Richard Nixon Shines For Langley

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A score of 180 and a ten darts game for Richard Nixon helped his team Langley Arrows to a 9-0 win at The Dingle to keep them top of the premier league in the Sheldon and District Winter League, taking their undefeated run to twelve games and giving them a lead of six points over second placed Sheldon Marlborough Arrows whose fixture with Highwood was a late result. Bottom of the division Langley Flights are still seeking their first win after eleven games their latest seeing them go down 8-1 to Banbury Club whose Paul Connolly was another player to hit a maximum.

In division one Darren Whitehouse also found the three treble twenties in a 7-2 home win for divisional leaders Brian’s Flights who accounted for next to bottom of the table Shirley Misfits. Danny Chiswell had a score of 180 and a 142 checkout as his team Bell Inn lost 5-4 at home to Hollywood Social. Second placed Willclare Sports and Social beat third placed Trident Spears 6-3 and remain two points short of Brian’s Flights but have played one game more than them.

Division two leaders Sheldon Marlborough Ridge had a bye this week but despite that hold on to pole position on average from second in the table Hornet who have now played one game more than the leaders after they won 8-1 at The College Arms Flights who are bottom of the division without a win in nine games.

Full Results: Week 13: Premier League:- The Dingle 0 (Sam Hicks 103f) Langley Arrows 9 (Richard Nixon 180,10 darts game), Yardley Ex Colts 2 Raven Arrows 7, Langley Flights 1 The Banbury Club 8 (Paul Connolly 180), Sheldon Marlborough Arrows v Highwood was a late result, Division One:- Brian’s Flights 7 (Darren Whitehouse 180) Shirley Misfits 2, Kingshurst Labour Club 5 Maggies 4, The Bell Inn 4 (Danny Chiswell 180,142f) Hollywood Social Club 5, Willclare Sports and Social 6 Trident Spears 3, Iron Horse Rebels v Smithswood Social Club was a late result, Division Two:- Sheldon Marlborough Flights 6 Castle Bromwich WMC 3, The Raven 5 Lyndon Old Boys 4, The College Arms Flights 1 (Darren Whitehouse 11 darts game) The Hornet 8, Moseley Rugby Club and Sheldon Marlborough Ridge had a bye.

The Four Oaks and District League staged the preliminary round of their Brian Goodman Cup which brought together the top two teams in division one, leaders Bishop Vesey travelling to take on second placed Highcroft Hotdogs. The result was a close 5-4 win for the Hotdogs whose Leigh Dells had a 160 break.

Biggest win of the round went to division two’s Walmley CSC Flights who handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their division three hosts St Tom Cats. Not far behind Walmley were The Beehive (division one) who won 8-1 at home against Plough and Arrows (division two). Andy Kimberley was in top form for division one side Old Horns Lions as he hit a maximum, had a 160 break and recorded an eight darts game in his team’s close 5-4 win at home against division two leaders Red Lion whose J.Collins also notched a maximum.

Drakes Drum, with a 180 from James Clarke, Old Oscott Arrows and the Rise Club in turn had 7-2 wins against Rosey Mac’s, Sutton Sharks and Sutton Sports. There was a 180 for Luke Sinclair (Deer’s Leap) as his team went down 6-3 at Beggars Bush, Heartlands and Erdington Arrows winning by the same 6-3 margin against Charley’s Flights and Rosey Mac’s Bar while Pint Pot Flights moved into the next round following their 5-4 win at The Nomads.   

Full Results: Brian Goodman Cup: Preliminary Round:- Beggars Bush 6 (Des Shannon 100, Peter Graham 121, Gary Bushell 100,134, Ryan Comiskey 2×100) Deer’s Leap 3 (Darren Stensoon 100, Darren Andrews 100, Daniel Hopkins 100, Luke Sinclair 100,180), Charley’s Flights 3 (Kevin Hewings 118f, James Morahan 100, Paul Nicholls 100, Martin Mills 140, William Cadby 116, Clive Austin 100, Dean Bond 120b,137) Heartlands 6 (Susan John 123, Alex Downes 112b,103f, Ryan Cain 2x100b, Steven Cain 120,100, Gerry McCormack 100,140, Matthew Cain 109b), Drakes Drum 7 (James Clarke 180, Rick Hasluck 140, Alan Lilley 105,100, Neil Goldie 125, Marc Pearce 100) Rosey Mac’s 2 (Matthew Clarke 140,101, Des Sargent 102, Stephen Wright 120b), Erdington Arrows 6 (Mark Phillips 100, Adam Linehan 140) Rosey Mac’s Bar 3 (Jordan Nolan 100, George Averill 2×100,120), Highcroft Hotdogs 5 (Simon Shorthouse 140, Leigh Dells 160b, Sid Pritchett 140, Jordan Alexander 100, Kevin Shorthouse 140) Bishop Vesey 4 (T.Rubery 122, N.Sammons 100, M.Wild 140, S.Abbott 138, N.Smallwood 100,100b, C.Sammons 100b,140), Old Horns Lions 5 (Andy Kimberley 180,160b,100,8 darts game, Tony O’Kereke 100, Barry Stephens 114b, Pat Byrne 2×100, Barrie Linnecor 109b,112b) Red Lion 4 (R.Lowe 100, L.Vickers 100, J.Collins 180,139b, D.Vickers 100), St Tom Cats 0 (R.Snelson 100, B.Bradbury 100) Walmley CSC Flights 9 (Kris Green 100,116, Ben Liggins 100, Adam Cooksey 100, Brian Hughes 100,112b,101, Ian Taylor 100, Rich Smith 100,108, Jamie Meredith 107b), Sutton Sharks 2 (Michael Taylor 100, Jon Boden 105b,2×100, James McKeever 100, Jach Harris-Murdock 100) Old Oscott Arrows 7 (P.Locke 125, M.Page 108b, L.Jones 100, M.Maher 146b, D.Page 100,135, A.Lea 122), Sutton Sports 2 (Richard Woodroffe 101b,120b) The Rise Club 7 (Caleb Day 100,140,120f, Mark Felkin 100), The Beehive 8 (Keith Deeley 125, Ben Lobbett 108b, Zac Prince 109f, Neil Clarke 100,100b, Jason Prince 112b, Roy Parry 124, Martin partridge 100, Dean Grainger 120b,100) Plough and Arrows 1 (Stuart Gow 100, Danny Hughes 100, Ricky Niner 138, Nigel Robbins 120b,115,100, Steven Johnson 123), The Nomads 4 (Tony Colley 171, J.Statham 100,140, Kevin Smith 110f, Sam Robinson 100) Pint Pot Flights 5 (Andy Clarke 100,134,105, Ervin Stambollin 137, Martin Phillips 100, Louie Lemathy 125, Michael Bagnall 3×100).


The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League played off the finals of their 3 A-Side Knockout and making their way into the final were J.Batham, K.Bambrick, I.Jones and A.Nicholls, A.Dimmock, S.Gough whpo in turn had 4-1 wins in the semi-finals against  N.Cooper, S.Tipper, C.Hart and M.Tibbetts, C.Newton, D.Oakes. The final was a somewhat one-sided affair with J.Batham, K.Bambrick and I.Jones running out the 5-0 winners against A.Nicholls, A.Dimmock and S.Gough.

Making their exits in the quarter-finals were J.Gennard, L.Bird and L.Willetts, R.Rubery, K.Safe and L.Marson, J.Poole, M.Cullis and D.Hand and C.Smith, D.Fox and L.Zirra.

Full Results: 3 A-Side Knockout: Quarter-Finals:- J.Gennard, L.Bird, L.Willetts 0 L.Batham, K.Bambrick, I.Jones 3, A.Nicholls, A.Dimmock, S.Gough 3 R.Rubery, K.Safe, L.Marson 0, J.Poole, M.Cullis, D.Hand 1 N.Cooper, S.Tipper, C.Hart 3, C.Smith, D.Fox, L.Zirra 2 M.Tibbetts, C.Newton, D.Oakes 3, Semi-Finals:- N.Cooper, S.Tipper, C.Hart 1 J.Batham, K.Bambrick, I.Jones 4, M.Tibbetts, C.Newton, D.Oakes 1 A.Nicholls, A.Dimmock, S.Gough 4, Final:- A.Nicholls, A.Dimmock, S.Gough 0 J.Batham, K.Bambrick, I.Jones 5.


The Netherton Thursday Night League were also involved in their 3 A-Side Knockout, playing the competition down to the last eight sides and winning through to the quarter-finals were P.Hadley, W.Cairns, R.Mohammed (Townsend Social Club), D.Edwards, C.Moreton, S.Gough (Old Liberal Club), L.Banner, M.Redding, J.Southall (Plough and Harrow), R.Hodgetts, M.Abbott, G.Hodgetts (Plough and Harrow), P.O’Brien, B.Ratcliffe, K.Wright (Bulls Head), S.Tipper, M.Bowen, S.Priest (Bulls Head), J.Batham, N.Fullwell, G.Moreton (Old Liberal Club), P.Tonk, B.Carr, K.Cooksey, R.Nicholson (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’).

The league would like to remind team captains to bring their signing list to the next meeting (7th March) or send Carl a message with their signed players please as no players can be signed after this point.

Full Results: 3 A-Side Knockout: P.Hadley, W.Cairns, R.Mohammed (Townsend Social Club), D.Edwards, C.Moreton, S.Gough (Old Liberal Club), L.Banner, M.Redding, J.Southall (Plough and Harrow), R.Hodgetts, M.Abbott, G.Hodgetts (Plough and Harrow), P.O’Brien, B.Ratcliffe, K.Wright (Bulls Head), S.Tipper, M.Bowen, S.Priest (Bulls Head), J.Batham, N.Fullwell, G.Moreton (Old Liberal Club), P.Tonk, B.Carr, K.Cooksey, R.Nicholson (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’).


The Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League are up to week four of their new season and leading the field of fourteen teams is unbeaten Vine ‘A’ who in their latest fixture beat former leaders Tamebridge 4-3 to replace them at the top of the table and see their opponents drop five places to sixth but on the same six points as four teams above them Cottage Spring, Allen’s Bar, Horse and Jockey and Ivy Bush. Cottage Spring won 4-3 against Three Horseshoes, Allen’s Bar had a 7-0 win at Sow and Pigs, Horse and Jockey were 4-3 winners at Horseley Tavern ‘A’ and Ivy Bush won 6-1 at Albion.

Full Results: Game 4:- Tamebridge 3 Vine ‘A’ 4, Waggon and Horses 6 King Arthur 1, Sow and Pigs 0 Allen’s Bar 7, Cottage Spring 4 Three Horseshoes 3, Albion 1 Ivy Bush 6, Vine ‘B’ 5 Horsley Tavern ‘B’ 2, Horseley Tavern ‘A’ 3 Horse and Jockey 4.

Alan Towe writes with the support of Red Dragon Darts

After the opening three fixtures in the Silver End Sunday Morning League three teams remain unbeaten at the top of the table, all of them on nine points and two of them, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club and Dudley Sports ‘A’ sharing pole position with the same points and average. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club had a 7-1 home win over Dudley Sports ‘B’ while Dudley Sports ‘A’ won by the same margin at home against Old Cat Inn. Third in the table Tenth Lock are just two legs of average short of the leading duo after adding their latest 6-2 home win over Rose and Crown. Fourth in the league Church Tavern were held to a 4-4 draw at home by Old Liberal Club, and with seven pints are two behind the top three teams.

Full Results:Game 3:- High Acres ‘C’ 4 Three Crowns ‘A’ 4, Tenth Lock 6 Rose and Crown 2, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 7 Old Cat Inn 1, Church Tavern 4 Old Liberal Club 4, Old Star 3 Brier Rose 5, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 1, Brickmakers Arms 6 Raven 2, Pensnett Liberal Club 2 Mount Pleasant 6, Three Crowns ‘B’ 6 High Acres ‘B’ 2, High Acres ‘A’ had a bye.


Romsley Cricket Club have been ousted from their number one spot in the Rowley Monday Night League after, for the first time in five games they lost. Playing away against Whiteheath Tavern, who were eighth in the league prior to the game, Romsley lost 5-4 and drop to second place on eight points, Whiteheath Tavern now moving up to fourth place on the same eight points. Leaders Gate Hangs Well took their winning run to five games with a 7-2 home win over Hawthorns and have a two points lead on Romsley Cricket Club, Bell, Whiteheath Tavern and Rowley Bar and Grill. Reigning champions Bell, with a maximum from their R.O’Connor won 8-1 in a home tie with Plough and Harrow while Rowley Bar and Grill won their home game against Huntingtree -7-2.   

Full Results: Game 5: Rowley Bar and Grill 7 Huntingtree 2, Loyal Lodge 5 Spring Meadow 4, Whiteheath Tavern 5 Romsley Cricket Club 4, Snooks 3 White Swan 6, Hill and Cakemore Ex Servicemen’s Club 4 Tividale FC 5, Bell 8 (R.O’Connor 180, T.Brennan and S.Price 15 darts game) Plough and Harrow 1, Wonder 5 Rowley Labour Club 4, Gate Hangs Well 7 Hawthorns 2.


Played eleven, won eleven that’s the record for Old Liberal Club in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League after adding their latest success, a 7-0 home win over Fox Inn (Lye) to their account. Second placed Bird in Hand kept within two points of the leaders with a similar 7-0 win away to Queens Head which in turn gives them a two points advantage over third placed Princess who won their away game at Gate Hangs Well ‘A’ 6-1. Rose and Crown ‘B’ suffered a 7-0 home defeat at the hands of Gate Hangs Well ‘B’ to remain the only team in the league without a win in their opening ten games.

Full Results:Game 11: Mount Pleasant 1 Netherton Conservative Club ‘A’ 6, Old Liberal Club 7 Fox Inn (Lye) 0, Raven ‘A’ 4 Rose and Crown ‘A’ 3, Gate Hangs Well ‘A’ 1 The Princess 6, Netherton Conservative Club ‘B’ 3 Crestwood 4, Glasscutters ‘B’ 0 Five Ways 7, Seven Stars 5 Raven ‘B’ 2, Rose and Crown ‘B’ 0 Gate Hangs Well ‘B’ 7, Queens Head 0 Bird in Hand 7, Glasscutters ‘A’ had a bye.


Just one leg of average separates the top three teams in the Cradley Tuesday Night League after the opening two fixtures. Plough lead the way, their 6-1 home win over Liberal Club (Blackheath) giving them a slender one leg of average lead on both Old Liberal Club ‘B’ and Quarry Bank Social Club ‘A’ who in turn won against Bulls Head (4-3) and Brickmakers Arms (6-1).

There were maximums for Ben Watts (2) and Chris Morton (Old Liberal Club ‘B’), Steve Plant (Liberal Club, Blackheath, Will Caine (Bulls Head) and Steve Hall (Old Liberal Club ‘A’).

Full Results: Game 2:- Plough 6 Liberal Club (Blackheath) 1 (Steve Plant 180), Quarry Bank Social Club ‘A’ 6 Brickmakers Arms 1, Old Liberal Club ‘B’ 4 (Ben Watts 2×180, Chris Morton 180) Bulls Head (Netherton) 3 (Will Caine 180), Tenth Lock 2 Old Liberal Club ‘A’ 5 (Steve Hall 180), Quarry Bank Social Club ‘B’ had a bye.


Both of the top two players in the Amblecote RBL Premier League played two fixtures in their latest outing, leader Nick Fullwell had a narrow 4-3 win over Jamie Barrowman and then won 6-1 against Mitch Pickett to give him 132 points from 25 games while second placed Dan Nicholls also beat Mitch Pickett 6-1 and then won 5-2 against Ian Townsend to leave him two points behind Fullwell with two games in hand.

Full Results: Week 13: Josh Hodgkins 4 Jack Pritchard 3, John Green 5 Jake Robinson 2, Jon Underhill 4 Stephen Cartwright 3, Cayden Smith 7 Joe Poole 0, Dave Simpson 4 Craig Lowin 3, Chris Williams 6 Jayden Harper 1, Reece Colley 6 Rob Pierce 1, Cayden Smith 5 Josh Hodgkins 2, Nick Fullwell 4 Jamie Barrowman 3, Martyn Harper 4 Ryan Green 3, Gavin Smith 7 Jake Shipley 0, Steve Gillam 4 Ian Townsend 3, Matt Davies 5 Sam Page 2, Nick Wyer 5 Josh Wheeler 2, Dan Nicholls 6 Mitch Pickett 1, Howard Pritchard 6 Wozza Pritchard 1, Jamie Barrowman 4 Dave Simpson 3, Michael Harding 7 Jack Pritchard 0, Rob Pierce 4 Matt Halliday 3, Reece Colley 6 Martyn Harper 1, Jake Robinson 6 Josh Wheeler 1, Nick Wyer 6 Stephen Cartwright 1, Shane Passey 4 John Green 3, Chris Williams 6 Joe Poole 1, Ryan Green 5 Craig Lowin 2, Michael Harding 4 Shane Passey 3, Jake Shipley 4 Matt Halliday 3, Howard Pritchard 7 Jayden Harper 0, Steve Gillam 6 Wozza Pritchard 1, Sam Page 6 Jack Pritchard 1, Dan Nicholls 5 Ian Townsend 2, Gavin Smith 5 Matt Davies 2, Cayden Smith 5 Jon Underhill 2, Nick Fullwell 6 Mitch Pickett 1, Rob Pierce 4 Michael Harding 3, Cayden Smith 5 Shane Passey 2.


With the leaders of the Black Country Men’s Super League Pensnett Liberal Club not playing this week second placed Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ took full advantage to close the gap on them to just one point by winning 3-2 in their home tie with Old Bulls Head.

Full Results:Game 37:- Allen’s Bar ‘C’ 5 The Vine, Blackheath 0, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 3 Old Bulls Head 2, Whiteheath Tavern 3 Townsend Social 2.


The Wanderer. Wayne Jones is playing some strong stuff away from the PDC

Despite losing his first game of the night in the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League Wayne Jones was quick to recover from his 5-3 defeat by Conor Whitehouse and go on to beat Clark Cook 8-0 to take him back to the top of division one with 85 points and a lead of nine over second placed Ian Stanton.

Reece Cook Lucas tops division two after 5-3 wins over Allan Davies and Kevin Bate giving him a total of 64 points, however second placed Alan Melling is just five points short of the leader with three games in hand.

Top place in division three goes to Dave Thackeray whose latest fixture saw him win 8-0 against Sandra Beardsmore to take his points tally to 81 with a lead of nine over second placed Michele Pritchard plus a game in hand.

Full Results: Game 10: Andrew Jervis 6 Andy Mullinder 2, Chris Evans 5 Jason Hough 3, Wayne Jones 3 Conor Whitehouse 5, Clark Cook 0 Darren Williams 8, Clayton Edge 3 Simon Pritchard 5, Stewart Pryce 2 Dean Simmons-Fullwood 6, Wayne Jones 8 Clark Cook 0, Jamie Webb 2 Scott Baker 6, Simon Pritchard 4 Andrew Jervis 4, Darren Williams 5 Stewart Pryce 3, Game 9:- Jack Rollinson 4 Malcolm Pugh 4, Artur Lubkowski 4 Bradley Martin 4, Colin Wood 4 Alan Melling 4, Allan Davies 3 Reece Cook Lucas 5, Reece Cook Lucas 5 Kevin Bate 3, Alex Simmons 2 Richard Brown 6, Neville Quinton 6 Keith Hollowood 2, Gemma Barrett Jenkins 4 Jon Williams 4, Jon Williams 5 Colin Wood 3, Sandra Beardsmore 0 Dave Thackeray 8, Jacqui Simmons 4 Alex Bryant 4, Eddie Gripton 5 Jenni Seedhouse 3, Lauren Kempson 5 Robert Bradley 3, Claire Hobbs 0 Dave Akers 8, Thomas Hollowood 6 Sarah Barrett 2, Joe Bartolo 8 Wayne Armstrong 0, Warren Bower 6 Anthony Bradley 2, Jacqui Simmons 1 Dave Akers 7.


The Knockout Cup finals were on the agenda for the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League and in the semis ECC ‘A’ beat Ring of Bells 0, while Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ had a much closer 4-3 win over Woodfield. The final 4-2 result went in favour of ECC ‘A’ with Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ finishing as runners-up.

Full Results: Knockout Cup: Semi-Finals: ECC ‘A’ 4 Ring of Bells 0, Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 4 Woodfield 3, Final:- ECC ‘A’ 4 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 2.


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