Wizard’s Wizdom: R and R is Important

Red Dragon Darts

Well, not for the first time the ups and downs of this wonderful game can catch even the most gnarled veteran unawares. It’s fair to say that the most recent Challenge Tour weekend in Germany was a little frustrating….. Time for a little time away from the oche!

It is easy to overlook just how intense and how personally consuming professional darts can be. Since prior to Christmas I had barely stopped playing, practising or travelling. Whether it was to open events, Q-School, Challenge Tour, MODUS Super Series, ADC Championship Tour and exhibitions have been virtually back-to-back. 

It also cannot be denied that travelling, family separation and the transient lifestyle get more taxing as one heads into a fifth decade rather than their third! So a few days out in the open air with golf clubs, rather than tungsten, in hand provided a much needed rest and refreshed the soul.

Back to Portsmouth for another crack at the MSS. Now, after Monday’s single Group A win things were looking grim and the bin was beckoning…..But, of course, after Tuesday’s clean sweep of wins it was all tickety-boo once more. 

Two more clean sweeps later and more places in MODUS Halls of Fame (3 sweeps in a week and all 10 games in Group C) and The Wizard was into finals night once again.

Not unusually I found something like my recent form when it mattered and played solidly or better all night. The finals four win over Viktor Tingstrom was especially satisfying. Sadly, Bradley Brooks proved one bridge too far on the night but after Monday I would have gladly accepted a final spot.

Considering the start I had had, it was very gratifying to again record things no other player has managed in the MSS setting. But, still incredibly frustrating to be performing at less than 70% of what I know I can do right now!

Time for some lifestyle moderations and new activities to see if changes away from the oche might bring a little more on it!

See you out there! #UTB


Column from Darts World Extra 16 (April 2024)

Colin is supported by: Winmau, GM Darts Management & Sidekick Sports.

‘The Wizard’ won 6 PDC Pro Tour events, reached the UK Open final, and won the 2009 Championship of Darts. He is also a Darts World Ambassador who currently holds multiple win records at MODUS Super Series.


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