O’Sullivan and Sherrock Show The Way

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Rhian O’Sullivan and Fallon Sherrock took the early lead on Thursday in ending Day One of their respective groups, top, as they look to join Beau Greaves in Saturday’s finale at the Modus Super Series. 

O’Sullivan, who entered Group C having finished 5th in Group A earlier in the week, took the early lead, after completing a clean sweep with five wins from five. The Welsh woman, a former Lakeside runner-up, had shown signs of settling into the Super Series format and atmosphere on Wednesday in Group A and kicked on again.

Rhian recorded victories against Deta Hedman, Laura Turner, Natalie Gilbert, Katie Sheldon and Trina Gulliver, to sit on 10 points from a possible 10 thus far.  

Deta Hedman, the veteran and former World Master who is in fine form in 2024, ended the day in 2nd on 8 points, whilst Trina Gulliver sits in 3rd on 6 points, Natalie Gilbert in 4th on 4 points, Katie Sheldon in 5th on 2 points and Laura Turner bottom on 0 points, having suffered five straight defeats.  

In Group B, Fallon Sherrock took the early lead, after completing a clean sweep with four wins from four, as she recorded victories against Lorraine Hyde, Lorraine Winstanley, Kirsi Viinikainen and Vicky Pruim, dropping just one leg along the way to sit on 8 points from a possible 8 thus far.  

Elsewhere, Vicky Pruim ended the evening in 2nd on 6 points, Kirsi Viinikainen in 3rd on 4 points, Lorraine Hyde in 4th on 2 points and Lorraine Winstanley bottom on 0 points, having suffered four straight defeats. 

The Modus Super Series continues on Friday with players continuing to battle out as they aim to join Beau Greaves in Saturday’s finale, with O’Sullivan and Sherrock taking the early lead thus far. Group C will commence from 1pm BST and Group B will commence from 10pm BST.

Play will be streamed live on the Modus Super Series YouTube channel and via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide. 

Modus Super Series Women’s Week 

Thursday 30th May  

Group C (Day One)

Natalie Gilbert 3-1 Katie Sheldon 

Rhian O’Sullivan 3-2 Deta Hedman  

Trina Gulliver 3-2 Laura Turner 

Deta Hedman 3-1 Katie Sheldon 

Trina Gulliver 3-2 Natalie Gilbert 

Rhian O’Sullivan 3-2 Laura Turner 

Trina Gulliver 3-0 Katie Sheldon 

Deta Hedman 3-2 Laura Turner 

Rhian O’Sullivan 3-0 Natalie Gilbert 

Deta Hedman 3-1 Trina Gulliver 

Rhian O’Sullivan 3-2 Katie Sheldon 

Natalie Gilbert 3-1 Laura Turner 

Rhian O’Sullivan 3-1 Trina Gulliver 

Deta Hedman 3-0 Natalie Gilbert 

Katie Sheldon 3-1 Laura Turner 

Group B (Day One) 

Vicky Pruim 3-2 Kirsi Viinikainen  

Fallon Sherrock 3-0 Lorraine Hyde 

Vicky Pruim 3-0 Lorraine Winstanley 

Kirsi Viinikainen 3-0 Lorraine Hyde 

Fallon Sherrock 3-1 Lorraine Winstanley 

Vicky Pruim 3-1 Lorraine Hyde 

Fallon Sherrock 3-0 Kirsi Viinikainen 

Lorraine Hyde 3-1 Lorraine Winstanley 

Fallon Sherrock 3-0 Vicky Pruim 

Kirsi Viinikainen 3-1 Lorraine Winstanley 




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