Black Country Take ‘Clubhouse Lead’ in Division One

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Black Country brought forward their final game of the season an away fixture against Tyne and Wear in the L-Style Division One of the UKDA National League by one week. Going into the game Black Country were lying fourth in the table with 197 points, nineteen fewer than leaders Suffolk while their hosts were bottom of the division and already resigned to life in division two next season.

The weekend began well for the away side as the ladies ‘B’ chalked up a convincing 5-1 victory with their top player being Paige Robbins who won 3-2 against Sheila Douglas with a 16.01 average. The men’s ‘B’ were also in form winning 7-5 with Martin Greenwood recording their top average of 26.31 in a 3-1 win over Graham Dennison.

Sunday was another good day for Black Country as the ladies ‘A’ won 4-2 with their lady of the match being Tammy Chance who had a 3-2 win against Angie Mann and averaged 22.21. The men’s ‘A’ rounded off the perfect weekend with a 7-5 win, Liam Kelly picking up the man of the match award for his 4-0 win over Jack Urwin and 28.23 average.

The overall score for the weekend was a 23-13 win for Black Country which took them to the top of the divisional table with 223 points, seven points more than former leaders Suffolk and nineteen more than third placed Leicestershire. Promotion now is all dependant on the remaining final fixtures.

Full Results:

Tyne & Wear MA 5-7 The Black Country MA:

Men’s ‘A’:- Mark Wright 3 Paul Wells 4, David Stokell 2 Jamie Barrowman 4, Dave Prins 4 Trev Brennan 0, Andrew Heath 4 Rich Bowen 3, Jack Urwin 0 Liam Kelly 4, Chris Vaughan 4 Tom Bissell 3, Graham Dennison 4 Mark Jones 3, David White 3 Steve Jones 4, Daniel Mock 1 Mark Rollinson 4, Eddie Ashman 3 John Green 4, Niki Langston 3 Jamie Rollinson 4, Lewis Mayes 4 Alex Howells 2,

Tyne & Wear MB 5-7 The Black Country MB:

Men’s ‘B’:- Jason Urwin 1 Rich Bowen 3, Graham Dennison 1 Martin Greenwood 3, Pete Kenny 3 Ian Townsend 2, Kevin Hughes 3 Mark Jones 2, Stephen Richardson 2 Ryan Green 3, John Kippen jnr 2 John Green 3, Mason Harmer 1 Gavin Smith 3, Brad Fraser 3 Sam Bissell 2, Mark Smith 1 Wayne Hobday 3, Dean Kippen 1 Cayden Smith 3, Ian Thoms 3 Al Smith 1, Karl Hanratty 3 Ian Mathers 0,

Tyne & Wear WA 2-4 The Black Country WA:

Women’s ‘A’:- Anne-Marie Urwin 3 Paige Robbins 0, Tayla Markley 0 Grace Angell 3, Marie Seago 3 Amy-Leigh Tolley 1, Maureen Purvis 2 Heather Wright 3, Angie Mann 2 Tammy Chance 3, Angela Kirkwood 1 Chez Allcock 3,

Tyne & Wear WB 1-5 The Black Country WB:

Women’s ‘B’:- Tracey Curry 0 Stella Sims 3, Caroline Dorothy 1 Sarah-Jane Parker 3, Karen Docherty 0 Maxine Prosser 3, Pat Coulson 3 Lacey Hughes 0, Sheila Douglas 2 Paige Robbins 3, Toni Straughan 0 Doreen Hunt 3.


Alan Towe writes with the support of Red Dragon Darts

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