West Midlands Lose Out To Derby In Relegation Battle

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With both teams struggling for points West Midlands had a vital away game against Derbyshire in the Andy Wheeler Fisheries Championship Division but returned on the wrong side of the close 19-17 result to see their hosts move two points above them with a game in hand and the Midlanders drop into a next to bottom of the table position with 153 points with just one more game to play.

West Midlands will have home advantage in their final game against Northamptonshire who are three places above them in the table and have thirteen points more than them, Oxfordshire are two places above and with 156 points are only three to the good the West Midlands but their final game is an away tie against bottom of the division Cleveland and points should be a little easier to obtain than those for the West Midlands.

Saturday’s games saw the ladies ‘B’ lose 5-1, Jacqueline Trott their sole winner with a 13.30 average. The men’s ‘B’ went down 7-5 with Glen McGrandle their top player with a 26.62 average. The ladies ‘A’ finished on the wrong side of a 4-2 scoreline with Jacqueline Maiden clinching the lady of the match award for her 19.51 average while Shaun Carroll took the men’s ‘A’ award for his 31.17 average with his team making the overall score a more respectable 19-17 by winning 9-3. 

Full Results: Derbyshire 19 West Midlands 17

Derbyshire MA 3-9 West Midlands MA:

Men’s ‘A’:– Rob Needham 0 Ryan O’Connor 4, Michael Haynes 4 Darren Williams 1, Simon Birkett 1 Shaun Carroll 4, Paul Williams 1 Michael Baker 4, Gary Fenn 4 Gavin Baker 0, Michael Ryall 0 Ben Johnson 4, Ian Allcock 2 Dean Simmons-Fullwood 4, Nigel Daniels 2 Rob Thompson 4, Dan Ford 1 Jack Aldridge 4, Paul Redfern 3 Ian Jones 4, Lee Stanley 3 Kevin Bambrick 4, Pete Hadfield 4 Ash Khayat 0,

Derbyshire MB 7-5 West Midlands MB:

Men’s ‘B’:– Mark Thompson 4 Mark Craddock 2, Keith Lodge 4 Alex Simmons 1, Paul Bettney 2 Glen McGrandle 4, Ben Holmes 4 Callum Parkes 1, Richard Brown 2 Karl Hughes 4, Dan Jackson 4 Daniel Hands 1, Liam Ryde 4 Paul Price 3, Dominic Harrison 4 Chris Stanley 0, Craig Darlington 3 Luke Griffiths 4, Jamie Waterfield 1 Ian Stanton 4, Sean Lambert 1 Kieran O’Mahoney 4, Alan Haywood 4 Adam Teasdale 2,

Derbyshire WA 4-2 West Midlands WA:

Women’s ‘A’:- Jax Sweet 2 Jacqueline Maiden 3, Rebecca Hoyland 3 Claire Hobbs 0, Rose Mort 3 Jacqueline Simmons 0, Carol Western 1 Julie Emery 3, Jo Oldershaw 3 Gemma Barrett 0, Rachel Ayres 3 Sarah Maybury 0,

Derbyshire WB 5-1 West Midlands WB:

Women’s ‘B’:– Katrina McAleney 2 Jacqueline Trott 3, Jane Densley 3 Gemma Barrett 0, Claire Wheeler 3 Crysta Wilcox 0, Rach Bird 3 Julie Emery 2, Emily Jones 3 Shellbie Simmons 2, Sammie Marshall 3 Kelly Doleman 0.




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