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Darts isn’t just a fun game to play at your local pub. It’s an organised sport with teams, leagues and Grand Slam tournaments. But you already know that. And you’re probably a fan of the game. 

So, shouldn’t you be betting on your favourite player to win darts tournaments? Not so fast. Betting on your favourite athletes sounds like a great idea. But most people who do it lose money. 

It all has to do with emotional betting. You like Dan Fitch and so you bet £100 he will win the Grand Slam. But then he loses and you get disappointed. Sports betting doesn’t work well when emotions are involved. Instead, here’s what you need to succeed as a darts punter.

7 Interesting Darts Betting Tips

Know Darts

Darts is a fairly simple game. Players throw darts on a board and earn points. If a dart lands on the outer bull, they earn double points. If it lands on the inner ring, they earn triple points. That said, there’s more to darts than the basics. 

For example, how well do you know darts player-statistics? Because there are at least a dozen players at most tournaments. And a handful of them have a fair chance at winning. So, before you pick a team to win any tournament, compare every challenger.

Players aside, you also need to learn more about tournaments and how they work. Some competitions combine players from different leagues. Others accept everyone with a membership card. Know the rules of different leagues and you’ll increase your odds of winning.

Be Selective

This is the secret weapon of beating sportsbooks and casinos. Pick one or two games and become excellent at them. If you choose darts and snooker, don’t try to chase more money by wagering on football, rugby and cricket.

The assumption is that specialisation makes you an expert at one game. And in doing so, you increase the chances of winning. And sure enough, it’s harder for a novice darts fans to win a bet against and diehard fan.

A dedicated darts fan will have more knowledge on the sport: players, leagues, competitions and regular winners. And with this experience comes the ability to make informed betting decision—another secret for successful punters.

For casino players, however, experience isn’t always helpful. You could join any casino at Kiwislots and win money on your first day. That’s because many casino games depend on chance rather than skills or experience.

Join a Reliable Betting Website

Why spend time choosing betting sites when they’re so many? For starters, it determines the tournaments you can bet on. Then it sets the odds you use and bonuses you qualify for. For these reasons, always bet at the best websites. 

In case you’re wondering, finding a reliable casino or sportsbooks isn’t hard. For example, you can read New Zealand review websites if you’re after a great online casino in NZ. Alternatively, you can ask for recommendations from friends.

And if you want to research on your own, look for features you want at a reliable bookie site. You might want competitive odds, quality customer service, bonuses and a friendly user-interface. Look for these qualities before you create a betting account.

Set Achievable Goals

Let’s face it. It’s pretty hard to win millions of dollars betting on sports. Most people don’t even make profits. With that in mind, set goals you can achieve easily. Let’s say you have a £100 budget and bet on ten dart games per month.

You could set to make £120 to £150 after the month is done. And if you’re a professional, you can double your stake. But the key word is after a month. And that means you shouldn’t gamble all your money at once.

A better option is to bet small amounts over time. That way, even when you lose, you’ll have money to bet another day. 

Always Compare Odds

Many successful bettors have a formula for selecting wager types to predict. And it involves betting at sites with the best odds. We’re not talking about sticking to one bookie with reasonably great odds.

Professional punters research on the games to predict. Then they compare the odds of these bets on several websites. After that, they wager at the site with the best odds. They do that because they want to maximise their profits for every bet.

Another tip is to find games undervalued by bookmakers. Let’s say there’s a Darts premier league game week with five matches. But one of the games involves an in-form player versus a veteran. 

The in-form player has long odds of winning just because he’s facing a veteran. Some punter might wager on the inexperienced player hoping his great hope will help him bet his opponent. And since he attracts great odds, you can make decent money.

Experiment A Lot

Although specialisation is a great thing, you can’t know your strengths unless you experiment. Let’s say you like to bet on match winners. You could switch gears to wager on handicaps, accumulators or futures.

Experimentation also means playing riskier games or using new strategies. In doing so, you realise you’re betting skills you didn’t know you possessed. Or you could discover a strategy that works consistently well. 

Another benefit of experimentation is to determine whether you need to increase or decrease your budget. You might discover that maximising your bets helps you stay profitable while minimising only leads to more losses. 

Keep Records

Keeping records of your budget and bets is essential in maintaining betting success. Your records can help you see patterns you use that lead to profits. And patterns that don’t help you win. 

On the flip sides, records help you manage money. That way, you know when you’re overspending and when you have enough to place more bets. Imagine sports betting being your business.

And keeping records is how you can manage expenses, track inventory and set goals. With good record-keeping, most businesses fail. That’s the same concept for darts betting. It’s essential in helping you achieve success in the long-run.

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