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The World Seniors Darts Tour launched with its inaugural World Championship in February 2022. Every active World Champion over the qualifying age was invited to play and many, including Phil Taylor, accepted the invitation or took up ambassadorial roles to aid the event.

The over 50s darts organisation then rapidly added several more ‘major’ events many of which mirrored their traditional/regular tour equivalents, such as with their Masters and Matchplay events, being added as well as a Champion of Champions.

Floor events and qualifiers have aslo supplemented the TV tournaments, initially on an ad-hoc basis, to form nascent over 50 darts tour.

With the aging of some players and the development of the tour invitational places were scaled back. Following the third WSDT World Championships in February 2024 it was announced that the ‘money list and other tour events would be main source of qualifiers for televised event going forward.

World Seniors Darts Championship

2024 – John Henderson (Scotland) (def Colin McGarry)

2023 – Robert Thornton (Scotland) (def Richie Howson)

2022 – Robert Thornton (Scotland) (def Martin Adams)

World Senior Darts Masters

2023 – Leonard Gates

2022 – David Cameron

World Senior Darts Matchplay

2023 – Leonard Gates (USA)

2022 – Robert Thornton (Scotland)

WSDT Champion of Champions

2023 – Leonard Gates (USA)


Images: WSDT/ Chris Sargeant

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