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The inaugural Tendring Darts Masters, known as the Rab Scott Trophy, kicked off with a thrilling qualifier held at the United Services Club in Harwich on the 30th of March. The event saw a competitive field of 82 darts enthusiasts vying for victory, with Brightlingsea’s Anthony Neal emerging triumphant after an intense final showdown.

Ant Neal in action during the final.
Marcus Smith (referee), James Pearce (Marker)

In a riveting final match, Anthony (Ant Man) Neal (Pictured: in action during the final) displayed exceptional skill and determination as he battled against his Suffolk super league teammate and Suffolk County ‘A’ player Paul Williams. The final proved to be a closely contested affair, with Neal ultimately securing a hard-fought 3-2 victory over his formidable opponent, Paul Williams.

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Neal’s journey to the title was no easy feat, as he faced off against tough competition throughout the tournament. He navigated past formidable opponents from the Essex County contingent, including Darren O’Neill, Harwich’s Scott Lawrie, and Bryan Margerison in the semi-finals, showcasing his consistency and talent on the board.

Paul Williams in action during the final

(Pictured: Paul Williams in action during the final)             

Meanwhile, Paul Williams carved his path to the final with impressive wins against local Harwich and Essex ‘A’ team player Matthew Good, as well as former back-to-back Essex Open Champion Michael Wiles in the semi-finals. Williams demonstrated his prowess and composure under pressure, setting the stage for an electrifying final clash with Neal.          

Finalists: Left Paul Williams, Right Ant Neal

Finalists Paul Williams (Left) & Anthony Neal (Right)  

The inaugural Tendring Darts Masters qualifier showcased the exceptional skill and competitive spirit of the 82 participating players. With Anthony Neal emerging as the deserving victor, the stage is set for further excitement and anticipation as the tournament progresses towards its ultimate culmination.

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Former BDO referee and Chairman Barry Gilbey (Pictured Left) brought his wealth of experience to the inaugural Tendring Darts Masters, Assisting Gilbey in hosting the pivotal semi-finals and final Marcus Smith, who took on the role of Master of Ceremonies. Smith’s presence and adeptness in engaging the audience helped elevate the atmosphere, setting the stage for an exhilarating showcase of darting talent. 

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Full Results: 

Last 128: 

Paul Hawkins 3-0 Jake Palmer, Shaun Fox 3-0 William Cowley, Ashley Dews 3-0 Wendy Collins,  Andrew Currivan 3-2 David Gregory, Alfie Cook 3-0 Marie Brown, Alan Collins 3-2 Stuart Elmer, Daniel Beales 3-2 Alan Currivan, Paul Williams 3-0 Paul Foley, Graham Jenkins 3-1 Kevin Harvey, Darren O’Neill 3-1 Mick Chambers, Connor Reynolds 3-1 William Cursons, Kian Wiles 3-2 Jacob Noble, Jamie O’Donnell 3-1 Matt Stewart, Leigh Brown 3-0 Emma Meins, Riley Henry 3-2 Matthew Cheeseman, John Palmer 3-1 Bradley Davies, James Kent 3-2 Adrian Genery, Daniel Craig 3-1 Amy Attridge.

Last 64:

Paul Kempen 3-0 Dillon Morris, Kevin Edwards 3-0 Joshua Gregory, Michael Wiles 3-0 Cian Jones, Owen Howard 3-0 Ollie Gregory, Andy Hammett 3-0 Ollie Smith, Curtis Hammond 3-2 Dave Hale, Shaun Fox 3-0 Paul Hawkins, Andrew Currivan 3-1 Ashley Dews, Lewis Cook 3-0 Jackson Kamara, Nick Thurgood 3-1 Josh Eldridge, Max Haley 3-0 Oakley O’Donnell, Anthony Hawkins 3-0 Peter Smith, Lee Kamara 3-2 Paul Fuller, Matthew Good 3-0 Kayleigh Brown, Alfie Cook 3-1 Alan Collins, Paul Williams 3-1 Daniel Beales, Scott Lawrie 3-1 Charlie Jarrett, Jordan Ward 3-0 Nick Stevens, Kevin Lewis 3-1 Arthur Allston, Mark Henry 3-1 Lee Hammett, Anthony Neal 3-0 Marcus Allston, Mark Barwood 3-0 Graham Jenkins, Darren O’Neill 3-1 Connor Reynolds, Jamie O’Donnell 3-1 Kian Wiles, Bryan Margerison 3-0 Jason Summerfield, Ronnie Gunyon 3-0 Joshua Edwards, Leigh Neary 3-0 Chris Brown, Ben Attridge 3-2 Tony Osborne, Simon King 3-0 James Pearce, Stuart Hunt 3-0 Leigh Brown, Riley Henry 3-2 John Palmer, James Kent 3-0 Daniel Craig.

Last 32:

Kevin Edwards 3-0 Paul Kempen, Michael Wiles 3-2 Owen Howard, Curtis Hammond 3-1 Andy Hammett, Shaun Fox 3-1 Andrew Currivan, Lewis Cook 3-0 Nick Thurgood, Anthony Hawkins 3-2 Max Haley, Matthew Good 3-0 Lee Kamara, Paul Williams 3-0 Alfie Cook, Scott Lawrie 3-0 Jordan Ward, Mark Henry 3-2 Kevin Lewis, Anthony Neal 3-0 Mark Barwood, Darren O’Neill 3-0 Jamie O’Donnell, Bryan Margerison 3-1 Ronnie Gunyon, Ben Attridge 3-1 Leigh Neary, Stuart Hunt 3-1 Simon King, James Kent 3-0 Riley Henry.

Last 16:

Michael Wiles 3-2 Kevin Edwards, Curtis Hammond 3-1 Shaun Fox, Lewis Cook 3-2 Anthony Hawkins, Paul Williams 3-2 Matthew Good, Scott Lawrie 3-1 Mark Henry, Anthony Neal 3-0 Darren O’Neill, Bryan Margerison 3-0 Ben Attridge, Stuart Hunt 3-0 James Kent.

Quarter Finals:

Michael Wiles 3-1 Curtis Hammond, Paul Williams 3-0 Lewis Cook, Anthony Neal 3-2 Scott Lawrie, Bryan Margerison 3-0 Stuart Hunt.


Paul Williams 3-0 Michael Wiles, Anthony Neal 3-0 Bryan Margerison.


Anthony Neal 3-2 Paul Williams.

More Qualifiers:

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Pictured: Rab Scott Memorabilia featuring Darts World Magazine

Tournament Organiser: Alan Currivan 


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