AIM offer a variety of support services to, remove some of the pressure from player’s shoulders and, ensure that they maximize their potential in the arena that counts. Sportsmen and women can require a wide variety of support services if they are to reach their potential and maximize the rewards of doing so. It is vital that they are able to concentrate upon the direct demands of their profession and not become distracted by the other elements of modern sport / business.

  • Major Event Support & Strategy – If you have qualified for a major event and don’t feel like just making up the numbers AIM can assist you. I am familiar with venues, procedures as well as the demands of television, sponsors and media of all types. All stages from qualification , the draw, opponent analysis, logistics & match day support can be part of a package tailored to suit you and the event in question.
  • Overview Consultancy – Many unexpected matters can cross your path as a sports professional. These include contracts, journalists, sponsorships, logistics and even disciplinary procedures! These matters can be time consuming and stressful. AIM will assist or advise with any matters related to your career and ensure that none of these matters distract from your main AIM:s.
  • Career Analysis & Strategy – In all sports there are rankings, tables, rules, selection criteria and regulations. These alter regularly and need to be correctly interpreted and plans made accordingly. Whether it’s a short term aim you have or a career development path, over a number of years, I can help you put together a realistic and achievable plan.
  • Social Media & Marketing Campaign Development – It is a fact that social media now plays a very large role in the marketing, promotion and success of sports people. Whether you want help to put a media package together, running a specific campaign or require day to day assistance in operating and keeping up with your social media presence.