Wonderful Whitehouse Win Not Enough for Black Country

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Black Country began their season in the L-Style Division One with three straight wins but in the last three games they have lost, won and drawn to see them drop from a one-time pole position to now sixth in the table and although they have a game in hand on the current leaders Suffolk they are a huge forty-five points behind them.

Black Country’s latest fixture was a home game against seventh in the division Somerset. It was not a good weekend for the ladies as the ‘B’ side lost 4-2 and the ‘A’ 5-1.

Winners for the ‘B’ team were lady of the match Grace Angell who won 3-0 against Sophia Smith with a 17.08 average and Lacey Hughes, for the ‘A’ team Chez Allcock was their sole winner beating Becky Taylor 3-2.

It was better news for the men as the ‘B’ side won 8-4 and the ‘A’ 7-5, Connor Whitehouse had a fantastic 32.67 average as he beat Lee Gregory 30 to take the ‘B’ award and Liam Kelly was on the mark for the ‘A’ side as he won 4-1 against Tony Snook with a 28.60 average.

The final score for the weekend was an 18-18 draw.

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Full Results: Black Country 18 Somerset 18

Black Country MA 7-5 Somerset MA:

Men’s ‘A’:- Jamie Barrowman 4 Steve Werrett 0, George Willetts 4 Neil Raikes 3, Martin Price 2 Chris Turner 4, Alex Howells 4 Mervyn Adams 0, Liam Kelly 4 Tony Snook 1, Paul Wells 1 Kevin Hardy 4, Gareth Johnston 1 Dave Williams 4, Tom Bissell 4 Darren Herbert 1, Cayden Smith 1 Mike Harper 4, Jamie Rollinson 4 Leigh Taylor 1, Aaron Colley 0 Lee Smith 4, Trev Brennan 4 Adrian Wood 2

Black Country MB 8-4 Somerset MB

Men’s ‘B’: Ian Townsend 3 Lee Frampton 1, John Green 1 Michael Fenton 3, Mark Rollinson 3 Peter Messer 1, Al Smith 3 Russell Lippett 1, Gavin Smith 3 Carl Galeitzke 2, Wayne Hobday 1 David Russell 3, Ali Hickinbottom 2 Sean Nichol 3, Rich Bowen 3 Dean Baker 2, Mark Jones 3 Michael Church 0, Sam Bissell 3 Rob Lovell 0, Ryan Green 2 Adrian Beale 3, Connor Whitehouse 3 Lee Gregory 0,

Black Country WA 1-5 Somerset WA:

Women’s ‘A’:- Heather Wright 1 Karen Littler 3, Leanne Wilson 0 Sally Smith 3, Tammy Chance 1 Tracey Stiling 3, Amy-Leigh Tolley 1 Donna Gullock 3, Chez Allcock 3 Becky Taylor 2, Maxine Prosser 1 Kate Hulme 3,

Black Country WB 2-4 Somerset WB:Women’s ‘B’

Grace Angell 3 Sophia Smith 0, Lacey Hughes 3 Zoe Gitsham 1, Paige Robbins 0 Shelley Blackman 3, Stella Sims 1 Lea Ford 3, Abbey Hunt 2 Samantha Werrett 3, Doreen Hunt 0 Kay Bisset 3.


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