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Kevin Edwards was successful at the third Tendring Masters (Rab Scott Trophy) qualifier took place on Sunday, June 2nd, at Clacton Railway Club. The event marked the first of two qualifiers in Rab’s hometown of Clacton. Rab’s family also attended, adding to the special atmosphere of the day. 

The event was also notable for having the second highest number of participants so far, with 81 entries. Among the players was Barnet FC’s new goalkeeper, Nick Hayes, with PDC and Modus Super Series darts referee Owen Binks also on hand as the MC for the semi-finals and finals.  

Local darts talent Kevin Edwards from Great Bentley emerged as the outright winner, defeating Essex County player Scott Lawrie from Harwich in a high-quality final. Edwards, who has been in excellent form, winning multiple tournaments over the last year, is well-known in the darting community.

He is a three-time PDC UK Open qualifier and made his first TV appearance in 2008 in the quarter-final stages of the BDO Gold Cup Singles event on Setanta Sports. Last year, he appeared in the Modus Super Series at both ends of the calendar year. 

This tournament win was particularly meaningful for Edwards, as it secured his qualification for the Princes Theatre and 

Kevin Edwards in action In the Final honoured Rab, a former teammate, while supporting the British Heart Foundation. In his journey to the final, Edwards defeated Essex County player Stuart Wicks 3-1 in the quarter-finals and local player Simon King 3-0 in the semi-finals.  

Full Results:  

Last 128: Dell Ward-Wilkinson 3-1 Alison Ranson, Shaun Fox 3-2 Ollie Smith, John Palmer 3-1 Matt Herron, 

Wendy Collins 3-1 Graham Jenkins, David Cook 3-1 Alfie Salter, Owen Howard 3-0 Paul Foley, Scott Lawrie 3-0 

Jaden Smith, Tony Osborne 3-1 Bradley Davies, Kevin Edwards 3-0 Paul Fuller, Nick Thurgood 3-0 Bobby Erskine, Leigh Neary 3-1 Jake Palmer, William Cowley 3-0 Emma Meins, Jamie O’Donnell 3-1 C J Everitt, James Kent 3-1 Leah Robinson, Simon King 3-0 Charlie Jarrett, Rob Edgar 3-0 David Gregory, Michael Corbett 3-1 Karen Breen. 

Last 64: Tony Holland 3-1 Joshua Gregory, Alan Collins 3-1 Ian England, Paul Robinson 3-0 Hollie WardWilkinson, Darren O’Neill 3-0 Jeremy Hayes, Paul Williams 3-0 Scott Clifford, Daniel Craig 3-2 Jackson Kamara, 

Shaun Fox 3-0 Dell Ward-Wilkinson, John Palmer 3-1 Wendy Collins, Matt Good 3-0 Julia Clements, Dave Collins 

3-1 Alan Currivan, Ashley Dews 3-1 Kevin Harvey, Josh Eldridge 3-0 Nathan Ward-Wilkinson, Martin Horn 3-0 

Oakley O’Donnell, Rob Good 3-2 Jimmy Salter, Owen Howard 3-1 David Cook, Scott Lawrie 3-1 Tony Osborne, 

Peter Smith 3-1 Matt Stewart, Richard Jones 3-2 Mark Henry, Stuart Wicks 3-0 Cian Jones, Paul Hawkins 3-0 

Kian Wiles, Max Haley 3-0 Paul Bailey, Derek Nevill 3-0 Jake Rose, Kevin Edwards 3-0 Nick Thurgood, Leigh 

Neary 3-0 William Cowley, Nick Hayes 3-2 Lee Kamara, Mark Barnes 3-0 William Cursons, Dillon Morris 3-0 Alfie Johnson, Adam Bond 3-2 Daryl Stephens, James Smith 3-1 Ollie Gregory, Jamie O’Donnell 3-2 Adrian Genery, Simon King 3-1 James Kent, Michael Corbett 3-2 Rob Edgar. 

Last 32: Tony Holland 3-1 Alan Collins, Darren O’Neill 3-0 Paul Robinson, Paul Williams 3-0 Daniel Craig, Shaun 

Fox 3-0 John Palmer, Matt Good 3-1 Dave Collins, Ashley Dews 3-1 Josh Eldridge, Martin Horn 3-2 Rob Good, 

Scott Lawrie 3-0 Owen Howard, Peter Smith 3-2 Richard Jones, Stuart Wicks 3-2 Paul Hawkins, Derek Nevill 3-1 Max Haley, Kevin Edwards 3-0 Leigh Neary, Mark Barnes 3-0 Nick Hayes, Adam Bond 3-2 Dillon Morris, James Smith 3-2 Jamie O’Donnell, Simon King 3-1 Michael Corbett. 

Last 16: 

Darren O’Neill 3-1 Tony Holland, Shaun Fox 3-0 Paul Williams, Matt Good 3-2 Ashley Dews, Scott Lawrie 3-1 Martin Horn, Stuart Wicks 3-1 Peter Smith, Kevin Edwards 3-0 Derek Nevill, Mark Barnes 3-0 Adam Bond, Simon King 3-1 James Smith. 

Quarter Finals: 

Darren O’Neill 3-2 Shaun Fox, Scott Lawrie 3-2 Matt Good, Kevin Edwards 3-1 Stuart Wicks, Simon King 3-1 Mark Barnes. 


Kevin Edwards 3-0 Simon King, Scott Lawrie 3-2 Darren O’Neill. 


Kevin Edwards 3-0 Scott Lawrie 

Pictured: Finalists Kevin Edwards & Scott Lawrie    

Winner: Kevin Edwards 


Summary by Alan Currivan

Images: Thank you to Lloyd Smith (L&L Photography)

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