Individual Coaching / Mentoring

A.I.M:  focus on individually tailored coaching & mentoring. Every arrangement with a player or company forms a relationship. They can take time to build, but, in depth understanding leads to better targeted coaching, preparation and performance.

 Coach / Mentor Model:

A.I.M:  will only work closely with one individual, at each level in a sport or organisation, at any one time.

  • Initial consultation lasting a minimum of one hour. During this session we will discuss your aims and reasons for seeking assistance. We will also agree on the way forward and a timetable within which to work.
  • Observation in both practise and competition. This is essential for analysis of psychological issues, technical matters and the atmosphere and organisation of the sport or event in question.
  • Goal Setting, Planning & Strategy. Setting a framework for our work together.
  • The Graft. An agreed number of regular structured sessions involving one or more of; practice, preparation, goal setting, logistics, preparation, re enforcement and re framing. These vary from 2 to 4 hours in duration and are the building blocks we must put in place.
  • Career Planning. Working within your sport / organisation and its rules, this can be a vital part of any professional career or substantial improvement.
  • Psychology. Despite having a Psychology degree, I am not a Sports Psychologist. Generic sports Psychology is, in my opinion, far less useful than a good working relationship and understanding between coach & athlete.
  • AIM: can and do call on the opinions and skill of an “in house” chartered psychologist where appropriate.
  • Match/Event Preparation. Includes analysis, practice, logistics & simulation of the task.  All designed to deliver you to the arena in the best possible shape to give you the opportunity to perform at your best.
  • One to One Match Support. I find that the support of an individual or small team and correct execution of plans can make a huge difference in performance. This is especially true if the event is a new experience.
  • Feedback & Reassessment. No plan is perfect from the start! We will need to respond to specific events as well as unforeseen matters along the way.
  • Regular Reviews. These will be held at intervals over the period of the relationship in order to be sure that both parties are happy.

 Team or Group Coaching Model

If your team or group of colleagues and friends enjoy sport then some coaching may increase your success and or enjoyment of the activity.

  • Initial consultation before which we prepare in partnership with the team captain or spokesperson.
  • Observation of the team in action, either competitively or at team practice.
  • Enjoyable structured practice session/s in order to assess the capacity of the team members and begin to improve their game and confidence.
  • Goal Setting the team as a whole and each member.
  • Match/Event support, preparation, analysis, practise, simulation of the task. All designed to deliver you to the venue in the best possible shape to give the team  opportunity to perform at their best.
  • Professional visit from a higher level player for some direct tips and assistance.

Team or Group Coaching Event

From school to Sunday Leagues, or from Pub team to County weekends, most sports have an infrastructure or culture built on teams. The social side can be high on the priority list! Still, most teams want to get better. Whether you want defeat your local local rivals or win the league, A.I.M: can help. It’s also a great fun activity for any type of group.

“Play Better”

An intensive session over a number of hours covering the highlights of the group coaching program in half or full day programs.

  1. Initial Consultation & planning session with the captain or spokesperson.
  2. Multiple sessions over a full day with a maximum of 16 players.
  3. Practise, aims, team drills and solo work all included.
  4. Competitions to encourage your team or group.
  5. Prizes and Presentations, everyone loves a reward and quite right too!

These sessions can be held in any venue, large enough for the activity. We can also arrange for a higher level or professional player/s to assist and inspire your team or group.