Black Country’s Resurgence Continues Against Devon

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Black Country moved two places up the table to fourth in the L-Style Division One of the UKDA National League after winning their home tie with Devon 24-12 and with only seven points the difference between them and second placed Leicestershire promotion is still a possibility as in their final game Leicestershire will play away against third placed Gwent while Black Country, who will also play away, will face up to bottom of the table Tyne and Wear.

In their latest fixture Black Country played at home against Devon and although their ladies ‘B’ lost 4-2 the men’s ‘B’ gave them a lead of 11-7 on the day as they won 9-3. Taking the match awards for the ladies ‘B’ was Heather Wright with a 16.76 average and with a 27.46 average Rob Smith collected the men’s ‘B’ award.

Sunday was a very good day for the home side as the ladies won 5-1 with Grace Angell their top player averaging 21.85 and with a 32.85 average Reece Colley was the man of the match for the men’s ‘A’ team to take the final score to 24-12 for Black Country.

Full Results: Black Country 24 Devon 12

Black Country MA 8-4 Devon MA:

Men’s ‘A’:- Shane Sheridan 1 Mike Pearce 4, Dan Homer 4 Flynn Jones 1, Jamie Rollinson 4 Scott Andrews 3, Liam Kelly 4 Mark Vellacott 1, Steve Jones 4 Daniel Brazier 3, Aaron Colley 3 Tex Pearce 4, Trev Brennan 4 Paul Milford 1, Paul Wells 3 Daniel Case 4, Reece Colley 4 Ben Chamberlain 0, George Willetts 3 Jack Walker 4, Jamie Barrowman 4 Kieran Joy 0, Tom Bissell 4 Andy Hitchman 2,

Black Country MB 9-3 Devon MB:

Men’s ‘B’:- Mark Jones 3 Macauley Campbell 0, Rich Bowen 3 Mark Shears 0, Ryan Green 2 Jon Bush 3, Ali Hickinbottom 3 Danny Belsten 2, Connor Whitehouse 3 Shane House 2, Ian Townsend 3 Ian Loveridge 1, Sam Bissell 3 Curtis Green 0, Rob Smith 3 Mark Turner 2, Martin Greenwood 3 Shaun Hurrell 2, Mark Rollinson 3 Tom Singleton 0, Al Smith 2 Steve Boyce 3, John Green 0 Simon Washington 3,

Black Country WA 5-1 Devon WA:

Women’s ‘A’:– Chez Allcock 3 Lisa Hughes 1, Tammy Chance 3 Anna Pearce 2, Grace Angell 3 Karen Matthews 2, Heather Wright 3 Tracy Ware 0, Doreen Hunt 0 Kelly Gabriel 3, Amy-Leigh Tolley 3 Alison Gabriel-Wotton 2,

Black Country WB 2-4 Devon WB:

Women’s ‘B’:- Heather Wright 3 Katie Miller 2, Paige Robbins 1 Hayley Brant 3, Abbey Hunt 3 Kirsty Whiting-Obrien 1, Doreen Hunt 0 Rhea Winsor 3, Stella Sims 0 Lisa White 3, Sarah-Jane Parker 0 Kayleigh Adams 3.


Images: Chris Sargeant


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