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Langley Arrows have stretched their undefeated run in the premier league of the Sheldon and District Winter League to eleven games, their latest fixture seeing them win 6-3 against second in the division Sheldon Marlborough Arrows to extend their lead to four points, Richard Nixon notching a maximum for Langley. Sheldon Marlborough Arrows hang on to the second place and despite the defeat still have a six points advantage over third and fourth placed Raven Arrows and Sheldon Dukes who in turn won 8-1 against Langley Flights and 5-4 over Highwood. Highwood’s Darren Wright hit a maximum and had a nine darts game while Paul Connolly (The Banbury Club) also scored a 180 in his team’s 6-3 home win over The Dingle.

Game number three saw no change in league positions for either division one or division two. Brian’s Flights opened up a two points lead at the top of division one beating second placed Trident Spears 5-4. Third in the division Willclare Sports and Social are on the same eighteen points as Trident after they went down massively by 8-1 away to fifth in the division Smithswood Social despite their Matty Holt recording a maximum score.

Sheldon Marlborough Ridge kept their two points lead intact at the top of division two with a convincing 8-1 home win over bottom of the division The College Arms Flights while second placed Hornet had a closer 5-4 home win over Sheldon Marlborough Flights.

Full Results:Week 12:Premier League:- Highwood 4 (Darren Wright 180,9 darts game) Sheldon Dukes 5 (Alex Edwards 9 darts game), Langley Arrows 6 (Richard Nixon 180) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 3, The Banbury Club 6 (Paul Connolly 180) The Dingle 3 (John Smyth 115f), Raven Arrows 8 Langley Flights 1, Yardley Ex Colts had a bye, Division One:- Maggies 5 Hollywood Social Club 4, Shirley Misfits 2 Kingshurst Labour Club 7, Trident Spears 4 (Tom Cupkovic 108f) Brian’s Flights 5, Smithswood Social Club 8 Willclare Sports and Social 1 (Matty Holt 180), Division Two:- Castle Bromwich WMC 4 The Raven 5, The Hornet 5 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 4, Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 8 The College Arms Flights 1, Lyndon Old Boys v Moseley Rugby Club was postponed. 

Game number three in the Four Oaks and District League bought together two of the teams in in the top four places in division one with leaders Highcroft Hotdogs travelling to take on fourth in the division Beehive. The outcome was a close 5-4 win for Beehive to see them move up one place to third in the table and join their opponents on the same four points after they dropped one place to second.

Second in the division Bishop Vesey were also involved in a close 5-4 result which went in their favour as they beat their hosts Old Horns Lions to become the only team in the division with a 100% win record and see them replace Highcroft Hotdogs in pole position with a two points lead over them and third placed Beehive.

In division two Red Lion held on to the number one spot with a 7-2 home win over Plough and Arrows and being as they are the only team not to have lost in the division have a two points advantage over Drakes Drum, Heartlands and Walmley CSC Flights. Drakes Drum won 6-3 at Erdington Arrows and Heartlands won their home tie with The Rise Club 5-4 while Walmley CSC Flights had a 6-3 home win over Charley’s Flights.

As in the top two divisions only one team has a 100% win record in division three and that is Pint Pot Flights whose latest fixture saw them chalk up a 7-2 win away to Rosey Mac’s. Once again there are three team’s just two points short of the leaders and they are Sutton Sharks, Deer’s Leap and St Thomas Arrows. Sutton Sharks were former leaders but their 6-3 defeat at St Thomas Arrows saw them forfeit the top spot to Pint Pot Flights. Deer’s Leap won their home game with St Tom Cats 7-2.

Finding the three treble twenties this week was Rich Smith (Walmley CSC Flights) while Charley’s Flights player William Cadby recorded a tremendous 167 game shot.

Full Results: Game 3: Division One:- Old Oscott Arrows 5 (D.Page 100, P.Locke 100, M.Page 100, M.Maher 140,120) The Nomads 4 (John Green 100,112b, Sam Robinson 2×100,120, J.Statham 100, Kevin Smith 112b, Tony Colley 135), The Beehive 5 (Zac Prince 100, Dave Mortiboys 152b, Neil Clarke 140, Keith Deeley 132,100, Martin Partridge 112f,100) Highcroft Hotdogs 4 (Leigh Dells 100,140, Kevin Shorthuse 2×100, Jack Alexander 135,134), Old Horns Lions 4 (Aide Stainfield 100,105, Paul Seadon 105, Fred Naylor 114b,122,140, Barrie Linnecor 122, Andy Kimberley 137, Dave Pickering 125,135,100) Bishop Vesey 5 (A.Jones 100, N.Sammons 120b,107, S.Abbott 100b,140, M.Wild 2×100, N.Smallwood 100b,100), Division Two:- Red Lion 7 (D.Vickers 109, L.Vickers 100, R.Lowe 116,109) Plough and Arrows 2 (Roxy Bennett 101, Nigel Robbins 123,120b,100,9 darts game, Steven Johnson 121), Walmley CSC Flights 6 (Adam Cooksey 100,130, Jake Liggins 101,140,100, Ian Taylor 100, Rich Smith 180, Brian Hughes 140,100) Charley’s Flights 3 (William Cadby 167f, Ray Franks 127f, John Burdett 100, Kevin Hewings 2×100), Heartlands 5 (Gerry McCormack 100, Steven Cain 105b,134,100) The Rise Club 4 (Lee Gumbley 100,117,133, Ollie Day 2×100, Luke Parry 100), Erdington Arrows 3 (Adam Linehan 131,105,100, Mark Phillips 100, Harry Sadler 120, Martin Edwards 100) Drakes Drum 6 (Alan Lilley 100b,120b, James Clarke 100), Division Three:- Deer’s Leap 7 (Darren Stenson 125,100, Adam Dunn 100) St Tom Cats 2 (J.P.Roddy 100, K.Coleman 100, M.Sheppard 121), Sutton Sports 2 (Richard Woodroffe 120b, Dave Gibbs 116, Monica Clarke 128) Rosey Mac’s Bar 7 (Brendan Nolan 109), Rosey Mac’s 2 (Mike Wilkins 140, John Cox 137) Pint Pot Flights 7 (Pete Smith 125,140, Julian Fountain 100, Michael Bagnall 100, Neil Napier 138b, Martin Phillips 100), St Thomas Arrows 6 (Paul Andrews 100, Rob Nelson 100,133, Martin Andrews 100, Mick Avery 100, Garry Stait 103b,100) Sutton Sharks 3 (Jach Harris-Murdock 107,2×100, Chris Gardener 120b, Jack Boden 108f,102, Jon Boden 100b).

The South West Birmingham Clubs League staged their singles knockout which attracted an encouraging sixty-four players and saw Jim Cutler (Northfield Town) beat John Fox (Quarry Club) in the first of the semi-finals. Joining Cutler in the final was Tom Garfield (Longbridge United) who took out Dave Collins (Bournbrook) in his last four encounter. The winner’s silverware eventually went to Jim Cutler with Tom Garfield runner-up.  

Full Results: Singles Knockout: Semi-Finals:- Jim  Cutler (Northfield Town) beat John Fox (Quarry Club), Tom Garfield (Longbridge United) beat Dave Collins (Bournbrook), Final:- Jim Cutler beat Tom Garfield.

After the season’s opening five games in the Kings Norton League, Northfield Town remain undefeated, their latest fixture seeing them beat Rubery Social Club 5-2 to open up a two points lead at the top of the table as second placed Copper Fox lost their home tie with middle of the table Bournebrook 4-3. Rubery Social Club dropped from second to sixth leaving them four points off the top. Third and fourth placed Thurlestone and Cock Inn are both on the same eight points as Copper Fox, trailing on average after Thurlestone won 5-2 at bottom of the table Perfection and Cock Inn won by the same 5-2 margin against The Dingle. Kings Norton Flights moved off the foot of the table as they chalked up their first win in five, a 4-3 home win over Longbridge.

Highlights of the week were supplied by Rubery Social Club man R.Higgins who hit a maximum and Copper Fox player K.Bedder who had a 160 break.

Full Results: Game 5:- Kings Norton Flights 4 (R.Fisher 140, A.Fenton 139, R.Foxhall 112b) Longbridge 3 (R.Broadhurst 140, C.Evans 140, O.Evans 120), Coppice 6 (A.Aindow 138, B.Heath 125, A.Chidley 2×100, J.Garghan 100, S.Jacques 127) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (D.Whitecombe 135, D.Corbett 100, S.Brown 109, C.Davenport 100, J.Howell 2×100), Copper Fox 3 (E.Simpson 2×100, A.Harvey 135, N.Porter 100, J.Hykin 104f,112b,140, K.Bedder 160b, A.Beagre 100) Bournebrook 4 (T.Cullen 114, K.Mason 100,140, C.Ryan 101b,120b, M.Bathurst 111), Rubery Social Club 2 (M.Cormell 121, J.Higgins 125,140,11 darts game, R.Higgins 136,117b, J.O’Neill 100, A.Faulkner 100b, J.Grainger 100, R.Higgins 180) Northfield 5 (M.Lloyd 120b, A.Busby 100,140, S.Busby 100,100b, M.Hopkins 100b, N.Steventon 100b, P.Draper 100), Cock Inn 5 (L.Fox 100,121, S.Cartwright 100, A.Vaughan 140) Dingle 2 (A.Poolton 100, M.Poolton 100), Perfection 2 (V.Walton 140, Donna Campbell 101f, M.Davies 100b,140, Mark Davies 121) Thurlestone 5 (T.Garfield 140, S.Deeley 100, N.Harris 2×100,101b, J.Downer 100, N.Watts 136, B.Andrews 116), Bourneville 2 (M.Collins 120,140, P.Smith 100,13 darts game, M.Ferriday 100, D.Murray 140, P.Garvey 113, J.Garvey 100, G.Bailles 104f,125) Stirchley 5 (M.Welsh 120b, T.Moore 140, L.Little 108,125,11 darts game, M.Heath 116b).

The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League played off the final of their League Cup which saw league champions Old Liberal Club ‘A’ make it a superb double when they won 6-1 against Stourbridge FC.

Full Results: League Cup: Final:- Stourbridge FC 1 Old Liberal Club ‘A’ 6.

There are currently three teams on twenty points at the top of the Netherton Thursday Night League but all three have played a different amount of games. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ are in pole position, they have the superior average after their latest 5-4 win at fourth in the league Townsend Social Club, this being the Ex Serviceman’s Club’s tenth win in ten games. Second placed Old Liberal Club won 8-1 away to Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ and have now played eleven games whereas third placed Bulls Head, who had the biggest win of the night, a 9-0 victory over Old Glasshouse have now played twelve games.     

On the individual scene there were maximums for three of Old Liberal Club’s team N.Fullwell, S.Gough and N.Cooper while G.Male (Plough and Harrow hit two maximums and there was one each for Townsend Social Club’s W.Cairns and Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club’s G.Peters.

Full Results: Game 13:- Spring Meadow Social 3 Hill and Cakemore Ex Serviceman’s Club 6, Olde Queens Head 1 Spring Meadow Pub 8, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 1 Old Liberal Club 8 (N.Fullwell 180, S.Gough 180, N.Cooper 180), Plough and Harrow 8 (G.Male 2×180,13 darts game, L.Banner 14 darts game) Netherton Sports and Social 1, Townsend Social Club 4 (W.Cairns 180) Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 5 (G.Peters 180), Bulls Head 9 Old Glasshouse 0.

It’s become a very close start to the new season in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League with Tamebridge and Vine ‘A’ sharing the number one spot level on points and average after the opening three games. Tamebridge had a 5-2 win playing away against this season’s newcomers King Arthur to see them share the top place for the very first time since they joined the league while Vine ‘A’ had a 4-3 home win over Horseley Tavern ‘A’ to put them level with Tamebridge. There was a first win for newly-formed team Horseley Tavern ‘B’ this week as they won 4-3 at home against Albion with Horseley’s teenager Craig Butler recording an eight darts game. Another teenager to join the league Jack Gibbs (Albion) went one better with a seven darts game, nice to see the youngsters prospering in the league and actually the fact that the league is attracting young players.

Full Results: Game 3:- Vine ‘A’ 4 Horsley Tavern ‘A’ 3, King Arthur 2 Tamebridge 5, Allen’s Bar 5 Waggon and Horses 2, Three Horseshoes 5 Sow and Pigs 2, Ivy Bush 4 Cottage Spring 3, Horsley Tavern ‘B’ 4 Albion 3, Horse and Jockey 5 Vine ‘B’ 2.

No change in the top three places in the Rowley Monday Night League as leaders Romsley Cricket Club added a 7-2 home win over Loyal Lodge to their tally to keep them top of the table on average from second placed Gate Hangs Well, who like Romsley made it four straight wins when they beat Wonder 5-4. Third and fourth placed Hawthorns and Plough and Harrow are both on the same average as Gate Hangs Well but two points short of the top two teams after Hawthorns won 7-2 at home against Huntingtree and Plough and Harrow handed their visitors Hill and Cakemore Ex Serviceman’s Club a 9-0 whitewash.

Bell, Whiteheath Tavern and Rowley Bar and Grill are all on the same six points as Hawthorns and Plough and Harrow. Reigning champions Bell having a close 5-4 win at Rowley Labour Club, Whiteheath Tavern won by the same scoreline at White Swan and Rowley Bar and Grill had a 6-3 win at Spring Meadow.

There were two 160 breaks in the league this week supplied by S.Clewer (Loyal Lodge) and A.Lynch (Bell).  

Full Results: Game 4:- Romsley Cricket Club 7 Loyal Lodge 2 S.Clewer 160b, R.Popescu 164), Spring Meadow 3 Rowley Bar and Grill 6, Gate Hangs Well 5 Wonder 4, Rowley Labour Club 4 Bell 5 (A.Lynch 160b,9 darts game, T.Brennan 9 darts game), Plough and Harrow 9 (T.Barr 10 darts game) Hill and Cakemore Ex Servicemen’s Club 0, Tividale FC 6 Snooks 3, White Swan 4 Whiteheath Tavern 5, Hawthorns 7 Huntingtree 2, Windmills End had a bye.

Old Liberal Club are now the only undefeated team in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League after they added a 6-1 win at Glasscutters to their account making it ten straight wins, and second placed Bird in Hand lost their home game with third placed Princess 4-3. Although two points behind Princess Five Ways, Netherton Conservative Club ‘B’ and Gate Hangs Well ‘B’ all have a game in hand on the third placed team and mathematically could overtake them.

Full Results: Game 10:- Crestwood 4 Mount Pleasant 3, Glasscutters ‘A’ 1 Old Liberal Club 6, Fox Inn (Lye) 2 Raven ‘A’ 5, Rose and Crown ‘A’ 5 Gate Hangs Well ‘A’ 2, Bird in Hand 3 The Princess 4, Five Ways 5 (A.Nicholls 9 darts game) Netherton Conservative Club ‘B’ 2, Raven ‘B’ 4 Glasscutters ‘B’ 3, Gate Hangs Well ‘B’ 5 Seven Stars 2, Queens Head 4 Rose and Crown ‘B’ 3, Netherton Conservative Club ‘A’ had a bye.

Week two in the Silver End Sunday Morning League and only two legs of average separate the top five teams. Old Star top the table, their 6-2 win at Dudley Sports ‘B’ giving them a slender one leg of average lead over Church Tavern, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club and Dudley Sports ‘A’, Church Tavern were 6-2 winners at Brier Rose, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club won by the same 6-2 margin at Raven and Dudley Sports ‘A’ were 5-3 winners at Old Liberal Club. Fifth placed Tenth Lock are a further one leg of average adrift after they won 6-2 at Old Cat Inn.

Full Results: Week 2:- High Acres ‘B’ 5 Pensnett Liberal Club 3, Mount Pleasanr 5 Brickmakers Arms 3, Raven 2 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 2 Old Star 6, Brier Rose 2 Church Tavern 6, Old Liberal Club 3 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5, Old Cat Inn 2 Tenth Lock 6, Rose and Crown 3 High Acres ‘C’ 5, Three Crowns ‘A’ 6 High Acres ‘A’ 2, Three Crowns ‘B’ had a bye.

Bulls Head (Netherton) and Old Liberal Club ‘B’ opened their accounts in the new season of the Cradley Tuesday Night League with perfect 7-0 wins, Bulls Head winning at home against Tenth Lock and Old Liberal Club ‘B’ accounting for their hosts Brickmakers Arms. Plough and Quarry Banks Social Club ‘A’ are respectively placed third and fourth in the league, the former with maximums from Mark Archer and Lee Beasley winning 6-1 at Quarry Bank Social Club ‘B’ while the latter had a 5-2 win at Liberal Club (Brierley Hill).   

Full Results: Game 1:- Bulls Head 7 Tenth Lock 0, Brickmakers Arms 0 Old Liberal Club ‘B’ 7 (Ben Watts 180, Zan Hull 180), Liberal Club (Brierley Hill) 2 Quarry Bank Social Club ‘A’ 5, Quarry Bank Social Club ‘B’ 1 Plough 6 (Mark Archer 180, Lee Beasley 180), Old Liberal Club ‘A’ had a bye.

Week twelve in the Amblecote Premier League produced no change in the league’s top seven places with leader Nick Fullwell adding a 5-2 win over Rob Pierce followed by a 7-0 success against Sam Page to give him a total of 122 points from 23 games. Fullwell’s nearest rival is Dan Nicholls who on the night opened up with a 7-0 win over Wozza Pritchard but then lost 5-2 to Andy Vellender to give him 119 points from 21 games. Third in the table Reece Colley is a further three points behind Nicholls after he began with a 7-0 win against Tony Bennett and continued as he started with another 7-0 win, this time over Jake Shipley and rounded off the evening with a 6-1 success against Jon Underhill.

Full Results: Week 12:- Shane Sheridan 4 Martyn Harper 3, Nick Wyer 4 Ryan Green 3, Jamie Barrowman 5 Aaron Colley 2, Matt Davies 4 Craig Lowin 3, Dave Simpson 6 Jayden Harper 1, Mitch Pickett 5 Martyn Harper 2, Carl Hipkiss 7 Jack Pritchard 0, Chris Williams 5 Jon Underhill 2, Jake Robinson 7 Stephen Cartwright 0, Shane Sheridan 4 John Green 3, Aaron Colley 6 Joe Poole 1, Dan Nicholls 7 Wozza Pritchard 0, Neil Murphy 5 Jake Shipley 2, Reece Colley 7 Tony Bennett 0, Jamie Barrowman 7 Ryan Green 0, Nick Fullwell 5 Rob Pierce 2, Ian Townsend 4 Martyn Harper 3, Steve Gillam 4 Andy Vellender 3, Ryan Green 7 Jayden Harper 0, Dave Simpson 5 Joe Poole 2, Shane Sheridan 6 Josh Wheeler 1, Aaron Colley 6 Jon Underhill 1, Rob Pierce 6 Sam Page 1, Steve Gillam 5 Craig Lowin 2, Jamie Barrowman 7 Howard Pritchard 0, Nick Wyer 4 Chris Williams 3, Neil Murphy 7 Matt Davies 0, Howard Pritchard 4 Josh Wheeler 3, Andy Vellender 5 Dan Nicholls 2, John Green 6 Jack Pritchard 1, Mitch Pickett 6 Tony Bennett 1, Nick Fullwell 7 Sam Page 0, Jake Robinson 5 Nick Wyer 2, Carl Hipkiss 6 Wozza Pritchard 1, Ian Townsend 5 Stephen Cartwright 2, Reece Colley 7 Jake Shipley 0, Reece Colley 6 Jon Underhill 1.

A 5-0 home win over Old Bulls Head has taken leaders Pensnett Liberal Club’s total points in the Black Country Men’ Super League to 110 from 31 games, they have a lead of four over second placed Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ whose similar 5-0 win against Townsend Social leaves them with a game in hand on the leaders and two points to the good on third placed Townsend Social ‘A’ who have played two games more than them after their 3-2 home win over Ashwood.

Full Results: Game 36:- White Swan 5 Horse and Jockey 0, Pensnett Liberal Club 5 Old Bulls Head 0, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 5 Townsend Social 0, The Vine, Blackheath 3 Halesowen Cricket Club 2, Townsend ‘A’ 3 The Ashwood 2, Allen’s Bar ‘A’ 5 Soccer Zone 0.

The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League played off their 4-a-side knockout finals. Making their exits in the last four play-off were Reece Cook-Lucas, Paul Lucas, Richard Brown, Ryan O’Connor (Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’) and Michele Pritchard, Jamie Webb, Ben Wright, J.J.Rowley (Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’). The final went to a single 1001 sudden-death play-off which saw Dean Simmons-Fullwood, Ian Stanton, Paul Price, John Simms (ECC’A’) just get the verdict over runners-up Callum Parkes, Len Slade, Adam Slade, Richard Newey (Railway), Winners:- Dean Simmons-Fullwood, Ian Stanton, Paul Price, John Simms (ECC’A’).

Full Results: 4 A-Side Knockout: Losing Semi-Finalists:- Reece Cook-Lucas, Paul Lucas, Richard Brown, Ryan O’Connor (Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’), Michele Pritchard, Jamie Webb, Ben Wright, J.J.Rowley (Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’), Runners-Up:-  Callum Parkes, Len Slade, Adam Slade, Richard Newey (Railway), Winners:- Dean Simmons-Fullwood, Ian Stanton, Paul Price, John Simms (ECC’A’).

With Wayne Jones not playing in the latest round of fixtures in division one of the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League Ian Stanton took the opportunity to replace him at the top of the division with a 6-2 win over John Simms to put him on 76 points from ten games with Jones now second, four points behind with two games in hand.

A 5-3 defeat by Reece Cook Lucas has cost Alan Melling the number one spot in division two as he drops down to third place with Kurt Wright replacing him at the top of the table with 56 points after he beat Reece Cook Lucas 6-2. Allan Davies is second, he was held to a 4-4 draw by Kevin Bate but it was enough to give him a one point lead over Melling, both Davies and Melling have played one game more than Wright.

A 5-3 win over Lauren Kempson followed by a 4-4 draw with Alex Bryant has seen Michele Pritchard take over pole position in division three, Michele has 72 points from ten games and a slender lead of one over former leader and now second placed Dave Thackeray who has two games in hand on Michele.

Full Results: Week 9:- Andrew Jervis 6 Jon Blakemore 2, Chris Evans 4 Ben Johnson 4, Ian Stanton 6 John Simms 2, Dean Simmons-Fullwood 7 Andy Mullinder 1, Clark Cook 4 Tony Singh 4, Paul Price 6 Jason Hough 2, Simon Pritchard 1 Scott Baker 7, Andy Mullinder 3 Darren Williams 5, Jon Blakemore 5 Dean Simmons-Fullwood 3, Ben Johnson 6 Andrew Jervis 2, Reece Cook Lucas 5 Alan Melling 3, Martin Angell 2 Artur Lubkowski 6, Keith Hollowood 3 Michael Franks 5, Neville Quinton 4 Kurt Wright 4, Allan Davies 4 Kevin Bate 4, Kevin Bate 6 Robert Harris 2, Kurt Wright 6 Reece Cook Lucas 2, Eddie Gripton 2 Warren Bower 6, Jacqui Simmons 1 Sandra Beardsmore 7, Robert Bradley 3 Thomas Hollowood 5, Adam Sullivan 1 Dave Akers 7, Dave Thackeray 8 Claire Hobbs 0, John Seedhouse 2 Andy Poole 6, Gareth Walsh 5 Sarah Barrett 3, Lauren Kempson 3 Michele Pritchard 5, Michele Pritchard 4 Alex Bryant 4.


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