The Iceman cometh

By Editorial Staff 31/08/2021

Deta Hedman and Alan Warriner-Little have been added to the field for the inaugural World Seniors Darts Championship which is due to take place in February 2022.

Hedman had been allocated the reserve spot  for the tournament as a ladies darts legend and one of the most successful players in the history of the sport and will join fellow trailblazer, 10 times World Champion, Trina Gulliver in the field.

Darts' original 'Iceman' Alan Warriner-Little is a former World Grand Prix winner and World No.1. The pair have been added to the field after the passing of Andy Fordham and the withdrawal of Tony David.

Davis known as 'The Deadly Boomerang' was always doubtful after recent surgery, he has decided to recover instead of competing in the tournament.

The organisers have stated they still hope he will be a VIP guest at the tournament. But Hedman and Warriner-Little join the likes of Phil Taylor, Roland Scholten, Paul Lim, Martin Adams, John Part, Kevin Painter, Darryl Fitton, Peter Manley, Tony O'Shea, and Ted Hankey at the Circus Tavern.



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