Lauby Edges Pugs in Super League Singles

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The Warwickshire Men’s Super League staged their singles knockout at the county headquarters Hen Lane Club, the event attracted a high class field producing some top darts play throughout.

In the quarter-finals there were straight 4-0 wins for Jenson Walker and Chris Wickenden who in turn accounted for Lee Miller and Kevin Smith, Danny Lauby had a 4-2 success against Jamie Atkins while Martin Tonks was taken to a deciding leg before winning 4-3 against Kev Painter. 

In the semi-finals Chris Wickenden continued his fine form, once again winning 4-0 when he defeated Martin Tonks and lining up to meet him in the final was Danny Lauby who won 4-3 against Jenson Walker.

The final went the full nine legs distance with Danny Lauby just edging out Chris Wickenden with a close 5-4 victory.

Full Results (Singles Knockout):

Last 64:- Darren Swords 0 Steve Rowe 3, Martin Partridge 1 Mike McFall 3, Drew Meek 0 Jenson Walker 3, Joe Tarver 0 Noel Grant 3, Noah Rose 1 Gareth Braham 3, Ryan Ward 1 Jack Alexander 3, Mark Carter 3 Johnny Adair 0, Matt Brace 2 Mark Tennant 3, Lee Miller 3 Jack Wareing 2, Ben Gamble 3 Mick Smith 0, Wayne Mynard 3 Kevin Dowling 1, Jnr Joyce 3 Lee Golding 1, Karl Reynolds 3 Anthony Webster 0, Dan Green 1 Martin Tonks 3, Mark Martin 3 Mark Faulkner 2, Jamie Vadasz 0 Keith Deeley 3, Sam Price 2 Kev Painter 3, Dave Barker 3 Matty Washbrooke 1, Leigh Dells 3 Lloyd Jackson 0, Byes:- Adam Hancock, Danny Lauby, Dave Crombie, Ricky Martin, Ryan Jackson, James Randle, Jamie Atkins, Mark Tomlinson jnr, Kevin Smith, Paul Fackrell, Doug Meek, Xander Meek, Chris Wickenden.

Last 32: Adam Hancock 1 Danny Lauby 3, Dave Crombie 3 Ricky Martin 1, Ryan Jackson 3 James Randle 2, Jamie Atkins 3 Steve Rowe 0, Mike McFall 0 Jenson Walker 3, Noel Grant 1 Gareth Braham 3, Jack Alexander 3 Mark Carter 2, Mark Tennant 2 Lee Miller 3, Mark Tomlinson jnr 1 Kevin Smith 3, Paul Fackrell 1 Doug Meek 3, Xander Meek 0 Chris Wickenden 3, Ben Gamble 3 Wayne Mynard 2, Jnr Joyce 3 Karl Reynolds 0, Martin Tonks 3 Mark Martin 1, Keith Deeley 1 Kev Painter 3, Dave Barker 3 Leigh Dells 2,

Last 16: Danny Lauby 3 Dave Crombie 0, Ryan Jackson 0 Jamie Atkins 3, Jenson Walker 3 Gareth Braham 2, Jack Alexander 2 Lee Miller 3, Kevin Smith 3 Doug Meek 0, Chris Wickenden 3 Ben Gamble 0, Jnr Joyce 2 Martin Tonks 3, Kev Painter 3 Dave Barker 1

Quarter-Finals:- Danny Lauby 4 Jamie Atkins 2, Jenson Walker 4 Lee Miller 0, Kevin Smith 0 Chris Wickenden 4, Martin Tonks 4 Kev Painter 3

Semi-Finals:- Danny Lauby 4 Jenson Walker 3, Chris Wickenden 4 Martin Tonks 0

Final: Danny Lauby 5-4 Chris Wickenden


Image: PDC ( Ed Mulholland)

Venue : Hen Lane Club Beacon Lane, Coventry, CV6 4DS

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