The Razor’s Edge: Elite Evolution of a Familiar Face

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Chances are, if you’ve played darts at an amateur level in pubs and clubs, you’d have run into someone using the ever-popular Red Dragon Razor Edge darts. A simple, inexpensive dart with a high level of grip and a durable design – there’s plenty to love about one of the most popular ranges in the Red Dragon catalogue.

Recently, Red Dragon has taken to updating some classic ranges with updated designs and styles – the Razor Edge’s are no exception, with the introduction of the Razor Edge Extreme, Razor Edge ZX-95, and Razor Edge Elite.

It was the latter, the Razor Edge Elite, that Darts World request my reactions to, and using the original Razor Edge darts in my own personal collection, I’ll look to provide a comprehensive comparison between the two, yet with focus on the newer of the two barrels.

Impressions and Grip Reaction

The Elite’s are described as a fine tuned version of ‘one of Red Dragon’s ultimate classics’. Whereas the originals featured just a razor grip, the Elite’s feature two styles of grip, with a re-cut dual ring grip spacing apart the PVD coated black razor rings. This creates one of the most aggressive feeling grip styles I’ve ever tried – a massive win for me, as I’ve always been a huge fan of an aggressive style of grip.

The combined grip profile, spanning most of the barrel, as well as the central point of balance means these darts will suit most players, providing they can handle the extremely aggressive feel. I found the darts to land at a consistent angle throughout testing, albeit at a slightly lower angle than my own match darts – I’ll put that down to the weight however, as I was testing a dart 2.5g heavier than that of which I regularly throw. Nevertheless, the 180’s did not take long to appear, with my first two coming in very quick succession.  

The darts feature, as I mentioned earlier, a black PVD coating. This has been recut for the central grip, which allows for a truly striking design. The coating reaches all the way down to the pointed taper which, while it looks impressive when new, will be highly susceptible to damage the more the dart is used. 


The Elite’s are available in 22g, 24g and 26g, and all share equal dimensions – a total width of 6.6mm, and a length of 50.8mm. For those that prefer soft tip, the darts are also available in 20g, with, oddly, a thicker barrel – Red Dragon claims the width to be 6.7mm. The length remains the same as their steel tip counterparts. 

Open The Box

The darts come fitted with a 32mm plain black point, as well as a set of Nitrotech polycarbonate short stems, and Hardcore extra thick standard flights. They are 90% tungsten, and come with a 12 month guarantee directly from Red Dragon Darts.

They are priced at £44.90, and so are more expensive than the Razor Edge Original although they are a much more complex dart.


I feel these darts are a great option for those looking to progress from their first set of tungsten darts, with the evolution of a classic barrel clear to see. While a little too short for me to use competitively, the grip has left me with much to think about when designing my custom match darts – the aggressive feel of the Elite’s really is second to none.


Words and testing images: Joe Reid

Graphic Images: Red Dragon

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