Analyse, Improve, Maintain.

Consultancy, coaching, analysis and support. Working within the sport, business and education sectors. Regularly retained, to advise and coach, by sports professionals and related companies. Designing, delivering and supervising personally tailored coaching sessions, player support & consultancy services. AIM: specialise in Professional Darts.

A.I.M: are working with –

  • Amateur sportsmen planning on professional career.
  • Players re-invigorating a sports career has reached a plateau.
  • Those seeking to consolidate and improve within the elite ranks.
  • Professionals, targeting a specific match , tournament or event.
  • Managers & Sponsors looking to develop or assist their players.
  • Companies recruiting, or investing in, professional players.
  • Manufacturers and developers, (to design, innovate or test products)


After gaining an honors degree, LLB in Law & Psychology, the major part of my life has been spent unlocking the potential of others and helping them to get the best out of themselves. Both in business, as a Business Manager, for Vodafone (Singlepoint), among others, as a Lecturer in Law & Psychology and as a coach / manager for professional players.

Coaching, developing and improving, together with seeing the results, proved the common thread and provided the most satisfaction regardless of the organisation.

Sport has played a role throughout. From playing junior county cricket to playing or coaching snooker and darts. Observing, playing and studying sport has been my passion.

In 2010 the two area’s merged, leading to the application of my knowledge and experience to professional sport. Since that time I have contributed to the careers of professional sportsmen who have risen to the elite and or achieved outstanding results in their chosen fields.

A.I.M: is the final result.