adam Howard 3 Ben Hollowood 2, Andy Meikle 0 Jamie Barrowman 3, Wayne Hammond 0 Liam Kelly 3, Ash Ling 0 John Green 3, Ashley Coleman 3 Carl Sparrow 2, Wayne Bugby 3 Sam Bissell 1, Jason Stalker 2 Connor Whitehouse 3, Aaron Hammond 3 Alan Hickinbottom 2, Gareth Randell 1 Mark Jones 3, Jordan Gissing 3 Wayne Hobday 1, Dan Brown 1 Gareth Johnston 3, Stuart Greenhalgh 1 Al Smith 3,

Suffolk WA 3-3 The Black Country WA:

Women’s ‘A’: Sue Waterman 0 Tammy Chance 3, Carly Chenery 3 Sarah-Jane Parker 1, Stephanie Potter 1 Chez Allcock 3, Chrissie Meikle 3 Maxine Prosser 2, Lauryn Salter 2 Heather Wright 3, Jo Locke 3 Amy-Leigh Tolley 0, Suffolk WB 3-3 The Black Country WB:Women’s ‘B’:- Nicky Bradley 1 Abbey Hunt 3, Nicky Doidge 3 Lacey Hughes 0, Leesa Woollard 2 Doreen Hunt 3, Jean Prewitt 3 Natalie Hulson 1, Nadine Leathers 3 Angie Carroll 2, Lesley Compton 2 Maxine Prosser 3.


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