Play The Pro: A Scorer App with Big Difference

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For the first time, you can now put your game to the test against the sports very best with the Play the Pro Darts Scorer, available to download now on the App and Play Stores. The Darts World team have put it to the test.

The upgraded program gives you the chance to play numerous different game modes, including Playing the Pro in a match as well as partnering up with a professional in a double’s mode.

3 Time World Champion Michael van Gerwen, former Lakeside World Champion Mark Webster, former Australian World Cup duo Simon Whitlock and Paul Nicholson, as well as Fallon Sherrock MBE are the five professionals you can put your skills to the test against.

When playing the pro you can set handicaps to assist you in each game, where you can start on 501 with the pro starting on a higher score at the start of each leg. You can also have a head start with the pro starting on 501 or if you’re confident you can both start on 501 like a normal game of darts.

At the end of each match, the Darts Scorer will accumulate you’re 3 dart average as well as your checkout rate, first 9 dart average, scoring average, best leg and legs won against the throw. You can also go through each leg played, seeing you’re average in each leg, the number of darts thrown and the scores you hit. 

The app features experienced referee George Noble as well as the professionals, featuring his signature 180 call. 

You can also play the solo practise mode to find where your game is at, as well as a race to 3001 against one of the five pros the Winmau Darts Scorer features. 

The Winmau Darts Scorer is available to download on Apple and Android now, in a brand-new concept for darts scoring apps which has helped to improve my game and I’m sure many others. It gives you a chance to play a different kind of scoring bot when you’re practising as well as mini games which will help you develop your performance. 

Just before Christmas Darts World’s friend and ‘On The Road’ contributor AJ Urmston-Toft put Play the Pro through it’s paces in an extended review. He even played the professionals, risking his reputation, in a live review and recording:

YouTube player

Other practise games include Eliminator which is a mode where if you finish a leg last you are out, Roadrunner which gives you 30 rounds of darts to try and not be caught by a pro, and Escalator which gives you an opportunity to level up including a handicap above or below 501 in your favour. 


Images: MODUS and Winmau

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