Warwickshire Halt Dire Run With Home Win

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Warwickshire County Darts Organisation have finally broken their spell of three consecutive defeats in the UKDA National League Cosmo Darts Premier Division by winning their latest fixture a home tie against Dorset 21-15 to move them up three places in the divisional table to fifth on sixty-nine points, just eleven short of second placed Hampshire.

Saturday saw the ladies ‘B’ romp to a convincing 5-1 victory with wins from Melanie Jones, Chloe McKivett-Saunders, Angela Jones, Nina Bolt and Natalie Gilbert with Natalie Gilbert in superb form beating Cathy Campbell 3-2 with a fantastic 24.27 average to take the lady of the match award.

It was not such good news for the men’s ‘B’ as they slipped to a narrow 7-5 defeat, their winners being Samuel Whittaker, Mark Carter, Adam Hancock, William Naylor and Martin Tonks with Adam Hancock taking the match award for his 4-1 win over Carl Beattie and top average of 29.70.

The ladies ‘A’ team after opening up a 3-1 lead through Courtney Hine, Donna Pinch and Caroline Pike then finished all square at three each. Award winner for the ladies ‘A’ was first on Courtney Hine who won 3-2 against Sally Old with a 19.62 average. The men’s ‘A’ after trailing 2-0 won 8-4 thanks to wins from Jack Wareing, Jamie Atkins, Noel Grant, Steve Hine, Mark McGeeney, Nigel Heydon, Wayne Mynard and Matty Washbrooke with anchor man Washbrooke the man of the match beating Ryan Gowans 4-1 with a superb 31.10 average.

UKDA National League Cosmo Darts Premier Division:

Warwickshire 21 Dorset 15:Warwickshire MA 8-4 Dorset MA:Men’s ‘A’:- Jamie Hughes 0 Tommy Morris 4, Samuel Price 1 Scott Mitchell 4, Jack Wareing 4 Jordan Sharpe 2, Jamie Atkins 4 Dale Masterman 1, Noel Grant 4 Owen Emmett-Bowden 2, Gareth Braham 2 Dan Perry 4, Steve Hine 4 Mark Grimes 2, Mark McGeeney 4 Ricky King 1, Kevin Dowling 3 Kevin Smith 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Robbie Martin 2, Wayne Mynard 4 Rob Channing 0, Matty Washbrooke 4 Ryan Gowans 1.

Warwickshire MB 5-7 Dorset MB: Men’s ‘B’:- Samuel Whittaker 4 Nigel Lamb 2, Mark Martin 3 Steve Earley 4, Mark Carter 4 Matt Goodier 0, Karl Reynolds 2 Richard Wright 4, Lee Miller 1 Richard Perry 4, Adam Hancock 4 Carl Beattie 1, Mark Strong 2 James Green 4, Noah Rose 3 Matt Yarrow 4, Scott Hope 3 Richie Gomm 4, William Naylor 4 Mark Porter 2, Dave Hill 2 Liam Blakeley 4, Martin Tonks 4 Matt Read 1.

Warwickshire WA 3-3 Dorset WA:Women’s ‘A’: Courtney Hine 3 Sally Old 2, Wendy Adams 0 Sam Kirton 3, Donna Pinch 3 Trina Perry 1, Caroline Pike 3 Julie Boggust 2, Kirsty Hinchliffe 2 Macie Woodrow 3, Marian Conway 2 Suzy Trickett 3.

Warwickshire WB 5-1 Dorset WB: Women’s ‘B’:- Melanie Jones 3 Donna Mabbatt 0, Chloe McKivett-Saunders 3 Bev Scarff 1, Angela Jones 3 Lorraine Woodrow 1, Nina Bolt 3 Sarah Chick 0, Natalie Gilbert 3 Cathy Campbell 2, Denise Keyte 2 Peri Yarrow


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