Old Liberal Club’s 100% Record Continues

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The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League title is now within touching distance for Old Liberal Club ‘A’ as their latest 7-0 win at The Shovel has kept intact not only their 100% win record for their twenty-three games but also their eight points lead on second placed Bird in Hand ‘E’ who were also 7-0 winners at Netherton Conservative Club. The race is on however for the runners-up place as third and fourth placed Cottage and Hollybush are both on the same thirty-eight points as Bird in Hand ‘E’ with only average separating them.

Full Results: Game 23: Dudley Sports 1 Hollybush 6, Garibaldi 3 Fox Inn (Lye) 4, Wheatsheaf 3 Brickmakers Arms 4, Shovel 0 Old Liberal Club ‘A’ 7, Netherton Conservative Club 0 Bird in Hand ‘E’ 7, Kings Head 0 Cottage 7, Old Liberal Club ‘B’ 4 Stourbridge FC 3, Ashwood had a bye.


The Sheldon and District Winter League are up to week four and of the nine starters in the Premier Division only Langley Arrows are able to boast a 100% win record. After adding their latest 7-2 home win over The Dingle Langley hold a two point’s lead on Sheldon Marlborough Arrows who have replaced Raven in second place after they won 5-4 at Highwood and Raven lost 5-4 at home to Yardley Ex Colts. Highlights for Langley Arrows was a maximum for Bobby Nixon and a 164 outshot by their Jake Webster who finished with treble nineteen, treble nineteen and the bull, what a finish!!

A 6-3 home win over Willclare Sports and Social Club was not enough for Trident Sports to hold on to pole position in division one as Brian’s Flights chalked up an 8-1 win at Shirley Misfits to give them a slender one leg of average lead on Trident. In addition to Brian’s Flights and Trident spears having six points so do Kingshurst Labour Club and Hollywood Social Club who in turn won 7-2 at Maggies and 7-2 at home against The Bell Inn.

With Sheldon Marlborough Ridge having a bye in division two they have been replaced at the top of the table by Hornet whose 9-0 win over The College Arms Flights has given them a two points lead over the former leaders who in second place now have a game in hand.

Full Results: Game 4:

Premier League: Langley Arrows 7 (Bobby Nixon 180, Jake Webster 164f)) The Dingle 2, Highwood 4 Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 5 (Neil Parsonage 9 darts game) (Terry Webster 180), Raven Arrows 4 Yardley Ex Colts 5, The Banbury Club 5 Langley Flights 4, Sheldon Dukes had a bye,

Division One:- Shirley Misfits 1 Brian’s Flights 8, Maggies 2 Kingshurst Labour Club 7, Hollywood Social Club 7 The Bell Inn 2 (Sam Robinson 10 darts game), Smithswood Social Club 3 Iron Horse Rebels 6 (Robbie Earl 140f), Trident Spears 6 Willclare Sports and Social Club 3,

Division Two:- Lyndon Old Boys 5 (Dave Sheridan 110f) The Raven 4, The Hornet 9 (Garry Stait 12 darts game) The College Arms Flights 0, Castle Bromwich WMC v Sheldon Marlborough Flights was postponed, Moseley Rugby Club and Sheldon Marlborough Ridge had a bye.  


Erdington Nomads are second in the Camp Hill League but this week had their fixture at Tyseley Bears cancelled and as a result are now, despite having a game in hand on leader’s Tyseley WMC, some six points behind them after the WMC won 7-0 playing away against bottom of the table Sedgemere Devils. Cotterills Lane EBAHA Club moved up two places to third following their 4-3 home win over Clumsy Swan who drop two places to sixth with eight points, Cotterills have ten. Tyseley Bears are fourth with eight points but have two games in hand on the leaders.

Full Results:Game 9:- Peaky Blinder 5 Moseley Arms 2, Cotterills Lane EBAHA Club 4 Clumsy Swan 3, Sedgemere Devil’s 0 Tyseley WMC 7, Tyseley Bears v Erdington Nomads was cancelled.


The South West Birmingham Clubs Winter League have got their new season underway and Longbridge United are kicking off the new season where they left off the Summer season, top of the table. A 7-1 home win over Perfection whose O.Draper had a 158 game-shot has put Longbridge joint top of the table with Northfield Town who in their home tie with Moseley All Services Club also won 7-1. Bournbrook’s P.Nevin scored the only maximum in the opening night’s fixtures as his team finished all square at 4-4 away to Stirchley United. A 6-2 win at E57 puts Quarry Lane in third position, one leg of average short of the two teams above them but one ahead of fourth placed West Heath CEM who won 5-3 away to Northfield Conservative Club ‘B’.

Full Results: Week 1:- E57 2 (l.Pearce 101f, G.Williamson 2×100, A.Pearce 105, C.Davenport 100) Quarry Club 6 (A.Vaughan 115, N.Mellors 100, Joe Fox 128, K.Vaughan 140,122), Stirchley United 4 (K.White 100, A.Cullen 100b,120b, M.Heath 2×100) Bournbrook 4 (C.Smith 120b, J.Warman 116, P.Nevin 180,100b,100), Longbridge United 7 (C.Steadman 2×100, T.Shipley 120b, C.Eacock 125, A.Sutton 2×140,113, T.Garfield 120,125,100, M.Lloyd 101b) Perfection 1 (R.Broadhurst 140,120b,126, O.Draper 158f), Bartley Green FC 4 (D.Jones 100, R.O’Neill 103, P.O’Neill 101b, S.Hopwood 119) Northfield Conservative Club ‘A’ 4 (G.Corbett 120,100, T.Cahill 140, P.Cahill 100), Northfield Town 7 (M.Mooney 100, L.Jevons 140, A.Cotter 100, A.Chidley 100,105, P.Jevons 100) Moseley All Services Club 1 (P.Lilley 100, T.Pratty 100b), Northfield Conservative Club ‘B’ 3 (J.O’Neill 112b, A.Faulkner 100) West Heath CEM 5 (K.Webb 105f,100, A.Deeley 118f, G.Webb 100,125, M.Farriday 100).


With the majority of teams now having only four more games remaining in division one of the Sutton and District Summer League Highcroft Hotdogs are looking more than likely to lift the winners silverware as in game fourteen they won 5-4 at Aston Manor CC Flights,  and with a 7-2 defeat for second in the division Bishop Vesey at Walmley CSC Flights the Hotdogs now have a lead of four points. Third placed Old Horns Lions won the battle of the “Old Horns” as they won 7-2 at Old Horns Arrows but despite their win and Bishop Vesey’s defeat they are still six points off second place.

Highlights for division one were 180’s for Phil Locke (Old Oscott Arrows), Des Shannon (Aston Manor CC Flights), Dave Sammons (Bishop Vesey) and Tony O’Kereke (Old Horns Lions who had a 156 finish.

In the second division leaders Scott Armers were 6-3 winners at home against Rosey Mac’s while second placed Charley’s Flights had a close 5-4 home win over third in the division Erdington Arrows keeping them within two points with a game in hand on the leaders and giving them a four points breathing space plus a further game in hand on their opponents.

Full Results: Game 14: Division One: Old Horns Arrows 2 (James Clarke 100, Jack Mahon 126, Marc Pearce 100) Old Horns Lions 7 (Tony O’Kereke 156f, Barrie Linnecor 100, Barry Stephens 100b,2×100,101f,140, Andy Kimberley 2x120b, Paul Seadon 140), Old Oscott Arrows 3 (Phil Locke 120b,101,180, Andy Page 115) Red Lion 6 (Ted Birkett 115b, Gez Oldfield 100b, Tim Vickers 105,131, Dane Vickers 111b,115, Lee Vickers 100, Ryan Lowe 125, Brian Hughes 100,116f,125), Aston Manor CC Flights 4 (Alan Whitehouse 100, Peter Graham 120, Des Shannon 137,180, Gary Bushell 100b) Highcroft Hotdogs 5 (Sid Pritchett 120f,139, Karl Neale 2×100, Scott Alexander 100,112b, Kevin Shorthouse 127,100), Walmley CSC Flights 7 (Kriss Green 100b,2×100, Jake Liggins 140, John Kavanagh 100) Bishop Vesey 2 (Chris Sammons 101b,100, Dave Sammons 180, Nick Sammons 137, Alan Jones 100, Nigel Smallwood 101,100), Division Two:- Charley’s Flights 5 (Kevin Hewings 100,100b,140, Dean G Bond 118,100, Rob Vann 100) Erdington Arrows 4 (Luke Cooksey 2×100, Harry Sadler 131), The Scott Armers 6 (Caleb Day 100, Ollie Day 120,100, Mark Felkin 117) Rosey Mac’s 3 (Stephen Wright 100, Mike Wilkins 100), Rosey Mac’s Bar 5 (George Averil 121, Joseph Nolan 3×100, Eddie Groves 140,2×118) St Tom Cats 4 (Paul Coleling 140), Plough and Arrows 7 (Adam Humphriss 100, Steve Johnson 125, Kieran Gow 108b,100,121, Nigel Robbins 100, Reece Davies 101) Sutton Sharks 2 (Jack Harris 100, Chris Gardener 120b,145).

Alan Towe writes with the support of Red Dragon Darts

After completing the opening five fixtures in the Netherton Thursday Night League the top four teams are all on eight points with current leaders and reigning champions Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ’A; topping the table and having only played and won four games. In the latest round of fixtures Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ with a 180 from George Peters won 9-0 at Netherton Sports and Social Club while second placed Bulls Head returned from Hill and Cakemore Ex Serviceman’s Club with an 8-1 win under their belts. Third in the league Old Liberal Club with a maximum from their Jess Archer won 7-2 against Old Glasshouse putting them level on points and average with fourth in the league Townsend Social Club who had 180’s from both Paul Hadley and Abdul Galeb in a 7-2 win at Spring Meadow Social.

Full Results: Game 5: Spring Meadow Social 2 Townsend Social Club 7 (Paul Hadley 180, Abdul Galeb 180), Hill and Cakemore Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 Bulls Head 8, Spring Meadow Pub 9 (Owen Adams 114f) Hare and Hounds 0, Old Liberal Club 7 (Jess Archer 180) Old Glasshouse 2, Netherton Sports and Social Club 0 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 9 (George Peters 120b,180), Olde Queens Head 0 Plough and Harrow 9.


With still two more fixtures to play in the Rowley Monday Night League Bell with a 180 from S.Price and an 8-1 win at Rowley Bar and Grill have secured the league title as they have a four points lead on second placed White Swan and cannot be caught on average. White Swan kept their last hopes alive with a similar 8-1 win at Huntingtree and although the title has evaded them the runners-up spot is well and truly within their reach as they have a four points lead on their nearest rivals third placed Gate Hangs Well who won 6-3 at Tividale FC.

Other notable achievements on the night came from C.Whitehouse (Tividale FC) and R.Lenton (Rowley Labour Club) who both found the three treble twenties plus J.Gibbs (Wonder) who had a 160 break.

Full Results: Week 28: Tividale FC 3 Gate Hangs Well 6, Huntingtree 1 White Swan 8 (C.Whitehouse 180), Wonder 2 (J.Gibbs 160b, D.Bunce 152b) Plough and Harrow 7, Whiteheath Tavern 4 Rowley Labour Club 5 (R.Lenton 180), Romsley Cricket Club 5 Hill and Cakemore Ex Servicemen’s Club 4, Hill and Cakemore Ex Servicemen’s Club ‘W’ 2 Loyal Lodge 7, Windmills End 6 Spring Meadow 3, Rowley Bar and Grill 1 Bell 8 (S.Price 180).


Gornal Labour Club stay top of the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League with 16 points from 9 games after adding their latest 5-4 win at Baggeridge WM. Old Bulls Head lost second place after surprisingly losing 7-2 at home to Netherton Sports and Social Club, both teams are now on 14 points and have a game in hand on the leaders, the Sports and Social Club just one leg of average to the good on Old Bulls Head.

Full Results: Game 9: Baggeridge WM 4 Gornal Labour Club 5, The Cabin 4 Jolly Crispin 5, New Inn 3 Seven Stars 6, Old Bulls Head 2 Netherton Sports and Social Club 7, Red Cow 5 Gornal British Legion 4, Britannia v White Horse late result, Meadow Lark had a bye.


Black Country Men’s Super League leaders Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ lost 4-1 playing away to their nearest rivals Allen’s Bar ‘C’, the victors now four points behind the top team but with a game in hand.

Full Results: Game 24: Pensnett Liberal Club 4 Townsend Social 1, Townsend ‘A’ 3 Horse and Jockey 2, Allen’s Bar ‘C’ 4 Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 1, The Ashwood 3 The Vine, Blackheath 2, Old Bulls Head 3 Allen’s Bar ‘B’ 2, Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 3 White Swan 2, Whiteheath Tavern 5 Soccer Zone 0.


A surprise 3-2 defeat for Dog and Partridge leaders of the West Midlands Men’s Super League as they went down playing away against third placed Kings Head ‘A’. Second placed Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ won 4-1 against ECC but are still five points adrift of the leaders and have played one game more than them.

Full Results: Week 34:- Kings Head ‘A’ 3 Dog and Partridge 2, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 4 ECC 1, Gilbert’s Bar ‘D’ 5 Three Crowns 0, Bridgtown Social 3 Gilbert’s Bar ‘C’ 2.


It was not a good week for John Frost in the Mighty Travels Heartlands Double Top League as he lost both games against Martin Cooper and Matthew Cain 2-1 to see him ousted from the number one spot and be replaced by Martin Cooper who preceded his win over Frost with a 3-0 success against Joe Bayliss to put him on 18 points, two more than second placed Gerry McCormack who had mixed fortunes as he beat Emma Cain 3-0 and then lost 2-1 to Matthew Cain, with Cain hitting the only maximum of the night.

Full Results: Week 4: George Drennan 3 L.J.Austin 0, Martin Cooper 3 (107b) Joe Bayliss 0, Dean Bond 3 Chris Vann 0, John Burdett 1 (140) Charlie Rogers 2 (100b,100), Ryan Barritt 2 Hayden Valovec 1 (2×100), Marie Cummings 0 Alex Downes 3 (137), Emma Cain 0 (100) Gerry McCormack 3 (100), Ryan Cain 3 (100) Tony Pedley 0, Clive Austin 3 (134,100) Sue John 0, Steven Cain 3 (120b,102f) Joe Bayliss 0 (125), L.J.Austin 2 Dean Bond 1 (100), John Frost 1 (3×100) Martin Cooper 2 (3×100), Jordan Rogers 2 (100,115,101b) Emma Cain 1, Gerry McCormack 1 Matthew Cain 2 (134b,180), John Burdett 2 (3×100) George Drennan 1, Charlie Rogers 3 (2×100) Ryan Barritt 0, Alex Downes 3 (100) Tony Pedley 0, Steven Cain 3 (134,120b) Marie Cummings 0, Gemma Whatley 0 Matthew Cain 3 (2×100), Hayden Valovec 3 (2×100) Clive Austin 0 (2×100), Chris Vann 2 Sue John 1, Matthew Cain 2 (112,135,2×100) John Frost 1 (2×100), L.J.Austin 1 Jordan Rogers 2 (105), Joe Bayliss 1 Ryan Cain 2 (114).



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