The Darts World 50 – 1988

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JOCKY Wilson was hard to keep out of the darts news. In 1988 he was almost seven years out from his fairytale 1982 World title and had endured some difficult times in between.

But the report of him being banned, and fighting to overturn it, seems to indicate that Jocky may have been the victim of a rush to judgment here.

As we shall see later in ‘The Darts World 50 ‘ the much-loved Scot was on the brink of an upsurge in form and another chapter, in his almost mystical story, was about to unfold.

1988 was a bounty year, especially for Bob Anderson. The Limestone Cowboy had risen to no.1 in the world in 1987 (see The Darts World 50 for details) but to put the point beyond doubt he claimed both the World Championship and his 3rd World Masters in a row during a remarkable year.

WORLD RECORD holders from a Nottinghamshire exhibition team were recognized for their incredible run of success. Issue 192 gave credit where it was truly deserved

Mick Singleton, Mick Bywater, John Corden, Brian Tucker, Vic Baxendale, Ian Benson, Dave King, and Mick Gregory played for a ‘Tennets Pilsner’ sponsored exhibition outfit and overtook the record of an Ashington based team who had completed 169 victories in a row.

An interesting sideline is the promotion of DARTS WORLD’s annual preview magazine The Darts Player. This publication began in 1980 and ran until 2012. As most of the diary and preview information given in The Dart Player is now available online it ceased publication. Later we started a Souvenir Review Edition from 2020 onward.


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