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The Winmau Maverick’s are a hybrid of many classic designs, and as a result are a truly timeless dart with a potentially universal appeal.

Product: Darts (Steel Tip)

Brand: Winmau

Model: Maverick

Variation: 21g ( 80% Tungsten)

Price: £29.95 (RRP)

A release that bears close resemblance to the darts of former World Champion Christian Kist, which seems appropriate with CK heading back to something like his best in recent weeks.

What’s in the Box (Specs)

In the box is a set of Winmau Maverick flights, as well as the new Winmau Pro Force stems. A 32mm plain black point comes as standard, though due to the shape of the barrel, I would strongly recommend a longer point before getting to grips with the darts for the first time.  

The darts are available in 21g to 25g, and are 48.3mm in length – relatively short for a modern barrel dart. The width varies by weight, with the 21g measuring at 6.75mm, while the 25g are 7.5mm at their widest point. 


The barrel seems to have something in  a classic dart – the recently re-released V-Wing. The front of the barrel is considerably thicker than the rear, allowing multiple different styles of grip.

The thinner rear means the taper can be used to push against, generating more power without putting unnecessary force on your throw. The thicker front means the first dart can be used as a marker to guide successive darts into their intended target.

A deceptive looking dart – there’s really not too much in the way of grip. With a very shallow ring grip, as well as wide grooves and thin rings, the Maverick’s remind me in style of the Purist grip seen on older Unicorn darts, just substantially less aggressive. 

Debbie Downers:

A downside to these darts is that there is less ‘feel’ than with some modern milled and coated darts. The basic points also seem a little short for an ideal combination. This can beeasilt rectified with any decent point of 32mm or more and a swift change. It can also be done at the point of purchase via the Red Dragon website

Price & Value:

The Maverick’s are an 80% dart, and as such are priced accordingly at £29.95 – great value for a modern tungsten dart! Despite this, when compared to a 90% tungsten dart, they feel less dense- it’s a very strange one to describe and is preferred by some players who will not go higher than 85%.

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All in all, a solid bargain in a world of over-priced tungsten, and a fantastic dart for a casual player, or a player just starting out and looking to experiment with different barrel shapes. While, especially with the points, I’d highly recommend altering the setup to suit your style of throw, they’ll be a solid dart right out of the box, and one that won’t break the bank!


Images: Winmau and Darts World Magazine

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