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IKON were part of the recent 2024 launch series for Red Dragon and the range within a range may well be extended further if the early response is anything to go by.

Ikon are a selection of classic barrel shapes but all complimented by a modern double ring grip and a shot blasted finish on the main grip areas.

  • Product: Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Brand: Red Dragon
  • Model: Ikon (1.3)
  • Variation: 23g (also in 25g)
  • Dimensions: 43.2mm x 7.88mm (widest)
  • Material: 85% Tungsten
  • Price: £29.90
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It’s pretty clear from the name of the range, and the styling, show an attempt to combine the barrel shapes, made famous by some very big names, with some strong features of classic and current Red Dragon darts.

The double ring grip being one and the ‘atomised’ worn in feel that has recently supplied successful models for Wayne Warren, Jonny Clayton and even MVG’s exact that have been co-opted in recent weeks by Peter Wright!

Open The Box

The eye-catching packaging is brightly coloured and a little graffiti-esque in styling but inside is a classy and elegant silver and combination with white extras. The clean lined three Ikon 1.3 barrels are matched with complimentary Ikon range Hardcore extra thick flights and white Nitro tech stems. A simple 27mm stainless steel point is the starting point but you can select one of many options at point of purchase.

First Impressions

The Ikon 1.3 gives me the impression of being based around a Priestley shaped barrel but looking less bulbous due to the grip style. The other three initial barrels in the range look like they might be inspired by Lim/Sherrock (1.1), Lowe/Fordham (1.2) and Bristow/Taylor (1.4). The feel of the shot blasted / atomised zones suits me very well indeed.

These are a very rare product in that they look far and away a more luxury product than their entry level price tag. The polished detailing at either end of the barrel contrasts with the coating/finished sections to give a very high end look indeed.

Testing Reactions:

These were the easiest tests I had had for quite a while. The shorter barrel and a grip that felt almost pre-worn, and that warmed with use, seemed just about perfect for my preferences.

Our elite tester was also impressed: “I often find brand new darts are two aggressive in the grip and not good for my fingers. These suited me straight out of the packet”

“I haven’t found this shape of barrel with one of the more modern complex grip patterns before, I am very tempted to keep going with them”

Overall we found Ikon 1.3 allows for either a quick rhythmic style of throw, due to the consistency of grip, of a more methodical exact placement style as favoured by The Menace himself.

However, almost everyone did feel the need to change set-up and use a longer stem, although the flights were very popular.

Value and Summary:

Put simply these are an outstanding product. There was a recent social media
debate about whether you could get decent darts for under £50. Red Dragon have produced a full range, that has something for almost all throwers, for less than £30!

The Ikon range will be perfect for those starting out or looking for a total change in weight or design. Taking qualities from some of their most iconic and expensive darts and melding with some classic lines with a really elegant look ensures a complete winner in the opinion of our testing crew.


Original Review appears in Darts World Magazine (Issue 585)

Testers: AIM180

Grab the current print issue 585 here or a 50th Anniversary Darts World bundle 581 here 

Click to Read or Download free Courtesy of Red Dragon Darts

The Darts World 50 limited edition dart set is available to order (Here) in your choice of pack


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