Bespoke & Dart X

AIM’s venues for darters to buy or part exchange (Dart X) darts and equipment:

Bespoke or Classic Pre-Loved?

Dart X:

or A.I.M: Store:

  1. Browse the A.I.M: or Dart X albums for a set of bespoke or pre-loved darts you like.
  2. Contact us and we will arrange your purchase either direct or via our E Bay store.
  3. Send us a photos of any darts you would like to part exchange (Dart X). If we can reach an agreement you will be credited to your PayPal upon receipt of the item/s as described.
  4.  Give your newly received selection a thorough testing and see if they are the ones for you? If not simply Dart X them against some more.
  5. If Yes then purchase an additional set from the original manufacturer or contact us to see if we can track another set down.