Burnett Into MSS Finale on Debut

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Richie Burnett secured his place in Saturday’s finale on Wednesday, after winning three of his five matches to end his Group A campaign, top, as the field was confirmed for Groups B and C at the Modus Super Series. 

Burnett, who entered Wednesday’s play on 20 points from the opening two days of Group A, was aiming to become the first players to record a fifteen match clean sweep, could not re write the MSS record books or join those with 14 wins. The Welshman topped the group overall, after winning three matches from five.

The Prince of Wales recorded victories against Jeroen Mioch, Andy Davidson and Shane McGuirk, with his two defeats coming against Killian McCormack and Jimmy Van Schie, to end on 26 points from a possible 30.  

Elsewhere, Jimmy Van Schie and Andy Davidson will compete in Group B, after the pair finished 2nd and 3rd respectively overall, with Van Schie ending on 20 points and Davidson on 14 points. The duo will be joined on Thursday and Friday Evening by Mark Dudbridge, Reece Colley and Charlie Large. 

Shane McGuirk, Killian McCormack and Jeroen Mioch will all compete in Group C, after finishing 4th, 5th and 6th respectively overall, with McGuirk ending on 12 points, McCormack on 10 points and Mioch on 8 points. The trio will be joined on Thursday and Friday Afternoon by Greg Ritchie, Jenson Walker and Bhav Patel.  

The Modus Super Series continues on Thursday with Group C commencing from 1pm BST and Group B commencing from 10pm BST. Play will be streamed live on the Modus YouTube channel or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide. 

Modus Super Series Week Four 

Wednesday 26th June 

Group A (Day Three)

Shane McGuirk 4-2 Killian McCormack 

Richie Burnett 4-2 Jeroen Mioch  

Andy Davidson 4-1 Jimmy Van Schie 

Killian McCormack 4-3 Richie Burnett 

Andy Davidson 4-2 Shane McGuirk  

Jimmy Van Schie 4-2 Jeroen Mioch  

Killian McCormack 4-2 Andy Davidson 

Jimmy Van Schie 4-2 Richie Burnett 

Shane McGuirk 4-0 Jeroen Mioch  

Richie Burnett 4-1 Andy Davidson 

Killian McCormack 4-2 Jeroen Mioch  

Jimmy Van Schie 4-1 Shane McGuirk  

Jeroen Mioch 4-1 Andy Davidson 

Richie Burnett 4-3 Shane McGuirk  

Jimmy Van Schie 4-3 Killian McCormack 


Images: L Lustig /PDC


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