Darts World Weekly – The Podcast No.2

Red Dragon Darts

Darts World Weekly – The Podcast has just dropped it’s second episode, covering full the widest spectrum of darts news, and few views, you are likely to come across.

The duo, serious amateur Tour player, AJ Urmston-Toft and sport journalist and Darts World contributor Harry Masterson cover the WDF Dutch Open and ADC matters before moving on the the PDC with a Masters review and Premier League preview!




Editors note: As I am privy to the behind the scenes development of this project, I cannot wait for you to see the next stages and special features as they come online. For example:


Grab the current print Issue 584 here  or a 50th Anniversary Darts World bundle 581 here 

The Darts World 50 limited edition dart set is available to order (Here) in your choice of pack.


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